From the Forums: Notification Centre concept, what's Windows Phone 8 missing?

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First up is an interesting concept by forum member AgentTheGreat, who has tackled the issue of a centralised location for Windows Phone notifications to be stored in case consumers miss the toasts popping up.

"The Notifications subsection can be pinned to the Start page, displaying the number of notifications all apps have produced. Also, the Update section in the Marketplace where you can see new updates for the apps you have installed on the phone can be added as a third panel, which would make having the App Hub even more logical.The one other thing that kept bugging me was the search icon's location, and I couldn't figure out why should a long list of apps be placed in the middle of the screen just because there is a search icon placed (misplaced) behind it. I think my design fixes a lot of problems."



We'll welcome all concepts that attempt to solve the issue of notifications being lost once displayed. But the correct way to go about this is a discussion worth having. What do you make of the presented idea? Be sure to head on over to the "Apps Hub + Notification Center design concept" thread to add your feedback.

What's Windows Phone 8 still missing?

Microsoft has been busy working hard to pack in as much as possible into Windows Phone 8, not to mention the platform change from 7.x, but what's still missing? Forum member lordofthereef has created a thread for such discussion to take place, adding:

"Let's face it. The informed shopper compares the OS first, then perhaps the hardware, and then makes a purchase. It is not uncommon to hear any one OS to be compared to another. There were a few features that I don't *think* WP8 has incorporated yet that I wanted to bring to light."

Notification Center (see above concept), volume mute (silent) options via volume keys, and more carrier / retail support are all in the thread so far. What's on your missing list? Be sure to head over to the "What WP8 Is Still Missing" thread and add your requests.

Miscellaneous: Typing in Windows Phone, is the keyboard good?

Typing is a large part of the Windows Phone experience. Whether it be emailing, sending SMS messages, updating social networks, or creating / editing documents, it's paramount there's a keyboard that's both accurate and easy to use. Is this the case with what's currently implemented? thongvua seems to think not, with fellow member Big Supes publishing the following response:

"I'm also in the camp where typing isn't the easiest on WP, but I think its more to do with accuracy than the layout. I don't know, maybe the layout also plays a part, but there have been times where I have seen my thumb land on one key, and out pops the one next to it. It has to be said, but you can't beat the iPhone for typing. I used to be able to fly along with no mistakes."

I - personally - find the keyboard to be the best I've used on a smartphone. But what do you think? Is it down to accuracy of the user, or should Microsoft look to add improvements? Head on over to the "Windows Phone Keyboard Design is a major Issue" thread to voice your opinion.

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  • I find the keyboard really easy to use, I prefer it over my previous iPhone
  • I prefer it over my GS2 keyboard. I hate that keyboard with a passion.
  • Agreed!  +1
  • I prefer it over over the iPhone keyboard as well
  • Typing on the iPhone keyboard was painful..extremely so. I noticed an immediate improvement once I moved over to my Lumia 800. Having said that... The guy who installed my car stereo had HUGE fingers and that guy could flat out fly on his iPhone keyboard... in portrait mode no less.
  • I agree, WP has the best keyboard I have used on a smartphone. Just needs a clear text box icon :D
  • Honestly it must be user error? My ipad and other ios devices are not so awesome to type on. Especially the ipad. The windows phones are nice, not perfect. I prefer typing on the wp over ios
  • I feel like the thing that will make it a bit more compelling for the average user to want a windows phone is the ability to add a theme for tiles. I say themes as just adding a picture in the background can ruin the look of tiles, but if you add the ability to set themes - such as a background picture that plays well with a set modified tiles - it can work. Then it would be great if themes can be obtained in a themes section on the marketplace for greater variety. Then they can have the option of the pre-installed classic tiles, and custom themes. I know quite a few people (your average user) who thought the plain background was somewhat boring and decided to go with another phone because of it (amongst other things). 
  • Although I think things can get ugly fast, as style is something you can't teach, I have to agree with you. Considering Microsoft WP8 slogan is "We didn't make one Phone for all of us, we made one for EACH of us.," you would expect more freedome in that department. :P  Future updates?  
