From the Forums: CrackBerry's Kevin attempts Windows Phone 8, show off your start screen

Now the weekend is (or has, depending on your location) drawing to an end, it's surely time for our Sunday wrap-up of the latest and greatest discussions in the Windows Phone Central community. So what's been happening the past couple of days in our forum?

You may have noticed a rare face wandering around our forum these past number of days - Kevin Michaluk from our sister website CrackBerry (as well as being the Chief Media Officer for Mobile Nations) has finally got his hands on a Lumia 920. So what does he think of the competing handset?

Overall it's an extremely positive experience, but it helps that Kevin isn't one to simply write a competitor platform off. He has been experiencing some issues though, which is why we've seen such a sharp increase in posts accumulated on his account. First up is the spotted Skype app issue in Windows Phone 8 where a log out option isn't available.

"It's absolutely insane that I can't log out. Right now I'm sitting at my computer typing this, I'm getting messages on Skype (on the computer), and my phone keeps beeping also with every inbound message. I get literally hundreds of messages a day while working at the computer with Skype logged in. I don't need them on my phone too!"

This is an issue we can both confirm and admit we're also baffled as to how Microsoft has missed out this functionality. The second highlighted issue was down to user error (so you know it's going to be great, right?) as Kevin started using the Lumia 920 with the protective plastic wrapping still on the device. This led to issues with the proximity sensor turning the screen off as soon as a call was initiated as well as the keyboard flying off-screen.

If you'd like to join in the conversation surrounding Kevin's Windows Phone 8 experience thus far, be sure to head on over to the "Dear Skype, PLEASE let me log out of Skype on Windows Phone 8!" and "Learn from my Lumia 920 Newbie Mistake... Take the phone out of the plastic!!" threads for more information.

Miscellaneous: Show off your Windows Phone 8 start screen

Windows Phone 8 enables one to further customise the start screen experience, which can lead to some unique results. So what does your start screen look like? We've begun collecting screenshots (now that you can easily take them in Windows Phone 8) from Windows Phone Central members in the "Post your Home Screen and Color Theme" thread. Care to add yours?

For the record, here's mine:

Rich WP8

Rich WP8

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