Former GitHub employee declines to take job back after warning coworkers about Nazis

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What you need to know

  • GitHub offered a job back to the employee who was fired for warning employees about Nazis.
  • The former employee declined to take the offer to return to GitHub.
  • The parties have reportedly come to an "amicable resolution."

Earlier this year, a GitHub employee lost their job following comments warning other employees on Slack about Nazis at the attacks on the U.S. Capitol. GitHub has since performed an investigation of the incident and offered the person their job back. The person, however, declined to return to GitHub.

According to TechCrunch, the employee and GitHub reached an "amicable resolution," though the details of that resolution have not been revealed.

A GitHub spokesperson told TechCrunch, "We offered the employee his job back immediately after reviewing the investigation findings, and he declined."

"Me and the company reached an amicable resolution," said the former employee to TechCrunch. "I appreciate that they have denounced white supremacy and the dangers it poses to everybody."

The employee warned coworkers by stating, "stay safe homies, Nazis are about." A different employee took issue with the comment and the person warning coworkers was fired.

GitHub issued a public apology for the incident, and GitHub's former head of HR, Carrie Olesen, resigned as part of an effort to take "personal accountability."

The former employee shared a statement with TechCrunch. Below are a couple of exerpts:

Me and the company reached an amicable resolution. I appreciate that they have denounced white supremacy and the dangers it poses to everybody.Keep your families and communities safe. Connect with your neighbors and local stores. Fascism and nazism succeed when we are divided. They demand that you abandon reason, that you acquiesce to power and hierarchy, and that you shun altruism. Love yourself. Support, join or create local unions. Build community. Don't entertain nazis.

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  • What the actual ****? SO are we just going to assume if it's republicans it must have white supremacy and ****'s We're gonna look at the all the segregation and book banning on the left and just shrug our shoulders? We really need to de-liberal technology - you guys are out-of-your-*******-minds.......
  • Unclear your problem. A large continent of the capitol rioters were confirmed white supremacists and neo-nazis. That's not actually a debatable point currently, lots of them were documented and arrested. He noticed that and warned his colleagues, then lost his job for it. That's not a liberal thing, unless in your mind actual neo-nazis are a conservative ideology that needs protecting.
  • Confirmed by whom? I'm sick and tired of regurgitated garbage coming from people on both sides.
  • Let me make this clear.....All the pictures and messages that we post online is total confirmation. Confirmation of who we are as a person, our character. No matter the race, religion, or political side. Peace.
  • So cancel liberals? Somebody needs to take a Tucker Carlson timeout!
  • What books have the left banned? I'm not talking about a business making a free market decision not to sell a book, but an actual banning.
  • "I love free speech!" Several words later ... "We really need to de-liberal technology."
  • Have a little common sense, understanding, and decency. The company that owns these books decided to stop printing them going forward. Stop believing everything you see on facebook, q, and fox. Have your own thoughts not the tribe or cults thoughts. Peace!!
  • This is Ridiculous.
  • Why is that?
  • I'm glad he could "reach an agreement" with the company but firing people for saying things like this is BS. The guy who got fired for tweeting about a completely reasonable academic paper? I don't think he and his nutter extremist employers ever "reached an agreement." Left or right, cancel culture needs to back the hell down.