5 tips for success in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PUBG isn't an easy game, and it requires dedication to develop skills and strategies to rely on in the late game. Starting out with other players is easy enough, but when you trickle down to a select few — which usually includes a veteran or two — things can go south quickly. We've put together a handful of tips to think about when looking to win the game and enjoy a chicken dinner.

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1. Kitted out


Should you get into fights in the early game, make sure you're kitting yourself out with enough medical supplies and as good armor as available — level three is always desired. And don't underestimate the pan. It can quite literally save your backside. After early fights, should you be safe for a little while, try and use bandages and other lesser meds before using medkits. These will become much more valuable later on, and the more you have the better.

As for grenades, a smoke and flashbang or two can never hurt. Ideally, try and horde explosive grenades over the other three types, with Molotov coming in second. You'll be surprised to know just how many kills at the end are from a good throw.

2. Stream to win


The beauty of Twitch and Mixer allows for viewers to see how professional and highly-skilled players get to the end in PUBG. Sit back and watch a stream or two to take notes on how they move, what positions they take, the loot they value more, and how they engage, and you'll spot areas you could improve on. Sure, watching countless hours of streams will not turn you into a good PUBG player, but it's a good start. Think of them as interactive classrooms, but don't copy, learn.

Here are a few good streamers for PUBG to get you started:

3. Fireteam alpha


If you continue to struggle in the solo queue, try and get up to three friends to join you in the drop. A team of four not only gives you support, and more chances to win the game, but you also do not die immediately and instead are knocked down and can be revived by teammates. The only issue is opposing teams, but should you keep all three alive until the end, you can find yourself in a good position if there are only remnants of other teams left. Numbers count for something.

4. Positioning


Knowing the map and most locations and towns is a big help when the circle becomes more and more restrictive. Being able to pick out the best cover in a split second when entering into a tight space with four other players is almost a requirement should you not wish to be mopped up by someone else and have your dreams stolen. Don't just think about buildings and walls or other man-made structures. Foilage, trees, cliffs, and uneven terrain make for great cover with enhanced visibility.

Try and use the circle to your advantage by hugging the "wall." This will help avoid players from sneaking up behind you, allowing you to better focus on what's ahead and more effectively spot movement. Also: Do not forget about the circle. Ever. If you're having to move outside the circle in the late game, you're doing it wrong.

5. Practice makes perfect


This isn't really what you want to hear, since it's not an instant patch you can apply to your late-game. However, it's absolutely true in all areas of life. Practice really does lead to perfection. Take advantage of the guns you get in the lobby and fire at other people or targets, try and spend a few games warming up, going all out on other players in a cramped location. Pick up a rifle and aim for heads. Your aim and gunplay are incredibly important when there are only a few survivors left.

You'll need to pump in at least 300 or so hours to develop decent skills. Until then, try and avoid smashing the mouse and keyboard.

Bonus tip: Luck of the draw


Unfortunately, you need luck in a game like PUBG. Not only are you praying to the RNG God when it comes to loot and initial plane spawn, but also the circles. In the late game, it's paramount you focus on the minimap when the circle is about to move and adjust yourself accordingly. It's easy to get caught off guard and there are going to be those times when you need to move in on someone else who was lucky enough to be within the next circle. If this is the case, have a look around, see how you can advance and utilize grenades (especially smokes and flashbangs).

If you happen to be the lucky one and have a solid position within the next circle, keep scanning around for movement. Always scan your surroundings.

Your PUBG tips

These are our suggestions for taking your PUBG game to the next level. But we want to hear from you. If you have something to add, drop it in the comments.

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