Flixster and Netflix updated; Flixster improves integration with Rotten Tomatoes

Flixster and Netflix have been on Windows Phone for quite a while. In fact, Netflix was shown off on stage at the Windows Phone 7 Series unveil at MIX back in March 2010. Both apps were available for consumers when Windows Phone went on sale at the end of 2010. They’ve received small updates here and there along the way. Both just received two updates today, let’s check them out.

Netflix was recently updated on the Xbox 360 to include support for the new Netflix user profiles. Unfortunately, version doesn’t seem to bring that to Windows Phone. In fact this recent update could be nothing more than routine bug squashing mixed with performance increases. Please let us know if you notice anything else.

However, the update for Flixster does bring a new feature that might not be super obvious at first. Head to the Windows Phone Store to update Flixster to version 1.9 and you’ll notice two new things. You can now add movies to your “want to see” list or rate them within the app. The app will sync with your Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes account, which is a very welcomed feature for heavy users of both the app and website. You can find your list of movies in either category by heading to the “my movies” section from the main menu. Besides that, it looks like regular bug fixes and performance boosts for Flixster. Again, notify us in the comments if you catch something else.

Both apps are free for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 users. Although you’ll probably want to actually have a Netflix subscription to take advantage of the app. Grab Netflix in the Store or go grab Flixster.  QR codes below for you folks in front of your PC. 

QR: Netflix

Sam Sabri