Force updating your Windows Phone to OS build 8107 -- a WPCentral Tutorial

With the latest info from AT&T regarding the 8107 update (specifically that they don't have plans to offer it) and news that the HTC Titan and Samsung Focus S are reportedly going to be discontinued soon, the issue about force-updating the OS has been brought up as an alternative.

Indeed, there is a relatively easy way to force any Windows Phone to 8107 in about 15 minutes (after you get all the right files in place) and in fact, we just did it to our Samsung Focus S, mostly because we have a crap-ton of Windows Phones here and can take risks.

We're going to assume you don't have extra phones and therefore we can't really endorse this because:

  1. You may "Walsh" your phone, meaning you'll bugger your chances for future updates (if they ever happen, ahem)
  2. It is a bit stressful
  3. You really shouldn't have to do this, amirite?

Having said that, if you still want to go down this path we can say it does work and if you follow the directions to the letter, you'll have 8107 on your Windows Phone (you just won't have any "tweaked" OEM firmware to go with it).

Once again, we must stress that we're not endorsing this method and we would much rather see AT&T just deliver an update. Should you screw up your phone, this is all on you.

So against our better judgement (and Rafael's ire), we're going to post our tutorial on the subject.  Read on, if you dare...



What you will need

[We should note: this tutorial assumes you're on OS build 7720] First thing you'll want to do is download the necessary files, those are the following:

  • WP7 Update Cab Sender
  • 7740 update CAB file
  • 8107 update CAB file
  • Language packs (see below)
  • Optional: WPSupport tool X86 or x64 (For those with COM problems or errors)

You'll also need a PC, the latest Zune Desktop and your micro USB cable.

What we are doing is using an official Microsoft tool to back up the phone and then send the OS updates (in the form of CAB files) directly to the device. The language packs are 100% necessary and vary from device type to device type.

We can't stress this enough: getting the languages right is key to this process -- you will have issues if you have too many or too few language packs (see the earlier problems with this method) On our Focus S, we had to install all 22 language packs, which yes, was a pain namely because we had to download those all individually. If you have more than 22 language packs on your phone, do NOT do this update and stop here.

Update: The AT&T HTC TITAN only has English (United States) installed, so that is the only language pack needed. The AT&T Samsung Focus S needs all 22.

For your convenience, you can download all the above files (except languages) in one single ZIP. You can grab that file here.

Q: How do you know what languages to use?

Verify your Language Packs

On your Windows Phone, go to Settings --> Region + Language and look under Display language. There you should see all the language packs installed on your phone. As we mentioned above, on our Focus S we have all 22 installed. You need to go through and check.

And by check we mean write down those languages. Alternatively, you can use the included "Version and Language by Heathcliff74.xap" (you'll need a dev unlocked phone to install) and it will list all the language packs and codes.  If you only have 5 languages on your device, then you should have those 5 language packs ready. If you have 22 language packs, then use all 22.

Here are the individual languages that you need to download to the same directory as the OS install files from above:

English (US) language packChinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), GermanCzechFrenchEnglish – UK, Spanish, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese – (Brazil), Russian, Swedish, Portuguese – (Portugal)

If you need all 22 in one shot, just download this file. Do NOT install extra languages.


Setting up

Download the ZIP file here (same as above in first section) and unzip all the contents to a new folder. Add your necessary language packs. Your file directory should look like the image below (which assumes 22 languages are needed; AT&T Titan users need only 1 language pack here). Check and double check this.

For those with the AT&T HTC Titan or Sprint Arrive, your setup should look like this:

Ready to install

  1. Make sure your phone is charged to at least 50%
  2. Plug your phone via USB into your computer and close Zune Desktop (yes, close it)
  3. On your computer, navigate to where you extracted the OS update: Cab Sender --> Tools --> x86/x64 (Choose one based off your system architecture)
  4. Run UpdateWP.exe (Note: you should see a DOS screen flash and disappear)
  5. Back out to your main directory and run WP7 Update Cab Sender.bat
  6. Choose 'B' (This will back up your device to Zune, then install the updates)
  7. Pray to your chosen God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster

You should now see a screen similar to the one below with device details and the proceeding backup of your phone. Next, it will install OS 7740 and OS 8107 (it needs to do both) along with the necessary language packs.

Time of install will vary, but it should be about 15 minutes (backup will be the big differentiator here). After that, your phone should restart and you'll be on 8107 with all your apps, files, photos, messages, etc. fully intact i.e. this does not wipe your device.

And that's it.

Update 2: For those with COM errors, go back to the top and download the WP Support Tool for you computer and install. That should fix it.

