From the Forums: Competitive Windows Phone market and Tim Cook's iPhone display lie

It's time for another From the Forums roundup and since it's a Saturday we thought we'd add a slightly humorous twist to this edition - so be sure to check out the miscellaneous section at the end for the feel-good call out. While not much has occurred during the week in the aftermath of the HTC event, we've been able locate popular threads over on our forums for inclusion.

The somewhat competitive Windows Phone market

The Windows Phone market is surely heating up with Nokia lashing out against Samsung and HTC, it's similar to three kids in Toys"R"us who are fighting over who's getting the latest toy. It's good to see more options available to consumers and manufacturers pouring effort into the platform, but some may be put off with the attacks and jabs that are taking place.

Forum member Winterfang created a thread to discuss the latest HTC hardware against what Nokia has to offer with its Lumia family, but of course the party crashing and tweets from Nokia were eventually debated.

"Talk about beautiful design that feels like it's made with Windows Phone in mind. Something new, something fresh, something that represent the very best on the company. What is Nokia going to do now? The 8X is basically a better looking, much lighter Lumia 920 that's available on all major carriers. Maybe if it had real pureview it might differentiate themselves but they blow it hard."

What do you make of the hardware released by the three manufacturers? Do you believe there's a need for Nokia to be jabbing HTC and Samsung? Head on over to the "HTC beat Nokia at it's own game." to voice your opinion.

High-end HTC Apollo device on the way?

Before the 8X and 8S were announced we were speculating that the company would sport three new Windows Phones. The 8X isn't high-end by any means (though it's certainly no slouch), so could we still see the likes of the 'Zenith' to more effectively combat the Lumia 920? Forum user stevovr seems to believe so:

"While looking at all the threads comparing the various new phones and thinking where is the Zenith/Titan i started to wonder about whats coming soon. Eveyone has opinions about wither HTC is holding back but i thought to myself that what is coming is not ready yet. HTC was keen to bring up the long term relationship with Microsoft."

It's definitely a possibility, and one we'd like to believe. But what do you think? Should HTC stay in the high-end business? Provide your $0.02 in the "Here's a HTC thought" thread.

Miscellaneous: The Tim Cook iPhone 5 lie

iPhone 5 Bruce Lee

Forum user Gaichuke decided to create a comparison chart that puts the Lumia 920's PureMotion HD+ display up against Apple's claim that the iPhone 5 has the "most advanced display in the world." Unlike picture edits like the one above, the comparison chart uses specifications of both the iPhone 5 and Lumi 920 to come to the conclusion that Tim Cook is wrong and the iPhone 5 does not sport the most advanced display.

Head on over to the "Display comparison between iPhone 5 and Lumia 920" thread to leave your feedback. And now we leave you with said Phone 5 display comparison image. Enjoy!