  • I feel like they may only go as far as they have with windows 8 themes and not actual custom themes. Although I agree with you on the whole getting ugly fast thing, people want what they want, and background images behind tiles seem to be one of those things. 
  • I think it's more noticeable in WP7 as it has the side gutter... WP8 has almost nothing, so an actual background image would be pointless... But I don't see why they couldn't add more background colours besides black & white
  • Especially since Windows 8 RT has multiple colours that you can put behind the tiles, I don't see why WP can't have an expanded selection as well. Maybe it can be bundled in with 8.5 where they throw a bunch of new features in.
  • The black background on the start screen blends nicely with the curved screen on Lumias and WPs by HTC. Let's not ruin that.
  • It can already be "ruined" by choosing a white background :P
  • The black background was primarily a way to help AMOLED screens on power consumption since each pixel is individually lit. Now we have a few LCD displays (e.g. L920) so idk
  • But there were no WP AMOLED phones when WP was being designed and released in 2010, except the rare and extinct Dell Venue Pro.
  • Samsung Focus
  • @schlubadub- good idea. I would like to see the color options for behind the times. Just black or white does not cut it. I can already imagine how's cool that would look. MS take note!
  • I'm torn about this because whenever I think about the user having the ability to customize a theme, I think of how ugly MySpace became. Imagine a bunch of people with no sense of flow or style showing their ugly-as* Start screen to their friends. Those friends with taste might think the phone actually comes that way. I could be exaggerating things, I don't know.
  • i think windows phone is missing an easier way to close apps or other screens i have open. currently, if i have my music, messaging, and internet explorer open simultaneously, i have to hold back, tap messaging, hit back until the screen disappears and repeat for all the other open apps until they're all closed. i think having a small "x" on the top right corner of the tile you see when holding the back button would be efficient. or adopt what windows 8 has and just swipe the large tile down or "dunk" it while in the app switch screen to close the app
  • Why do people want this,? Apps aren't consuming resources, get over it
  • +1
  • Its not about resource consumption. Why can't you people understand that? If the user doesn't want a page left open on the screen, the option to close it should exist. It wouldn't be difficult to implement and there really is no reason why it can't be done
  • So its for cleaning up the multitasker? 
  • Your right, needing to "close" apps that aren't consuming resources is about being OCD...
  • Well, for me it's about having the option of removing from from screen what I may not want others to see. Like children. Not everyone needs this option but those that would like to have it should be able to, especially since it wouldn't be all that difficult to implement. It wouldn't detract from user experience to those that don't need it so why not?
  • Even iOS with its "multitasking" still has those inactive apps taking up CPU cycles and consuming power. And if "no resources are used" why does WP show the last thing displayed on screen when you look at the app in the task-switcher? Riddle me that
  • They're tombstoned, which is why you see "resuming" when you switch to them. Only certain apps can truly run in the background i.e. Music apps
  • with the DP i notice that my nokia 928 battery tanks much faster if I do not "close" facebook. it may be cause I don't have the Cyan firmware to go with it (yes verizon i'm talking about you!) but its anoying
  • You don't have to do any of that.
  • No, it's missing an option to lock apps from being disappearing from the app list. i.e. I open a music app and start playing... I open 5 other apps and the music app can no longer be switched to, even though it is still running
  • That's because it's really not the app running but a system playback agent started in the background - that thingy which sticks to your volume bar for ever untill you start and stop video playback.
  • It's a snapshot of the state, it's not actually running, unless this has changed in WP8. Do a test, open IE and navigate to a page, exit IE and open another app. Multitask switch back to IE, the page will nor be loaded, but continue from where its state was saved.
  • +9
    They need a task killer.
  • Zune software. Sorry, but until they finish Xbox Music, I'm having a really hard time being happy with my Windows Phone 8 as a music device. Having whole albums that worked fine on Zune being misappropriated to random Various Artist compilations... Missing podcasts and auto-playlists... What's going on here!? At the conference on Monday, when they talked about the Windows Phone app syncing with iTunes, I was wondering, "is iTunes getting more support than Xbox Music on the Windows Phone?" I chalked it up to wanting to attract Apple users. Now I understand, though. The Xbox Music PC app is nowhere near what the Zune software was for Windows Phone. Yikes. Am I just doing it wrong? How is everyone else going about getting podcasts, auto-playlists, and how should I be syncing my playlists!? When I made a playlist on Xbox Music in Windows 8, it showed up on my Windows Phone 8. Cool, right!? But then when I tried to download the songs on that playlist so I could go for a jog without streaming the music, it duplicated the playlist so I then had two on the phone, one streaming & one local. ????
