F.lux uses Centennial Bridge to jump to the Windows Store

Although Microsoft introduced its Night light feature with the recent Creators Update f.lux was first for Windows PCs. The standalone Win32 app has been around for years as a freebie and user-supported application, but now it has found its way to the Windows Store as a UWP Centennial app (via MSPU).

For those who are unaware f.lux shifts the color spectrum of your PC's display in the evening giving a more yellow or red hue. Compared to bright whites the reduced blue light associated with displays is easier on your eyes late at night. Moreover, reduced blue light is supposed to better before going to bed as staring at a bright light can throw off your circadian rhythm.

So why use f.lux over Microsoft's Night light? F.lux brings more customization and features like hooking into your Smart Lights (e.g. Philips Hue) so that you can reduce all your lighting at the same time. Moreover, you can control things like the speed at which the display color shifts, making it less drastic or quickly disable the feature for an hour while working in Photoshop. There are also many lighting presets that offer a greater range than Microsoft's Night light, plus it's all free.

As Microsoft gets ready to roll out Windows 10 S with the Surface Laptop apps like f.lux coming to the Windows Store – along with Spotify and iTunes later this year – will go a long way to getting people off .exe installers and into the superior Store experience.

As a longtime user of f.lux, I'm quite excited to see this app along with Adobe Photoshop Elements and CrystalDiskMark use the Centennial bridge. You can read more about f.lux at their website.

Download f.lux from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Why say for all, when its only available for PC?
  • Those are the only people that matter. Mobile users are not people. Also, let's not get so nitpicky over titles. If you don't know that Centennial apps by nature cannot be ported to Mobile, you do now.
  • LOL daaamn Daniel!!
  • Real mature Daniel :v
  • Can Windows store centenial applications demand admin privilege whenever they run? If so, there's really no reason why every Win32 application can't be on the Windows Store...
  • Almost as funny as when you said the only purpose for flyover country is so we can grow corn for you elite city folk.
  • 😢
  • Centennial apps can be ported to mobile. It just takes more work. 
  • Now that this is a UWP app, is the hard work cut out to add ARM support?  Nevermind...
  • kwambe, you just got served..
  • Mobile users are Soylent Green!!!
  • If you don't know that Centennial are not UWP apps maybe stop writing about the subject. You're just causing unnecessary confusion.
  • It is Microsofts attitude towards its own mobile platform and Windows Centrals current disdain for Windows 10 Mobile with its switch to Android/iOS tutorials for current Windows 10 Mobile users that made me think twice about staying on the platform after my HP Elite x3's screen got busted after hitting the kitchen floor (the glass is broken and the ambiance sensor didn't work anymore, making out door use on a sunny day basically impossible)
    So it had to get fixed. And the screen replacements costs where over €300 (and finding a store that would provide a reparation for this phone was hard, I had to drive cross the country for it).
    So eventually the inconvenience of how and where to get the HP Elite x3 fixed combined with all the uncertainty about the platform I love made me get a Samsung Galaxy S7 (there where some great deals after the launch of the S8) over fixing my old phone.
    I still have the x3, I'll keep playing with it, to see and check if and when things might get better for Windows 10 mobile.
    But currently I'm really surprised about how good Samsung phones have become and how smooth Android in general is these days.
    Even that what made me go for Windows Phone in the first place (Nokia's awesome camera tech) has been put to shame by Samsung, the S7's camera it's not only as good as the best Lumia camera ever was but it also runs leaps around it with it's speed and snappyness.
    Frankly there is no good reason to own a Windows Phone over a high end Android or iPhone other then love for the way the OS works.
    And yes when ever I hold my HP Elite x3 I feel how much I love the OS, but the benefits the whole experience of the Android ecosystem far out weigh anything Windows 10 Mobile brings to the table at this moment.
    I have supported the platform for as long as I could. But Microsoft's lacklustre way of showing any ambition for pushing their mobile platform and major developers pulling support for their mobile apps created for Windows Phone/Windows Mobile and the crash of market share in smartphones for Windows 10 (so there is no sign of things getting better anytime soon) make it hard for even the die hard Windows Phone faithful to stay true to the mobile OS of their choice.
    Microsoft let us down, as I know one thing for sure: it wasn't because of Windows Phone core userbase that the platform failed!
    Sadly, it was despite this enthusiastic and optimistic group of people, that Microsoft failed.
