From the Forums: Notification Centre concept, what's Windows Phone 8 missing?

We're ending the weekend with another From the Forums, where the most popular threads you may have missed are covered as a fail safe. Our community forum is the number one destination for all Windows Phone fans, where gatherings and discussions take place. It's our pride and joy and we'd recommend everyone to check it out should you haven't already done so.

First up is an interesting concept by forum member AgentTheGreat, who has tackled the issue of a centralised location for Windows Phone notifications to be stored in case consumers miss the toasts popping up.

"The Notifications subsection can be pinned to the Start page, displaying the number of notifications all apps have produced. Also, the Update section in the Marketplace where you can see new updates for the apps you have installed on the phone can be added as a third panel, which would make having the App Hub even more logical.The one other thing that kept bugging me was the search icon's location, and I couldn't figure out why should a long list of apps be placed in the middle of the screen just because there is a search icon placed (misplaced) behind it. I think my design fixes a lot of problems."



We'll welcome all concepts that attempt to solve the issue of notifications being lost once displayed. But the correct way to go about this is a discussion worth having. What do you make of the presented idea? Be sure to head on over to the "Apps Hub + Notification Center design concept" thread to add your feedback.

What's Windows Phone 8 still missing?

Microsoft has been busy working hard to pack in as much as possible into Windows Phone 8, not to mention the platform change from 7.x, but what's still missing? Forum member lordofthereef has created a thread for such discussion to take place, adding:

"Let's face it. The informed shopper compares the OS first, then perhaps the hardware, and then makes a purchase. It is not uncommon to hear any one OS to be compared to another. There were a few features that I don't *think* WP8 has incorporated yet that I wanted to bring to light."

Notification Center (see above concept), volume mute (silent) options via volume keys, and more carrier / retail support are all in the thread so far. What's on your missing list? Be sure to head over to the "What WP8 Is Still Missing" thread and add your requests.

Miscellaneous: Typing in Windows Phone, is the keyboard good?

Typing is a large part of the Windows Phone experience. Whether it be emailing, sending SMS messages, updating social networks, or creating / editing documents, it's paramount there's a keyboard that's both accurate and easy to use. Is this the case with what's currently implemented? thongvua seems to think not, with fellow member Big Supes publishing the following response:

"I'm also in the camp where typing isn't the easiest on WP, but I think its more to do with accuracy than the layout. I don't know, maybe the layout also plays a part, but there have been times where I have seen my thumb land on one key, and out pops the one next to it. It has to be said, but you can't beat the iPhone for typing. I used to be able to fly along with no mistakes."

I - personally - find the keyboard to be the best I've used on a smartphone. But what do you think? Is it down to accuracy of the user, or should Microsoft look to add improvements? Head on over to the "Windows Phone Keyboard Design is a major Issue" thread to voice your opinion.

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