From the Forums: Galactic Reign, Skype usage and most wanted apps?

Galactic Reign, Skype usage and most wanted apps? It has got to be another From the Forums, right? Definitely! Bringing you random, popular and elusive threads that you may have overlooked. The Windows Phone Central community is a vibrant forum with thousands of posts published on a daily basis. So what's been happening the past few days?

Skype was recently updated, but just how much usage does the app experience? It's a popular service from those who rely on business connections all the way to family members who simply need to get in touch with loved ones. Being able to talk to and see a person thousands of miles away is quite an impressive ability on Windows Phones.

Here's what's new in the latest version of Skype:

  • Face-to-face video calls look better than ever with high definition video support.
  • Show your smile or just what’s around you – with front and rear camera support.
  • Video calls in portrait or landscape, whichever feels best.

Microsoft has continuously added new features to the Skype solution on Windows Phone, and the latest release certainly addresses some consumer concerns. So do you Skype often on your Windows Phone? Be sure to add your experiences to the "Skype Updated!" thread.

What's your most wanted app?

There's always been the call that Windows Phone fails when it comes the selection of apps, compared to both iOS and Android. But what are the most wanted apps? What's really on the minds of consumers who are after that one app that will solve all their troubles while on the move. Forum member Johnnylai created a thread for other to chime in with their requests and desires.

So what apps do you want to see on Windows Phone? Which titles would help you get through each day? Add your must wanted names to the "What is your most wanted app?" thread.

Galactic Reign

Let's play some Galactic Reign

You are probably aware of Galactic Reign, the hit game by Microsoft Studios that introduces an incredibly intuitive experience for those who owns a Windows Phone. Turn-based, strategic enjoyment for those who enjoy nothing more than kicking ass online (or losing out greatly). But there's the requirement to battle with folk online to really get a feel for the game.

Isn't it therefore a good idea for a thread to be created on the forum with people who wish to play against other players? Definitely! Forum member Jay_wpcentral managed to get involved with the same idea and created a place for Windows Phone owners to share IDs and more to get some epic games going.

Head on over to the "Anyone playing Galactic Reign?" thread and sign-up!

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