    They failed because of their own bad business decisions and the dominant market forces that crushed them. It was thanks to us that they where even able to hold their own for this long.
    So let's face it: it's over! We the last faithful standing have to pull our self together and move on.We have had enough!
    So Microsoft, where out!
  • Totally disagree with your Android comments. If all you have is Microsoft services the Android experience sucks as the lack of integration is a major hit to useability. Microsoft's outlook app is terrible compared to the W10 version, can't edit contacts unless you do it from the outlook app. The only advantage using android is the app selection. I'm sure if I used google services it would be much better experience but I eagerly await the return to W10.
  • I can live with a lesser experience of Microsoft app integration because of everything else the Android ecosystem offers. I can stil use all the Microsoft services I love. Okay somethings might have been better on W10M (outlook, I absolutely agree with you on that one). But the benefits of the full Android ecosystem far outweigh wat ever Microsofts brings to the table these days, as they seem to be doing nothing worth mentioning on the smartphone front lately (since the launch of W10M and the Lumia 950 series). Combine that with the full backing of Windows Central to push everyone to use Microsoft services on Android/iOS the community is not what it used to be and Microsoft is not in anyway rewarding their platforms loyalists. They had it coming!
  • Windows on mobile devices will never die... It's been around for 20 years, evolved from version, to version, and had several hiatus..... That's exactly what we're seeing happen again... That's just the nature of the platform. Take it, or leave it.. But, It's not over.
    With all that being said, my question is why, this time, do some of you think it's over?... What's significant about this time?
  • I'm not saying it's over. I'm still playing with my HP Elite x3 and to check if things het better.
    I'll come back to the platform if and when the the developer support situation improves.
    I'm more than certain Microsoft can carve out a (enterprise) niche for the platform to survive. I hope that someday that can build on that.
    But for now, I personally, am out. As their is no benefit in clinging to this platform under its current first party and third party support. Especially with Microsoft supporting iOS and Android in the excellent manner they do.
  • Completely understandable..... Well, if we think about it, WinMo was actually a more business "enterprise" related device.. Actually, all smartphones were back then, before they went mainstream... Nevertheless, I still think that WP's ever evolving nature (despite not ever being relatively successful) will pay off in the long run... I believe that MS's idea of Windows on a pocketable device has always been held back by hardware, and technological advancement... NOW that technology has FINALLY shrunk to a size where Windows can run on phone size devices,, I think MS's next version of Windows on a phone is gonna actually be something that can differentiate itself, and carve out a market for business, enterprise, and enthusiast consumers.... WP7.0-10 wasn't really different in what it had to offer over iDroid, and it also didn't have enough support (old news).. If MS is planning what I think they are (pocketable PCs) then that would be a first... The only roadblock is apps... Personally, I think that MS needs that NEW TYPE of pocketable device first, or a few pocketable devices, to showcase what they are capable of, and so that developers can have something to get excited about. I don't think it's gonna work the other way around. Mobile is where it's at, and no matter what MS does to justify a priority on desktop (although their efforts are working towards a mobile future), and porting W32 apps to UWP,,, mobile will still be what's focused on most going forward. That's why in so many comment sections (that aren't WP related) mobile keeps coming back up... Because, that's what people need. The fact that you say you're interested in coming back, if MS gets It's **** together, speaks volumes, and you're not the first to say that.. That shouldn't be ignored.. The entire tech journalism industry has shown excitement for a Surface Phone... Even non fans expect a Surface Phone. Basically, the world has asked for a Surface Phone
    ... Can MS afford to ignore that❓❓❓❓
  • I still use Windows 10 for everything else. So yes I would love for my smartphone to match that again and if and when Microsoft's makes that a compelling proposition again? Well then I'll be back in a heart beat ^^
  • Apps..
  • That's key. But for Microsoft to gain any traction there, they need hardware device to be a industry disrupting game changer, certainly with the way things stand today. The UWP, in theory, could have been a katalysator that probably would have limited the app gap. But Satya made a wrong bet. Retreating Microsoft/Nokia's hardware efforts with the assumption a OEM would fill the void (which never happened on global scale) was a huge mistake. If they had held on to their 10% market share in the EU5 and their 4% globally and build the platform, backed with the hundreds of millions of Windows 10 PC users, up from that foundation I believe the UWP could have gained some significant traction. But sadly Satya's business decision threw Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile's marketshare in a death spiral severely crippling the UWP's mobile leg, basically eliminating developer incentive to include smartphones in the code process when they build UWA's. But the damage is done and they can't go back in time so I'm intrigued to see their next move, but I'll be watching from Android shores, at least when it concerns my smartphone habits (Surface remains my tablet of choice!).