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  • Since when is the 8X not a high end device?
  • It's considered more of a mid-level entry. At least it doesn't really compare against the Lumia 920 with it's PureMotion HD+ and other features.
  • If the 8X is mid level, the 8S is low end. And I wouldn't call the 8S low end
  • It has 512MB RAM, lower display resolution and 4GB storage. I'd hardly call the 8S mid-range in Windows Phone 8.
  • Point taken. I guess I have just really feel in love with the 8X/8S designs. I think they actually look nicer than the Lumia 920. But yes the Lumia definitely wins on specs. I wish I could have one of each lol
  • I know what you mean but I think the CPU and screen resolution, and overall design seem more high end. The low storage space isn't of course.
  • And the 920 doesn't compare with the 8X's higher shutter speed and dedicated imaging chip,highest ppi resolution screen of any phone so far,,beats audio with 2.55 volt amp and 88 degree wide angle 2.1 MP front camera also an industry best I believe. So I think there both pretty high end phones.
  • How is the 8X not high end? It has every thing the "High End iPhone 5" has, and its specs measure up well with the Lumia 920 minus Nokias Pureview and sensitive screen. I mean I'm sure the Zenith may come with a bigger screen, but that doesn't make the 8X not a high end phone
  • its same as lumia 800, people thought it was pretty high-end when announced but once the 900 came-out its positioning became clear..
  • Dual core and 1 gig of ram isn't high end? Damn what's the world coming to! Might as well say all the new phones announced the last 2 weeks will be low end dinosaur junk in 6 months!
  • Only 16 Gb is not high end...
  • what makes it mid range is the price point which is based a great deal on production costs. The 8x has a very nice display but its smaller as is the phones internal storage. These are all design choices made to bring the phone to market at a specific price point. The price point in question is mid range of $99 on contract. For a point of reference the iPhone 4S falls into the same category.
  • So if the Lumia 920 came out with a $99 dollar price point that means it would be a midrange device?
  • .
  • Nobody can say for sure what is a high end or low end device, they are simply one's point of view. Sure, you can compare them with everything else out there but at the end, every person has their own opinion.
  • HTC 8X is not the Lumia 920 killer.. The HD Pure view+ the 60 Hz refresh rate, the stabilizing cam, the wireless charging, the hi band and low band antenna, the hi ban and low band Mimo antenna they forgot to mention, the Bluetooth 4.0, not the 3.1 that the online specs sheet got wrong, the clear Gorilla 2 glass, the low light pics, and the 4.5" screen is to me why the Lumia 920 is beyong anything on the market.. I with they had an micro SD, but I'm okay with what they have..
  • ^^^^
  • It all comes own to one feature - Pureview Camera technology.  That is the real killer for the newly announced smartphones thus far.  Pure and Simple.  I can't imagine there is a single value minded soul on this planet would pass Pureview for something LESS.  :)
  • That's odd I was just thinking how anyone could get anything with LESS then beats audio with 2.55 volt amp for better audio. 2.1MP front camera with 88 degree wide angle lens for superior voice chat,,industry best ppi high resolution super LCD 2 screen 8 MP Rear camera with dedicated imaging chip for super high shutter speeds.
  • If audio matters the most for you, get 8x then.  The rest of us (82%) just have to settle with dolby, PureMotion HD+, Wireless Charging, Pureview and Nokia exclusive apps.  :)
  • And the rest of us who are actually going to get an 8X and not just voted on specs alone and most likely won't switch carriers to get the 920,,,will have to suffer with beat+ 2.55 volt amp 88 degree 2.1 MP front camera best ppi of any screen along with SLCD2 dedicated imaging chip and choosing our own apps that we'll actually use,,and plugging our phones in and using them while there actually charging =)
  • HTC has Beats audio out for a while now on their Android phones.  It didn't really help much.  Some say it is just a gimmick.  But it apparently made a believer out of you.  The dolby sound on my L900 works just fine.  It's funny to see people would believe things just by reading the specs.  The quality of screen display is not just based on the ppi.  It is the brightness, the LCD speed and the super sensitivity combined to make the PureMotion HD+ brilliant and unique.  There is no display on the market comes close to that.  Between that and the Pureview camera really make the 920 shine.  People appreciate their innovations that its competitors lack. 
  • ALL of these phones are lacking in some way. People are just pointing out the faults of the 8X and ATIV more than the 920. And the specs of the 920 are just numbers on a sheet also and people tend to believe those with out having actually tested it for themselves.
  • Except at this point, Nokia has yet to name carriers or pricing. Sorry, but until those are named, Nokia takes a back seat.
  • Relax. The 8X will take great pictures (the One X I'm writing this on does) and that's what matters to more people. How does it look, feel and function. Hats off to HTC for creating some competition in the WP world, this may be just what WP needs to get some free marketing attention.
  • 8X better looking than Nokia? Not to me it is!
  • It's all opinion. I like the 920 more, but the 8X looks good too.
  • Bruce Lee with nunchaku iPhones is pretty funny :)
  • The Big Apple/Fists of Apple.
    Fist of Apple/The Apple Connection.
    The Way of the Apple/Return of the Apple.
    Enter the Apple.
    Game of Apple.
  • HTC one x, one s and one v. X = top of the range. I reckon we will see the v in January, a low end device