Have any questions? Navigate to our help forum where you can discuss and get tips on this tutorial.

Source & More info: XDA Forums, Robert McLaws Blog

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Thanks for the tip! Something I'm interested but might wait a little longer being on Verizon with the Trophy...
  • Ha! I'll let you know how it goes. I've been on the Verizon Wireless boards lately and there doesn't seem to be any movement with providing us with update info there.
  • I did this awhile ago on my VZW Trophy, works flawlessly btw. Only needed English and Spanish language packs. Don't think I needed the step prior to the batch file running, but I think I had installed that part earlier during various tinkering efforts.
    Not many changes, but the keyboard doesn't disappear at all now (was pretty rare and I could always get it back before, but ymmv).
    There is a topic here in the Trophy forum with some more info about it btw.
  • Got This Error:
    Error: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {77CB935D-D0CC-
    4249-8643-3C387A514A27} failed due to the following error: 80040154.
    Call stack:
       at Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DeviceUpdate.DeviceManager.Initialize()
       at Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DeviceUpdate.DeviceManager.get_Instance()
       at wm7update.Program.Main(String[] args)
    Any Ideas?
    For x64:
    For x86:
    Just download and install the appropriate file, and then continue the process as it was written
  • Worked a treat! thanks! updated my Samsung Omnia 7 T-Mobile UK
  • Also updated my T-mobile Omnia 7 to 8107 with the cab sender.
    Had to use 6 language packs (english uk, english us, french, german, italian and spanish).
    Removed the 7740 cab from the update folder as the phone was already on 7740.
    Internet tethering option is still there
  • Mods,
    Please add this to the article. I'm not the first one to have this problem, but it worked for me as well. I had no luck on two different PC's without using this tool, getting the same call stack as the poster before the one I am replying to.
    Thanks a lot dirtybird, much appreciated. worked for me, samsung focus on att.
  • Thanks guys, that was quick!
  • Hey, Actually my issue was simply a case of using the wrong USB port. Microsoft Update pages actually recommend using USB ports on the back of your computer as opposed to the front.
    Initially I tried using the WP7 Support tools and the iFixIt Solution and none of them found any errors to correct. I switched USB ports and then viola, a working WPUpdate.
  • but, out of all phones, Verizon HAS 8107 on the Trophy. So far they have been up to date maybe a little late but, up to date.
    I did this method to get 8107 on my phone before Verizon released theirs and when the VZW update was released my phone got it.
  • Incorrect. The last released update from Verizon/HTC for the Trophy was the Radio firmware update. The last OS update was for 7720 "Mango"
  • Is there a way to know that my Venue Pro is officially unlocked or not, I live in Jordan (Middle East) and I'm running it on a local carrier sim card but the problem is that my software is still on 7.10.7720.68 and I really want to know how to update 
    it to 8017..  Dell checked my service tag and replied with :
    " this unit was sold as a locked unit. It is locked to the T-Mobile network. As a rule, we don't provide unlocked codes for devices which were sold locked, but if you'd like to try sending any other questions regarding this, please email" so I opened the Engineering Mode in my phone and looked at the security, it was
    (Unlock / GLEOS2A_US_TMO_SIMLoc1_001) 
    what does that mean? was it unlocked by hacking or an official unlock code? and the most important thing is will this update re-lock my phone or not?
  • This is something needed for those wanting 8107. Not a custom ROM or anything, so this is really safe. Unlike me, I'm in a custom ROM.
  • How about this as an alternative? Use windowsbreak to unlock your phone. Sideload a registry editor and then change the carrier ID to Rogers. Update through Zune and it will go to the 8107 update. Then change the carrier ID back to ATT I'm the registry and you're all set. This is how I did my Focus before loading a custom ROM. Of course, I guess this depends on whether the newer gen devices can be unlocked this way, but for us Gen 1 users, this method works well.
  • That's certainly good for Gen 1 devics, but WindowsBreak does interop-unlock which can't be done on Gen 2 phones (yet) therefore no registry editors, so that won't work for the Titan, Focus S, Focus Flash, etc AFAIK.
  • Umm...sorry to question you, but I Window Breaked my Samsung Focus Flash and have tons of homebrew on it.
  • Can you guide me on how I can Windowbreak my HTC Mazaa? I have been searching forums but couldn't find anything useful. My phone is already dev-unlocked, now I want interop-unlock.
  • Unfortunatly, Window Break only works on Samsung Phones.
  • Owners of the LG Quantum have an easier way of doing this as the phone has a built in registry editor in the MFG menu. All you have to do is change the carrier ID and connect to Zune to update. Its how I updated mine.
