From the Forums: More iPhone comparing, how much would you pay for Apollo hardware?

It's time for another From the Forums where we bring you the latest and greatest discussions from our community forums. From discussing pricing and specifications of upcoming hardware, to ranting about competitor marketing, it's all covered in the Windows Phone Central forums.

To kick us off is Bear lx with a thread to ask the question, "How much would you be willing to pay for a windows 8 phone?" We're yet to read up on carrier and retailer final pricing for Window Phone 8 hardware, but with how prices are developing through pre-order announcements, we can conjure up a rough idea.

"The Galaxy S3 is $549, HTC One X is $499, and the iPhone -- which is usually the most expensive -- is $649. If Nokia is going to charge $899 for a phone, I am definitely going to pass... in fact it will upset me to the point of never buying one. At this point in the game, they cant expect to convince people to buy one of their phones over competitors if they are going to charge nearly double."

Until official pricing is witnessed at launch for all hardware in question, we'll never be 100% sure how this will play out. But until then, how much would you be willing to pay for your next Windows Phone? $500? More? Be sure to head on over to the "windows phone 8 pricing... how much is too much?" thread to voice your opinion.

The iPhone against Windows Phone Apollo

With the iPhone comparison against ... well ... any competitive device, it's relatively unheard of for such tasks to include iPhone cases that are usually purchased and applied by owners to protect the deivce. Forum user gwydionjhr decided to take a look at the iPhone when comfortably sat inside an Otterbox.

"The thing that continually goes unsaid is that 90% of people are going to wrap that "jewelry" like iPhone5 in a big honkin' case, just like they did with the iPhone 4/4S. If you're going to do a spec comparison, especially one centered on the dimensions I think the case for the iPhone should be included in those specs. That super thin and light iPhone5 quickly becomes pretty ridiculous when placed in a real world usage senario."

As one can see from the above chart, the iPhone really is a chubby little kid when compared against the Lumia 900, HTC 8X and the heavy and sizeable Lumia 920. But what are your thoughts on the size of the iPhone compared to Windows Phone 8 hardware? Does it really matter? Be sure to join in the debate over in the "A little perspective on the iPhone vs WP8" thread.

Miscellaneous: Windows 8 app count blown out of proportion?

Windows Phone Central forum user shingi_70 has created a thread to tackle the apps issue that Windows Phone -- and soon-to-be-released Windows 8 -- will experience. Is Microsoft doing enough, or could the software giant pump more funds into app development?

"There are reported to be around 2000 apps in the windows 8 store with around 100 being updated per day and a couple of weeks back they opened up the market to devs worldwide. So anyone else thinking that its being blown out of proportion. Microsoft has shown off a ton of Windows 8 games that will be in the market at launch."

What are your experiences with the Windows Store? How do you think Microsoft can tackle apps through lessons learned from Windows Phone? Head on over to the "Do you think people are blowing the windows 8 app count out of proportion." thread to throw in your $0.02.