  • Yup... The damn synchronization only works on purchased Xbox Music so it seemed. Or perhaps some that are matched when I ripped from CD using Zune. But the rest remained on my local desktop and wouldn't synchronize to my laptop or my Surface RT tablet. In addition, playlists syncs ok between desktops and laptops but it's missing a bunch of songs on my phone. Some playlist even shows 0 songs and those songs were purchased with the new Xbox Music. WTF?
  • Holy smokes I thought I was the only one getting irritated with how xbox music was organizing my music. Stop trying to label my lbum/songs as explict or edited just leave it alone and please stop splitting my albums in two or even 3 grrrrrrrr
  • Getting rid of Zune = huge mistake. Not only is it about as powerful as iTunes, but it's less buggy and very clean in what it does. I'm not liking the fact that I'll have to sync via drag and drop into mass storage. I'm very ocd with how my files are named and the organization of my file system. Giving me mass storage ability for the thousands of songs I have is a huge problem for me. I love that I could add, update, edit tags, add album art, and just access all of my songs and media from one single program. This is honestly one of the main reasons why I'm not upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8. I'm keeping my Zune client and all its awesomeness.
  • For Xbox Music and synching, I read somewhere that you can use Windows Media Player like with Android devices. Is this not true? Also, I had to turn of updating metadata in the Xbox Music app. It wasn't updating only what's missing, it was changing everything.
  • When I upgrade to my final WP8 (have an 8X now, but will be getting a 920 when it's out), I'll try out the Media Player solution. For now, it's back to my WP7.5 & Zune on Windows 8 (which is hilarious). I really want to see someone from @windowsphone speak to these problems :(
  • I notice that my keyboard is inaccurate at times, but I think it's more of a hardware issue. The screen may have trouble registering where my finger is actually hitting. If I hit my finger on the same letter multiple times, I often get the adjacent letters instead. Especially with certain letters like 'e' and backspace. However I will say the reaction time of the keyboard is fantastic compared to android and on par with iPhone. Last gripe, I can't seem to save swear words, and that is very frustrating.
  • I thought I was the only one who had this problem. WP keyboard is irritating as HELL! So inaccurate. I'm using Htc radar.
  • We need that thing where the notifications are at the lock screen, and we swipe it to go to it (like Apple when u have a missed text). It was there in windows mobile.
  • Right now there are two sections on the main window.  Which is the Start Screen and if you swipe to the left (the right side) is the full list of applications.  I think i would be quite intuitive to swipe the opposite direction to see the notification screen.  Simple and easy without having to pin an extra application or button.  :)
  • This is a grand idea :)
  • That's a common suggestion that I hope Microsoft implements in the next update.
  • isn't the opposite swipe guest mode kids corner?
  • Swiping to the left reveals the app list, therefore MSFT should implement swiping to the right for a notification centre.
    As for what's missing - Better way to close apps. Better calendar, task syncing with tasks showing on the calendar tile, independent volume controls, customizable alert tones, better multitasking, and please return OneNote to the Office Hub.
  • +1 for independent volume controls and customizable alert tones
  • This may sound dumb, but I kind of want peripheral support. Considering Windows Phone 8 is going to be capable of more impressive games, I want the ability to play with tactile controls. I know some of you might be like "Its a mobile device, dummy" and I agree it is. Which leads me to the want for a mini-display out port, whether through micro USB or other. With tech and hardware getting smaller and smaller I think the future of an Xbox in your pocket is getting closer. The Zune HD had the dock which could display your devices media on an HD screen. Novelty or not, its damn awesome. Purhaps we will see this on the Microsoft Surface Windows Phone 8?
  • I see all these really long comments and it's boring just to glance at them. I skipped most of the comments above mine... It's more of a personal problem. Lol...
  • I wish there were more background shades than just black and white. Please Microsoft are you listening?