  • Agree.
  • I approve of this snarky comment. 👍
  • Yep, now I do! Thanks! Btw, I am a person, and I use mobile and PC Win10!
  • ;) It would have been hilarious though if it were able to install on phones. Windows 10 on ARM is what we need.
  • Android has apps offering similar features (e.g. My wife uses twilight). I would love it if this would come to Mobile... But would of course "settle" for windows on arm on the "ultimate Mobile device" :P
  • Flu.x I used to use it.. But I now use built in blue light feature 😂
  • I'm going to give this a shot since Daniel Rubino has mentioned it so many times and from this article it does far more than the built in feature. 
  • If you have Hues in your office it's super cool/creepy to have this tie into your display at night! Really neat stuff.
  • Great, I have Philips Hue light bulbs at home. I will give it a try. Too bad it won't work at my Lumia 950xl, because I mostly use that device late in the evening.
  • I have made it a habit to just go into the extra tab in settings and change my advanced color profiles to one of the presets which I configured to a night light like experience. It's not the same in the sense it's not automated, but well worth if you like me use your phone late at night or in the dark 😊
  • Re: Khalid Ismail,
    Thank you. Good tip.
  • Niic
  • Daniel,  love the shots recently....super fun to read.  I am moving to Hue soon,  and im going to install this to tie into my office lighting setup.  Awesome.  As for other "apps"  I hope bluestacks are working on porting over their program.  Windows 10 S devices would be killer then!
  • ;) if Bluestacks is ported over, it would have Android running on Windows S devices better than Chromebooks.
  • Exactly
  • Store doesn't let emulators according to their terms and conditions.
  • Let's see
  • Doesn't Bluestacks require a Google account?
  • Yes....your point?
  • Does your strategy ever work in any meaningful way?
  • again...WHATS YOUR POINT?
  • Waiting for you to come up with something else?
  • you really are a ******* dummy....what is your point with having to have a google account for using bluestacks...you are just making yourself look stupid by not answering my question..SOOOOO AGAIN,  whats your point with your original comment?
  • Because it is required to use the play store?
  • Again your point?   Yes....you need a play store of course...how else will you get all your apps....whats the big deal?  
  • Read?
  • READ WHAT?>>>>.all you asked was about having a google account i said yes, and asked what your point is...then you make totally incoherent ramblings about me.  YOU are.......I have no word.
  • The usablity of the service goes to zero then.
  • AHHHH....NO it does not, GET A ******* GOOGLE ACCOUNT!  Jesus christ its like trying to talk to a toddler.   Don't give the bullshit either about google being the evil empire and microsoft being considered for saint hood because they are all the same...google account is free...
  • So you can uae blue stacks and the android store without an google account?
  • OMG.  you are stupid.  thank you....
  • No answer eh? When I used blue stacks you were required to link your email to a google account to be able to install apps.
  • What do you mean NO ANSWER....holy ****....I cannot believe how stupid you are....OF COURSE YOU NEED A GOOGLE ACCOUNT.....I said it above....wow...just wow.   Get one.  whats the big deal!
  • No thank you then.
  • why not?  you gain access to ALOT of awesome apps that you cannot use now.  Do you think Google does something sinister that Microsoft does not?  if so,  you live in fantasy land.   Microsoft is just as shady as apple and alphabet so please spare us the holyer than thou ****,  get a goole account and gain access to some awesome apps....or are you to big of a blind fanboy to even use that?  thats is so funny if you are.....
  • Yes they do, and it has been a fact ever since they had to agree to 20 years of privacy audits because they broke their own privacy terms against end users.
  • And so has microsoft,  but the blinders you fanboys wear cloud your thought and vision so much you don't even see it.   Windows 10 snooped on you more than anything google has ever done.  You are either 1.  too blinded by fanboyism,  or 2.  Too stupid to figure it out.  which one is it?   They are all the same,  actually,  since Nadella has been CEO,  MS has been after your data beacuse he knows how to profit from it...the whole business facebook (linkedIn) purchase was just for that purpose....if you think otherwise,  again you are 1.  either a blinded fanboy who can't think from themselves or 2.  too stupid to see what was really going on...again,  pick one.    Anyways,  enjoy.  I am out in this conversation now.  I will enjoy all the apps I cannot get on windows and have my computer do more things.  You enjoy being a blind fanboy who's blinders are on so tight you only see a narrow one way path of bullshit.    
