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Another week passes us all and more discussions are being published every day. We'll be bringing a handful of threads to your attention, some you may have missed. We understand how it's quite the task to remain up-to-date on everything that's happening, so allow us to help you out.

First up is TheGeekNextDoor who's quite simply amazed at how much interest for the Microsoft Surface Pro is being displayed. Popping into Best Buy, there was simply no opportunity to get near the Windows tablets (64GB and 128GB). It's interesting because this was the same case at Staples.

"Picked up a Pro 128 this morning at Best Buy. While I was there, I couldn't get near the two display models. People wouldn't stop touching them and picking them up. These were "normal" people. People like my parents and my the rest of my family. Went to another Best Buy and a Staples in an effort to find a type cover. The same scenario existed at both stores. Ordinary people looking at the Surface Pros...nobody paying attention to the Apple stuff across the aisle."

There's no denying that Windows 8 looks best on a touch display with all the available gestures. The Surface Pro tablet has experienced supply issues, but here's hoping Microsoft can produce enough units to meet the apparent demand.

Have you noticed similar levels of interest? Share your experiences in the "Amazed at the actual interest in the Surface Pro" thread.

Lumia 620 Image Sample

Comparing Lumia cameras against the SLR

The above shot was taken with a Lumia 620. Surprised? You should be as it's pretty good quality, especially since the Windows Phone is being sold as a low-end Windows Phone 8 device. Forum member sk1d_mark took a Lumia 620, Lumia 920 and a Canon 650 outside to see how they all performed. 

"Very unscientific and amateur test, but hopefully has some value, at least to me anyway. Thought I'd pop out tonight and compare my Nokia 920 against my new 650D. Took a couple on my Mums Nokia 620 to compare a cheap PAYG phone to them aswell. All pics take in night mode and with NO flash."

Head on over to the "Hello, and my Nokia 920 v Canon 650 test tonight" thread to see a more detailed comparison (including day shots).

Miscellaneous: Gaming on the Surface

Forum member TheAccuser has been trying to get Battlefield 3 working on the Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet. Even though the device sports an i5 CPU it doesn't have enough power to get through the latest games on high quality. Still, there's always the idea that you can run some modern video games with moderate settings applied. 

There are issues with gaming on the Microsoft Surface Pro. Battery would be drained rather quickly, as well as potential control issues with games not optimised for touch displays. With apps not found on the Windows Store being supported on the tablet, what would you like to play on your Surface Pro? Head on over to the "Battlefield 3 on Surface Pro" thread and share your thoughts.

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