  • WP7 keyboard is one of the best experiences I had on a phone since iPhone. WP keyboard is as good if not better than the iPhone. Android on the other botha.
  • I love the keyboard and think that Windows Phone is slowly but surely making itself a contender in this mobile phone race
  • Centralized notification is a redundant feature on WP. That examples just shows the info that's already shown by your pinned tiles. Stop trying to turn WP into Android and IOS.
  • You dont know what you are talking about, read the threads.
  • Actually he's right. The Start Screen is WP's notification center.
    Deal with it.
  • Actually he is not.
    Ignorance really is bliss.
    Even MS themselves mentioned the gap in notifications at BUILD and they are looking into it.
  • Exactly. I'm looking forward to MS's solution to this. Those who don't care for a notification center can simply avoid using it. It's win-win.
  • @nizzon I think you need to take another look at the pic posted with this article. You can't honestly say it doesn't repeat the same info that tiles on an average WP user start screen show.
  • This is just a concept and it doesnt explain everything. Read the threads about notificationcenters and you will see that there are many situations that the current system doesnt cover.
    One of the situations is that a missed toast notification is gone and there is no way to figure out what the phone was beeping for, you just have to enter all apps and start looking for it.
    Im not going over all this again, its all in the forum and the people who says the current startscreen covers everything is just not grasping the situation.
    Some people dont care about it but that should not be a reason for MS to skip this. Some people rely on their phone to inform them of everything. Its needed and now even MS has acknowledged it.
  • Like it or not Microsoft is implementing a notification center. It is now only a matter of how.
    Besides, having it wouldn't hurt anyone, would it? I am not a fan of the "pull down" approach to notifications because I think it doesn't fit the design philosophy of Windows Phone. As I explained in the forum, I was worried guys at Microsoft would copy Android; hence this design.
  • It's about the missed toast notifications, not live tile content. If you miss them, they're gone forever, and that's not right.
  • Well said! We need our toasts!!
  • If a text message or email comes in, and u miss the initial toast notifications. The counter on your live tile shows one missed message are email. I'm I wrong for believing this does the same job as a notification center.
  • That is the idea behind the Start Screen. To be able glance at it and go back to your life without opening any spammed notification centre.
  • only partially. Each tile does show you notifications for that app the problem comes if you don't clear the tile notifications. Your phone buzzes, and you try to figure out why, but when you look at the tiles there are a half dozen tiles with uncleared notifications.
  • If the app responsible for those toasts doesn't update your live tile and won't show you the missed messages after you open it up - that is indeed wrong. But that's just poor app design.
  • It needs a better built-in calendar app. The thing they have now is outright inadequate for serious use.
    Microsoft is surprisingly indifferent about making WP8 actually useful fur business..
  • Absolutely! I cannot believe that WP8 does not have a "Week" calendar and does not support adding "categories" using colours as in Outlook.
  • Soo... its like exactly the same as in WP7? Androitrolls are gonna have a field day.
  • I couldn't believe they didn't fix the atrocious Calendar. This whole "kernel shift" really took a lot feature development resources away, didn't it? Man, I hope the next big update fixes all of this stuff!
  • Yeah, the whole WP8 unveiling felt underwhelming in terms of new usability features. WP8 feals more like a fix, than an upgrade. I think I was more excited for WP 7.5 than I am for WP8.
  • i personally prefer it over my previous touchscreen keyboards ( i have used a nokia N8, samsung galaxy s and nokia lumia 800 keyboards )but in comparision for the best keyboard i still would prefer a physical keyboard like that of my nokia E63 
  • I think the keyboard depends on the phone you are using.
    The phone needs to be bulky enough so your hands can wrap it correctly.
    I could type better on the 3.5 inch screen of my lg quantum than on the 3.7 inch screen of my focus flash.
    The focus flash is too thin to handle correctly so I always end up making a mess when I'm typing.
    On the other hand, using the on screen keyboard of the Quantum was really easy becasue the physical keyboard made the phone really fat and easy to hold.
  • Were you using your Quantum's touch screen keyboard in landscape mode? How was it typing on portrait mode?
