From the Forums: Competitive Windows Phone market and Tim Cook's iPhone display lie

It's time for another From the Forums roundup and since it's a Saturday we thought we'd add a slightly humorous twist to this edition - so be sure to check out the miscellaneous section at the end for the feel-good call out. While not much has occurred during the week in the aftermath of the HTC event, we've been able locate popular threads over on our forums for inclusion.

The somewhat competitive Windows Phone market

The Windows Phone market is surely heating up with Nokia lashing out against Samsung and HTC, it's similar to three kids in Toys"R"us who are fighting over who's getting the latest toy. It's good to see more options available to consumers and manufacturers pouring effort into the platform, but some may be put off with the attacks and jabs that are taking place.

Forum member Winterfang created a thread to discuss the latest HTC hardware against what Nokia has to offer with its Lumia family, but of course the party crashing and tweets from Nokia were eventually debated.

"Talk about beautiful design that feels like it's made with Windows Phone in mind. Something new, something fresh, something that represent the very best on the company. What is Nokia going to do now? The 8X is basically a better looking, much lighter Lumia 920 that's available on all major carriers. Maybe if it had real pureview it might differentiate themselves but they blow it hard."

What do you make of the hardware released by the three manufacturers? Do you believe there's a need for Nokia to be jabbing HTC and Samsung? Head on over to the "HTC beat Nokia at it's own game." to voice your opinion.

High-end HTC Apollo device on the way?

Before the 8X and 8S were announced we were speculating that the company would sport three new Windows Phones. The 8X isn't high-end by any means (though it's certainly no slouch), so could we still see the likes of the 'Zenith' to more effectively combat the Lumia 920? Forum user stevovr seems to believe so:

"While looking at all the threads comparing the various new phones and thinking where is the Zenith/Titan i started to wonder about whats coming soon. Eveyone has opinions about wither HTC is holding back but i thought to myself that what is coming is not ready yet. HTC was keen to bring up the long term relationship with Microsoft."

It's definitely a possibility, and one we'd like to believe. But what do you think? Should HTC stay in the high-end business? Provide your $0.02 in the "Here's a HTC thought" thread.

Miscellaneous: The Tim Cook iPhone 5 lie

iPhone 5 Bruce Lee

Forum user Gaichuke decided to create a comparison chart that puts the Lumia 920's PureMotion HD+ display up against Apple's claim that the iPhone 5 has the "most advanced display in the world." Unlike picture edits like the one above, the comparison chart uses specifications of both the iPhone 5 and Lumi 920 to come to the conclusion that Tim Cook is wrong and the iPhone 5 does not sport the most advanced display.

Head on over to the "Display comparison between iPhone 5 and Lumia 920" thread to leave your feedback. And now we leave you with said Phone 5 display comparison image. Enjoy!

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