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  • Yeh the pricing is insane
  • call me insane then, cuz Im willing to shell out $700 max. That 700 is supposed to be for the Surface, but im fed up with the crappy camera of my samsung focus, so im using that budget for the lumia
  • U know they haven't announced the pricing yet. Just wait until Nokia tells u...
  • Looks as you have to get ready to shell out much more, at least $836.
  • Nokia won't sell the 920 unlocked for that much. They haven't even announced anything. I'm guessing unlocked will be $450-$600. On contract, $150-$300. I hope it will be low...
  • I would like to think Nokia is smart enough to keep the price competitive. In fact, the cheaper the better. They have the best looking phone (imo), and the best hardware on the market. But, they are still the underdog on an underdog OS. They cannot charge even Apple prices if they want to turn people away from ios and android.
  • I don't think so ,that's the rite price for lumia 920
  • Was thinking 500-550 USD max for a Lumia 920 any more and I will stick with my 900 till next year.
  • Dude, they never announced the price. This is unofficial..
  • No body said its official dude.. Its just a discussion..
  • I'll probably get a lumia 820 a more mid-range device will definitely be more in my price range especially on contract maybe I could get it for around $100
    Fingers crossed for low pricing.  Ideally I'd like to see them lower than $500, $450 would be ideal.  IMO $850 for a Lumia is ridiculous, and if it [i]does[/i] come in at a price that high, the 8X and ATIV also look pretty attractive.  And honestly, if Nokia wants the general consumer to consider a Lumia, they'd need to be priced competitively.
  • It has to be around 500 for me to consider before an upgrade
  • Whatever the lumia 920 price gonnna get it...
  • I would say keep it competitive. The Lumia 920 does bring game changing specs to the phone industry so who knows. I feel the iPhone is a bit overpriced and over-praised but in reality you do get what you pay for. People were willing to shell out at least $200+ plus for the iPhones because they would deliver in terms of overall hardware and software as well as user experience. I feel like Apple failed to fully deliver on their new iPhone considering complaints about their crappy maps and easily scratching surface among other little things like that. With the launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 hopefully people starts to see how well these products can deliver that great user experience... I am really hoping it works out well for MS and their partners.
  • I would spend at least between 250-350 and the highest would be 400 but I'm still fine with my Arrive, I also have no choice to stay with sprint since I have the contract and they're too stupid to add windows phone 8 to their dumb ass network :|
  • Go to Att dude!!
  • Not everyone has the disposable income to just break a contract.
  • I feel your pain. Sprint stinks. If you ever leave, you should consider pre-paid. Yes, you have to buy your phone but you can often find one for a good price by shopping around. It's worth it to avoid the random little fees carriers like to tack onto your bill and being held hostage when you want something else. Aim for something with a sim card.
  • On the iPhone comparison, the 5 probably has scratches in the anodized paint before you even get the otterbox on the dang thing. I would rather have a beefier phone that I don't have to put in a ballistics grade case just to keep it in one piece for the duration of my contract.
  • $600 & no more take it or leave it. You want $800 put a quad core,sd card slot & throw some accessories. Shit nevermind I'll just buy a laptop with higher specs. Yes we all don't know the final price but this was if the final price was $800 & I don't see new costumers risking $800 for an OS they have never used.
  • I won't pay more than 700$ for lumia 920
  • I don't really think i the 920 would be that much. more like a little lower price than the GS3 and iphone 5. makes sense like that. if it's priced lower than the 16GB S3 and ip5 then it's worth it
  • 200$ on contract, never more
  • On contract, I would say no more than 249 USD. For off contract, maybe about 600 USD. Any more than those and I'll pass on the Lumia 920. I'm just hoping we get official pricing soon.
  • I'm guessing around 700$ for unlocked version. The only device for WP8 I'll be willing to upgrade now will be a Nokia Lumia 920 red or yellow. I'm after d flagship top-notch WP hardware & also the huge OS updates & software support. Other than that I'm sticking w/ my L800 and wait for the 2nd round Nokia WP8 high-end.
  • Well, seeing as Nokia priced the Lumia 900 roughly 500 dollars out of contract when it first came out.... I have a 900 myself. I'm planning on canceling my contract with att, unlocking it, and using T Mobile's prepaid service at 30 dollars a month until the 920 is priced just right. Seeing as the Samsung gs3 was 800 at first release in May, and is NOW at 500 after four months, the same might happen with the Lumia 920's price. It might be high, but will come down, for Nokia's sake that is. I've been claculating and the most I will be able to spend for the 920 and be able to pay less in total than two years of att's service is I think 800. But I'd need arm twisting though, but the red Lumia 920 stares me down, walks up to me, slaps me in the face, then grabs my face with its hands and passionately kisses me and walks away with me wanting more. But I'd love it to be at 500 dollars though!
  • They announced the price for Europe officially at 649.- EUR. Currently you can pre-order in Germany @ 599.- EUR streetprice with several shops...
    I would assume the usual 1:1 translation from EUR to also 599.- USD unlocked... Is it not up for pre-order yet in the US somewhere? Also sitting restless here in Singapore... :-(
    EDIT: While I'm at it: ATIV S also 599.- and HTC 8X 549.-
  • I wouldn't pay more than £150 on a £35/month contract for any phone, as I don't have the funds to purchase one sim-free! Any more and I'll wait for the price drop probably after Xmas (like what happened with my HD7).... Do hope that Nokia really do release the phone at competitive prices, considering the 8X being quite a good phone too!
  • I've got a tiny budget, so it looks like the 8S is my only real option. £220 SIM-free suits me down to the ground. Shame about the FFC though. May wait until Christmas for a price drop, and to see if Nokia have something more 'budget' up their sleeve.
  • Sweden got their prices and its 5700kr. Compared to iPhone 5 thats 7000kr for the 32gb model.
  • Can't believe people are still looking at that eBay $899 price as any kind of indication of final pricing, are people really that dumb? Especially when the official pricing has varied in each European country its been announced in so far and hasnt gone above 649 euros. Just wait for your regions pricing before crying like little girls.
  • I certainly hope it will be about 150 - 200 on contract. In my region the 32GB iPhone goes for 350 on your average contract. I think for the normal (not WP 8 fan) customer to consider the 920 it has to undercut the iPhone by at least 100 bucks. If Nokia manages that prize point I will be happy and i guess it could be enough to sway some people. 
  • Just how long is it going to take for websites and the people who read the websites to realize YOU CAN NEVER DO A DIRECT CURRENCY CONVERSION FOR PRICES!
    Seriously, it never works out that way. That's just simply not how companies do pricing. If the phone sells for 600 Euros it'll sell for 600 dollars. Is that right? No, of course not. The people in Europe get ripped off royally on that, but that's just how companies do it these days. There is no conversion between dollars and Euros. They just take the same number. So if it's 600 Euros it'll be 600 dollars. 500 Euros? 500 dollars. We've seen this trend happen so many times for so many times it stupifies me when I still see tech blogs, news agencies and commenters make the assumption that companies will do the correct unit conversion. When of course they don't.
  • Well, I'm a just 17, so, I'll be paying $100-200 on contract. Yes, I will. Not my parents.
  • I would be willing to pay pretty much anything up to 800 USD. That being said, realistically speaking I doubt nokia will price it that high, and most likely it will cost around 600/700 USD in europe, and around 500 USD unlocked in the US. Nokia is not stupid and it know that it needs to be conpetitive to gain an edge over the iphone and androids out there. They already have the best product, now the best pricing and marketing is the only things missing to make it a sure deal
  • That is amazingly silly to compare iphone with case to other phones without cases.  There will be cases for those phones too, why not add them to compare if you want to compare cases...?
    I have a lot of friends with iphones I don't think any of them use a case.  I don't know exactly how scratchable the new phone will be but even if it does scratch pretty easily most people will just put stickers on it like they do with their current iphone; not use bulky cases.