  • Windows phones have the best smartphone keyboards I think I've ever used
  • I've sucked typing on my Titan and Titan II. I was pretty good on my Focus so I don't know what happened. Did my fingers get Fat or did the accuracy go down. I agree Iphone Keyboard is the best hands down. Could type like a Lamborghini on that keyboard.
  • Its a very nice concept and just moving the applist a bit to the left is a great idéa. It make no sense having it were it is today and some app-names are too long for the screen.
    I thought the keyboard was awesome in WP7.0 but got worse after the first major update. Its certainly not on par with iPhone.
  • i know i am going on a strech here, but allow other stores into the system
  • Other stores? Please explain.
  • yes instagram i know. would be nice if it was there, they could integrate it like they did with facebook.
    anyways i dont like how many extra steps i need for some things when gestures would do. im from the web os school so switching apps kind of sucks. why cant i just swipe on the left or right sides of the screeens? likewise doing tabbed browising is awful. im form the opera mini school so the fact i gottta open up the menu then hit tabs wait for it to load touch, and when im done do it over again. come on.
  • In WP8 you can add the tabs-button to the url-bar. One click less. :)
  • One of the most overlooked features of WP is automatic key resizing.
    As you know each key has a size or an area to tap to get that key.
    Key areas sometimes resize themselves based on letter and word usage.
    Which is why when sometimes you type and "O" it appears as an "I" (those 2 are the most common for me, but auto correct usually fixes this for me) I actually done it whilst type that previous sentence, I typed "foxes" instead of "fixes"
  • Regarding the keyboard, what I really wanted is the NoDo keyboard back. I used to type really easily and effortly without typos on it, but when Mango came along, as we all know, screwed things up a bit. I've been wondering if WP8's keyboard brings it any closer to NoDo's...
  • I'm 100% with you, man. I was typing really great under NoDo and then everything went to sh*t with Mango. The problem, lycosman, is that we're in the minority that thinks this way. So that part where you say "as we all know" it's unfortunately not correct. Sucks, huh?
  • personally, with the iphone's terrible terrible autocorrect implementation, i find typing on the iphone to be one of the worst keyboard experiences i've had on a touch screen, with motorola's skinned keyboards, followed by samsung's skinned keyboards.
    the size of the iphone's screen (or rather lack thereof) is what pushed it to the top of the list for me though, typing on something that narrow is just plain hard to do. after having 4.3"+ devices of various makes, even though i love the wp keyboard, i find i make more mistakes on my L800 compared to any other wp device i've used.
    but the algorythim for the windows phone keyboard is the best i've used, and even though if i watch where i type, i'll see i am making mistakes, but the autocorrect fixes over 90% of them with the RIGHT words (i'm looking at you POS iphone) and i will end up with the right sentence even though i hit some wrong letters.
    and what wp8 is missing the most for me? firm release dates for hardware.
  • THE biggest annoyance for me, is the fact you can accidentally tap the change-language button on the keyboard mid-message, and find yourself with the chinese keyboard mashing characters into your English email.
    The language change button needs to be a press & hold popup like the ".com" button in URL fields, so that language changes are a confirmation action, not an accident.
  • Lol couldn't agree more, but on the other hand why do you have the language button in the first place? You can turn it off :)
  • Because I'd like to use two keyboards? :) Unless there's some other way to switch I don't know of...
  • By the way, did they make the ring sound setting and music sound setting separate?
    It always got on my nerves in WP7...
  • Nope!
  • I have inaccuracy problems basicly every day with the WP7.5 Keyboard, I prefer my old iPhones one.
  • +1
  • Who cares, that has nothing to do with this article.
  • I don't have any issues with the keyboard, actually I love typing on my wp lumia 710. I'm not really interested in a notification centre either, although It 'll be good if Microsoft implements it on WP in their own style. What I'd want to see on WP is:
    1) IE picker fields to work (I mean the fields which requires us to browse for & upload a pic/video file from our device).
    2) integration (or the ability to scrobble music & manage our profiles/data with the official app)
    3) Instagram integration (or an app that handles everything naturally)
    4) Updated Artist database or the ability to submit missing Artist Bio-&-Pics. This can also be implemented by using the database to pull Artist info & pics.