  • Uh, now you must be acting... Could you show one source that actually shows that Microsoft has broken their privacy policies?
  • Why would I want this when it's build into the OS now. Does f.lux do something better?
  • Ehm, did you read the article?
  • more feature
  • Literally right in the post. Maybe reading first, commenting second is the way to :)
  • If only they had ported it before the Creator's Update :(
  • Why?
  • Presumably because the Creator's Update adds a similar feature to Windows 10. 
  • Read the article.  Incidently, Night Light is currently grayed out on my CU insider fast ring Surface 3, so f.Lux might have a user here.
  • nightlight works on my dell 2 in 1.  But, it does not control HUE lights....so that is the big draw for me.
  • Well, interesting to see such a system-enhancing application on the Windows Store...if this can be brought to the Windows Store, what stops Stardock's software from being ported over and remaining a Centenial app?
  • Call me the slowest kid in the class, but i thought UWP were easily modified to mobile, or is a "Centennial UWP" something else?
  • both
  • Centennial is like a partial UWP. so -Easily? No. They have to find replacement api's, or convert apis to the standard. It's easier that re-writting the code, but it does involve work. 
  • UWP doesn't mean it will be available on all devices. The developer can choose to limit the UWP app to whatever device they want when they upload the app to the store. You wouldn't want all apps to be on all devices because it would confuse the heck out of the average user when they install an app that requires only keyboard and mouse input on their tablet. Also, imagine trying to see some desktop apps on your phone. Right now it would be terrible to see a program such as Krita or PhotoShop on a small screen like your phone.
  • "Centennial UWP" is a misnomer. UWP is a specific set of APIs that is guaranteed to work across desktop, mobile, console etc. Centennial is simply a way of publishing existing Win32 apps to the Store, and there is no way these will work on current Windows 10 Mobile (Centennial = x86, Mobile = ARM). Also publishing an app to the Store does not make it UWP, they are two completely different things. There are still tons of old WP8 apps in the Store and they are obviously not UWP.
  • UWP is the platform. Universal doesn't mean it can/will run on your phone.
  • Nevermind, my sleep won't be any better as long as I use W10M together with my PC. Integrated AF.
  • I have made it a habit to just go into the extra tab in settings and change my advanced color profiles to one of the presets which I configured to a night light like experience. It's not the same in the sense it's not automated, but well worth if you like me use your phone late at night or in the dark 😊
  • This does not work for our phones.....
  • It a win 32 app centennial.
  • I have bells palsy and this app allows me to change the color to be more red on the monitor, since I'm really sensitive to bright blue light. I could only use the computer for 10 minutes until I got this app. Now I can stay on it for hours.
  • Now if they could make it for arm... Show ms how its done
  • It gives people options, and that is good. After trying it, I'll stick with the W10 version. 
  • Hell yeah!
  • Wish it worked on Windows Mobile.
  • What about hot milk?
  • @Daniel Rubino I think that is important promote the use of apps on win10 because offer great advantage for users. if you are interested, with some developers, we start a team for convert open source software to universal app, after converted we contact the developers for promote the publishing. Check here (you can also download and side load apps) http://github.com/UWP-Open-Source-Community
  • I'm starting to think Microsoft should just stop saying Centennial and call it Windows Store Backwards Compatible, just like Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.
  • Confusing AF!
  • What's wrong with the profile picture in the comment section.. WC WM10
  • Folks what if Windows 10S was put on a 6 inch screen phone like a Lumia 1520 through the Windows 10 on ARMS CPU software WOW the old Lumia 1520 could become a for real Pocket PC. Hmm something tells ne that microsoft may indeed within a year have a smart phone PC hybrid
  • No, these apps are not touch friendly nor made to scale like UWP. Only in continuum mode would it make a difference. That's why the best solution is to have Samsung use windows 10 S in continuum mode. Windows will not be a proper mobile OS for a long time. Mobile apps are more important to people.
  • This is terrific. I want to see much more older apps to the store.
  • Does it take less resources on your system now?
  • really ? use 6.4 MB of ram/ 0.3 of CPU non store version