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  • Ok,,,if you've read anyof my other comments you'll notice that I've been adcocating a lot for the 8X and that's mostly due to the fact that just about everyone is throwing HTC and Samsung under the bus. Even the writer here on WPCentral seem to be holding the 920 up high as the gold standard touting its pureview tech and supersensitive screen while downplaying the srengths of the 8X and ATIV-S. Each of these phones is "best" at somethings while the others arent,,but the 920 seems to be taking all the spotlight while the the other 2 aren't getting the credit that they deserve.
  • My thoughts exactly. HTC has the better sound, Nokia has the better camera, Samsung has the better storage. Other than that most of the other specs are so similar most people wouldn't be able to notice the difference. I am new to Windows Phone but I already love it. I want all of the phones to succeed because it keeps competition and innovation high. If Wp8 is going to make an impact on the cell phone market it needs all the phones to do well. I think all the phones have a market, HTC for sound, Nokia for camera and screen, and even Samsung for the more business look and storage. Overall there really isn't one phone better than the others. It is all just preference. Like the phone you like but don't hate the others. We need all the WP8 devices to sell well and take some market share from apple and Android.
  • While I hear what your saying, Samsung and HTC from the beginning threw very little to the wp crowd in terms of advertisement push and marketing meanwhile for better or worse Nokia sold its soul to Microsoft and its fanbase. And now that fanbase is returning the favor. I don't dispute the other 2handsets abilities. I'm happy they are there but it makes total sense why Nokia is the loved brand here.
  • I don't know about the site itself, but the WPC app doesn't display a comparison image.
  • They do hold polls and often comment in the comments sections of articles. And most stuff I've read is mostly pro 920 while the 8X and ATIV hardly get any mention except to state how the 920 is better.
  • I love the way the HTC 8X looks and miss the solid feel of my hd7 since going to the focus s but unfortunately, me being one of the dumb ones that bought into this OS on the tales of the same user experience across all devices, I HAVE to buy a Nokia next because they are getting all the apps. I've heard enough from people that have said that Nokia put all this money into it and no one else stepped up and I get that but it's hard to not feel like you're being shat upon for wanting a specific device versus another. Samsungs have the best display hands down and that was my reason for going with the focus s. Not camera, not NFC, not wireless charging. I want the most ridiculous clear, colorful, brilliant display period and Samsung delivered but now I get screwed because Nokia put all this money in and gets to have every new app for x amount of time before everyone else. Its just frustrating because it's not the same user experience. I wish I could have my HTC hub back while I'm at it. I love windows phone and will be sticking with it for the foreseeable future but this has just been one of those things gratinc at my nerves. If I could get a Nokia 920 in the bright yellow HTC body with the ativ s screen id be all in. Until that happens, Microsoft and Nokia have left me with no other choice, its gotta be a 920 or I'll have to miss out on every major release for the next two years.
  • Its not that they just put in a bunch of money. If you read a bit, nokia has actually developed the apps they have the exclusive for, or put the manpower to recode the app from another platform that otherwise wouldnt be released as quickly if at all. Would you bust ass building yourself a new house and then let the bums move in?  Of course they have an exclusive! Frankly, I was shocked to hear that nokia drive was coming to all brands of handsets, even if it was eventually.
  • I get that point and I've heard this argument from a lot of people. I understand that they developed it and should have it I just wish all the manufacturers worked together for the greater good of the platform instead of forcing us to buy this one specific phone to get it. To keep the user interface uniform all apps should be available across all phones. I'd love to have Nokia drive and HTC hub on my Samsung phone. I know it sounds stupid I just get tired of getting that feeling like I've been kicked in the balls because an app I've been waiting for is coming out but its a Nokia exclusive. Its making people very frustrated. I came from an android environment and understand the differences in fragmentation and skins and all that other stuff. I understand exclusive apps for phones as well because there are a lot of those types of things there but you never saw a major name app as an only available on this phone from what i remember. Maybe I'm just complaining to complain. I guess i just needed to get it out. Its just something that has been getting to me.
  • Nice work Gaichuke, your post has been picked up by other sites like as well. Good publicity for lumia, Nokia should be paying you!
  • At the end of the day they are all great jeez its just choices if they all collaborate on stuff how could they differ from each other in areas other than hardware? Just enjoy it fgs
  • Love the image.
  • For those who are using the Beats Audio as a fair trade-off against the PureView camera:
    What I can't understand is why anyone who seems to care so much about quality audio reproduction is concerned about the 2.55 volt amplifier on their phone....  Why are you even listening to music on your phone if you're that concerned about the quality?
    High quality audio reproduction and smartphones are mutually exclusive concepts.
    Of course, a real photographer probably says the same thing about PureView
  • "Of course, a real photographer probably says the same thing about PureView."  We absolutely do say the same thing!
  • Its not about quality music reproduction its more about getting the best of what's available in a smartphone. Although Beats is a bit of a gimick,,its the reason a lot of people will choose the HTC's versus the Nokia's or Samsungs. Same thing for Nokia and Pureview also Samsung and there 4.8 inch screen.
  • I think our beloved WPCentral has a Nokia bias.