    Other than this I'm also interested in An improved calender app with the ability to display other calender systems along with the gregorian calender(like the chinese, islamic, hindu and hebrew calenders). The ability to close apps from the app selection menu <-(the one that appears when we press & hold the back button). Custom alert sounds for e-mail, messaging, etc.
  • I would really love to have file explorer that will give me the freedom to organize my stuff
    Another thing I would love to have is an actual real Multitasking not the joke we have now
    A WiFi that doesn't shut after 30 seconds that is really annoying
    More freedom for the user is preferable to chose his or her own preferable options with apps and with the system it self
    We have to have some of the powerful specification that wp6 had
  • To all those looking for a notification centre... What is your start screen... It shows everything and more. ;)
  • But it can't act as an archive of toasts you might miss.
  • +1
  • I think a notification centre would defeat the purpose of live tiles
  • What if you haven't pinned an app to the start screen? What if you have pinned the app and you know there is a new message, but the app developers didn't implement an archive of toast messages you can review? There is no doubt a notification center is necessary if we are to ultimately call Windows Phone a complete OS. How the notification center implementation is handled is key though.
  • What if the developers didn't implement the archive of toasts you can review in the notification center?
    Seriously, this argument is getting very old. Can we all just put these notifications on the Me tile and move on to more important discussions already? Good grief.
  • If a notification center wasn't important then few people would feel so passionate about it. The fact that MS said they ran out of time to implement it for WP8 but they WILL work on it, tells you it's an important issue. So like it or not, it's coming, buddy.
  • What is getting old, is this irrational resistance towards the notification center. I am going to be very thorough this time hoping this will end the whining: 1-To answer the rhetoric question: if the developers don't implement the archive, you still have a place to view app messages, namely the notification center. I though it was obvious from my comment that we need this feature BECAUSE DEVELOPERS MAY CHOOSE NOT TO IMPLEMENT IT THEMSELVES. "Good grief" works very well HERE.
    2-When you say "can't we put them in the Me tile"  you are basically acknowledging there is the need for it, and it should be implemented eventually. This negates your earlier attitude which came off as you saying we don't need a notification center. 3-The poll right here in WPCentral indicated people actually want this feature. It was one of the top 3 features wanted. So you might not care about it, doesn't mean others don't either.
    4-Microsoft themselves acknowledged they ran out of time, referring to what the majority of developers asked them. Yet another poll, from the professional software makers here. 5-We are not "wasting time" by discussing something you don't find important. No one is preventing you and others from discussing other stuff. actually, people are discussing EVERYTHING they want.
    I am afraid this negative attitude comes from the fact that Android and iOS have something, and a minority of WP people become naysayers just to remain "different" for the sake of being different.
  • A notification center is not much of a need i think, agreeing with percistratus above.
    What i think wp8 lack is the same with the previous wp i tested. The feature-ease to close active apps with a key or something and not having to spamm the back key.
    Also a choise to close all open apps.
    I would like the search key to be universal search, just like windows 8 and not just bing.
    Finally i searched a lot and i could not find a forum of microsoft that would accept thoughts of consumers on how to make the OS better, according to their likes. That would make a difference in the platform, an OS for consumers, adviced by the consumers...
  • "Finally I searched a lot and i could not find a forum of microsoft that would accept thoughts of consumers on how to make the OS better, according to their likes." Here you go:
  • Windows Phone 8 showed no new features in speech technology. Only a new "Note" command!!!
    It needs more commands like: Play, Capture, Post, Share, Add Contact, Bluetooth on/off, WiFi on/off, Weather, Switch app, Mail, Edit document, Remind, Meeting and events, Download...
    There could be a whole new speech technology inside since Microsoft owns a company (TellMe Networks) that develops speech technology, while Apple made an app (Siri)... Microsoft has more advanced resources in their hands.
    Windows Phone 8 has the same core as Windows 8: but no News, Travel, Sports, Weather, or Finance Apps; No rich text editing for mail & office, and on Microsoft account switching. With the sahred core, Windows Phone can do much more advanced functions than iOS.
    Customization requires adding a background for the Start screen and an intuitive notification center.
    Customization in contacts info is also missing: I can't add more than one mobile phone for each contact, or can't add a custom label!! Apple made this available in iOS, but this shared Windows core shoudl do more well with Windows and Windows Phone.
