THE Football App adds another high quality sport experience to Windows Phone

There are a number of football apps available for our Windows Phone, enabling consumers to keep up-to-date with what's currently happening in the world of sport. We previously looked at a handful of such apps, but missed THE Football App, which was released soon after our app round-up.

We've decided to take a quick look at the app and see what it's all about. So grab a beer, throw on your team's shirt and join us on this wondrous adventure.

Launched back in November, THE Football App is a unique sport offering and focuses on the world of football. Boasting support for 62 competitions in 5 different languages (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish), it's a feature-rich experience for consumers who reside in said markets where the sport is a dominant form entertainment.

So what can consumers do with THE Football App (it's the name, honest)? The app allows users to view results, upcoming fixtures, league standings, as well as news and videos, live commentaries, statistics, team profiles and more. It's a rich app with all the required (and desired) functionality that any football fan would need while on the go.

When launching the app, the first view is latest media for the chosen league (this can be configured easily), which lists several videos. Swiping to the left reveals the main menu where the user can access more leagues, fixtures of the selected competition, table, statistics, news, teams and of course settings.

Setting up which leagues the app tracks is straightforward and can be accomplished in the settings area of the app. Competitions from multiple countries can either be filtered out or included in the league selector. Users can then easily hop between competitions using the "change league" menu option. It's a neat concept.

Selecting a team within a competition will open up the squad and recent fixture results. Each squad member has his own profile page with some personal information. As for teams, as noted above, each fixture can be viewed (even if the match has yet to be played), which will reveal the live commentary, match details (substitutes, attendance, etc.), statistics and news from the media.

Live Tile functionality is presently available when pinned to the home screen (with the large size tile supported). When the tile flips over, more details are displayed. Overall, THE Football App is a well-designed product and we particularly like the style of the Live Tile. It's definitely well worth checking out if you're into football.

The developer notes that they've witnessed more than 150,000 downloads since launch, which is a sure sign of quality (especially when the app has a high rating). As well as this, they originally started with both iOS and Android, but have since revealed that Windows Phone has become an important platform to focus on with a dedicated team within the company.

What's in store for users with future updates? The team will be working on THE Football App to extend the catalogue of competitions to 400 in 40 different languages, which is quite the expansion. There's also a Windows 8 app currently in development, but more on that at a later date.

You can download THE Football App from the Windows Phone Store.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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