  • Yep makes me love this phone so much more
  • Just finished using the MFG tool to rebrand my Quantum to Rogers and updating to 8107. I am pretty happy with my choice as well :). My wife's Focus S is still stuck with a buggy on-screen keyboard though. I really hope AT&T doesn't withhold all future updates for her phone, she's not even had it for 6 months!
  • Slinky826, hope you're still around.
    I have the Quantum but don't see the MFG menu, is that under Settings of hidden somewhere else? Also, where do you find other carrier IDs, I see others have changed to Rogers then back to AT&T but I don't know the code.
  • Would this work on the Trophy?
  • As long as the required number of Launguage Packs is 22 or under. You'd have to check by using the .xap mentioned in the post.
  • The Verizon HTC Trophy I have has two Languages installed. English & Spanish. Real simple.
  • I think you did the right thing here.  Better to learn it here than somewhere else that may not as be as reputable. 
  • I'm debating whether to give this a shot or not.  This seems ALL kinds of involved and I always worry about something going wrong.  IF something goes wrong, can we revert back to 7720?
  • It's actually simplier than it seems and is really not that bad, so long as you pay attention. Yes, if you get as far as running the .bat file and you choose 'B' it will backup the phone (you can see in the last image my backup date) meaning you can restore back to the previous ROM.
  • However, if you do restore your phone, your pictures will be lost.
  • They should all be synched to your pc beforehand anyway, so you just synch then back. I usually move all of my music/pics/vids off my phone to reduce the backup size anyway.
  • Then the Focus is long dead in the eyes of ATT and MS?
  • Yup. We heard as much back in December :-/
  • Holy smokes. I just checked my Titan and it has over 50 language packs installed!!! That's pretty insane.
  • Don't do this update.
  • Oops! My bad. I was looking imunder "Region Format".  Under "Display Language" it only says "English". So I guess just one?
  • If that is all you have to select from under Display language, then you should be okay. (Really though, you only have English?). Just use that one pack. Just checked: Yes, AT&T Titan ONLY has English (United States). that's it. That's easy as heck ;-)
  • Excellent!! Can't wait to get home from work and do this. Thanks!!
  • Got home, tried it, and...Success!! It was super easy!
  • My Australian HTC HD7 only has "English" listed and is not selectable or changeable. I assume this is "English (United Kingdom)" but it doesn't specify that in that section. Region Format/Browser Language/System Locale are all set to "English (Australia)"... It's the same as English UK anyway. Fortunately I already have 8107 from my carrier but these instructions will be handy later.
  • So much for getting my Titan up to the latest. Bummer. Was just sitting down and connecting to the pc to make this happen. I too lost count at 30 something.
  • Someone posted that he/she looked under "Region Format" instead of "Display Language". However, if you have the ATT Titan, it was confirmed to only having one language installed: English (US).
  • Why didn't Microsoft leave in the relatively easy work around for forcing an update by simply disconnecting your phone right after checking for an update? That was a good way for power users to be able to update their phones instead of waiting for dickhead carriers to get around to it. Now instead of happy power users we have disgruntled power users and that effects the Windows Phone narrative so not a bright move my Microsoft.
  • I think that only works if your carrier is actually delivering the update. It was an easy way to force update while waiting for the carrier to push it to your device. However... ...there was a VPN workaround where you could have tricked your phone into thinking you were in Hungary (or some other place that was delivering the update). I remember doing this for NoDo and it worked great at the time. I wonder if that is still possible.
  • > I think that only works if your carrier is actually delivering the update. It was an easy way to force update while waiting for the carrier to push it to your device. However...
    That is correct.  The "unplug on checking update" hack just bypassed throttling (the whole, "We're rolling this out to 20% of users," crap).  It can't magically make an update for your phone appear.  If your provider is not publishing the update for your phone, all you'll get is the same old, "Already up to date," message.
  • Oh my bad.
    Maybe they should program in another backdoor for powerusers to get around any carrier-blocked update.
  • Actually what they needed to do was enforce the update policy or make it through Zune and leave the carries out of the process entirely.
  • I got the following error: I have all 22 language packs in the same folder as the 7740 & 8107 updates, exactly as shown in the posts screen shot. Can any one help with this??
    Many thanks in advance!
  • Need to clarify that error, you have nothing showing.
  • Here is the error:
    ╚══> Your choice: B ╔══════» Creating list of cabs

    ╠══════» Backup and updating device

    UpdateWP version 4.8.2345.0 Error: Retrieving the COM c