  • I disagree completely, no one talks to their phone like this. It's unnatural and until you can speak complete sentences it's fairly useless. Works good for call, find, etc. But for add contact? You still have to enter data, so just press the phone tile rather than holding the windows key. I find tell me to be better than siri personally, more accurate imo.
  • I didn't say Siri is better than TellMe!! On contrary, I wished to have more commands for TellMe since it can operate with or without network (unlike Siri sometimes).
    Concerning adding contacts, I didn't mean I wnat to dictate contacts details to the phone, I meant that when activating TellMe with Add Contacts command, It will launch the empty new contact so I can manually add info.
    I posted my ideas about communicating with the phone, which is certainly more advanced when you can really tell it what you want.
    Example: Activate TellMe with Play command: you can tell the phone to play a song, playlist, or pause/resume music. With Post command: you tell the phone to let you post a new status (by hand or voice). Remind command let you set a meeting or a new to-do. Mail command let you create a new mail.
    It will be amusing if such natural interface speech technology is improved in TellMe!
    Why don't you find it unnatrual to command the phone to do what you want??
  • You can see how I am a fan of Microsoft and its products, and Windows Phone by this link
    I made my graduation research about Windows Phone!
  • A notification center is a must, and no, it's not for live tile content, it's for the missed toast notifications. I've been using WP OS from day 1 and it's my biggest complaint, well, other than not being able to join non broadcasted SSID networks. Hopefully there are more advanced networking controls.
  • Please add VPN!
  • it's missing different phonebooks. it has different calendars but lacks phonebooks.
  • I've honestly never seen a fanbase more dismissive like the WP fanbase. Screaming bloody murder if, god forbid, someone suggest a feature that you can choose to ignore and not use. IMO, its never a bad thing to have options.
  • +1000000000000000
  • +1 if they add the feature thats great. Notification center, background photos honestly it doesnt make a difference because it would be individual choices on whether or not the use them.
  • I'd like to see some sort of notification center. Not an obtrusive one, something modest and out of the way, simply a storage for missed toasts. And an option to keep wifi connection live when the phone is idle and not on charger. A simple switch in the wifi settings would suffice. :) Let user choose if they want to sacrifice battery life or not. That damned 3G is a real battery drainer, especially if the signal is weak. :S
  • I dont like the concept.
  • Is Anyone else also noticing that GLOBAL PHONE SEARCH is also missing in WP8 ?
    Whatever happened to this concept
    I know that is not a deal breaker, but it will just be easier to search for anything in the phone quickly.
    iOS and Android users are spoiled with this very now basic feature.
  • Instagram
  • Keyboard is fine. I agree for notification, also should be on lock screen for third party.
  • I'd like to see the 'me' tile display images in the background similar to the new 'rooms' tile set to come out.
  • Why WP doesn't want to make easier for sharing or copy documents.
  • The iPhone keyboard doesn't even compare to WP. Plus WP gives you tying suggestions as you type which the iPhone does not, I don't think.
  • One exclusive feature to WP is the local scout which can tell you pretty much everything you need to know when you trying to find a place but I wish they would give you more than the top 20 places. Maybe add more specific categories to choose from to narrow down what you looking for. The local scout is an amazing feature that's is totally over looked. It gives you directions, phone number, hours (sometimes), ratings and anything else you need to know.
  • Too bad it works only in a few regions.
  • I'm a huge fan of the keyboard on Windows Phone, especially in comparison to the alternates that Ive tried (various iDevices, BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Playbook). The autocorrection is, generally, really good and the size of the Windows Phones that I've used offer large enough keys that it's easy to tap on them. Hell, I type faster on my Lumia than I did on my BlackBerry 9900, which is supposed to have the best typing experience on any smartphone!
  • I hate the iOS keyboard. WP keyboard is definately my favorite! 
    As for the notifications...i agree that they need to up the ante with the notifications, but i feel like the pictured concept isn't very Windows Phone-eque. I feel like notification hubs like that can get kind of cluttered, which contradicts WP's simplisitc layout. 
  • Microsoft could simply intergrate this into the Me tile. We already get twitter and FB notifications there, others could be added as well.  Seems very simple to me.
  • Ordered one last night!