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Windows Phone 7's Upgrade to WP8 Apollo is Now Unclear. That's what forums member 3lackdeath thinks after reading an article from tom's Guide. In this article Terry Myerson, the Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone is quoted dancing around the question.

Forums member blehblehbleh has posted the full transcription including audio for us. We can't draw any conclusions from his comments as he is clearly trying to not answer the question. That is enough to get us thinking there might be some truth to the whole "Will Windows Phone 7.5 devices be upgraded to Windows 8" issue.

Will we see Windows 8 on our current Windows Phone devices? Will generation 1 phones be left out of the upgrade process, only letting Generation 2 devices to get it? Why hasn't Microsoft come out and made a statement? It seams easy enough to us to just say yes or no. Is there more involved: Could the upgrade of your device rest on your carrier to decide or is it that some devices simply can't run Windows Phone 8 without ruining the user experience?

Microsoft reps claiming Windows Phone 8 definitely coming to second gen handsets, probably to first gen In an article posted on WMPowerUser, Thomas from claims to have spoken to Microsoft employees one who stated second generation handsets, like the HTC Radar and Nokia Lumia handsets will definitely get the update, and that first generation handsets “in some form” will probably get the update. All this conflicting information leaves us with more questions than answers.

We think the biggest question that needs an answer from Microsoft is simple. Who gets the update? Come join the discussion in our forums and let us know what you think. Help us find the answer to big question on everyone's mind.

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Sources: tom's Guide, WMPower users

Dave Blake
  • Honestly I don't need Apollo. I just want a patch for the wanky disappearing keyboard glitch.
  • me too, I'm tired of my dissapearing keyboard!
  • Turn off any background tasks then your keyboard will not disappear.
  • If that's seriously a work around that's honestly more annoying than the keyboard to begin with.
  • How is that annoying? Turn them off and don't allow them to turn on again. One or more of your apps has buggy code.
  • I always have background task off and my keyboard still decides to play hide and seek. F' any kind of work around. If your product has this issue and there is an update to remedy it, you should find a way to get it to your customers without needing any hacks or work arounds. Especially when you're spending a s%&tload of money supporting it
  • You might want to look at debranding your phone then...
  • I'd be very surprised if Gen 1 devices make the cut. Personally, I wouldn't be that disappointed either even though I currently own such a device (Omnia 7). As I see it, by
    the time Apollo actually appears the vaste majority of gen1 devices will be heading for their natural refresh time any way. I certainly will be ready to move onwards and upwards! Lumia900?
  • bad news for you, luma 900 is considered 1st gen!
  • According to who? It's launching with Tango lol.
  • Definitely a 2nd gen
  • That is just a very dumb comment.
  • @ willdoors: if Lumia 900 is 1st get, which devices are 2nd gen?
    Stop the fud please, internet sucks with its blatant lies.
  • I better get the tango update this April, or I'll be pissed. Microsoft needs to step up and give us direct info. Don't see why wp8 won't run on 1st Gen. Devices. They can optimize it for 1st Gen. Device, just like tango optimized for low end handsets like Nokia lumia 610..Sprints been skipping how many updates already. Hope this doesn't turn out like android. I'm still on freaking 7720. Urgh!!
  • If the new Lumia I just bought doesn't get WP8, I'm buying an iPhone. I buy a phone expecting it'll receive software updates for at least 18 months, because that's how long before I can upgrade. Apple has the right idea here: they support their hardware for a good 3 years. That has 2 effects: it keeps customers loyal, because they're not left out of new software, and it makes the 2nd hand market and handmedowns more valuable, locking more people into the ecosystem.
    If Microsoft doesn't provice the update for recent handsets, they'll be sending a clear message: that they don't give a sh*t about customers and the early adopters that they need to push the platform. And I think that message would be the kiss of death. They <i>need</i> to confirm that the upgrade will happen, and soon. Because I think the uncertainty is already damaging, and it'll only get worse.
  • i like how you think
  • Apple don't have but 2 phones so it's easy for an old phone update they don't have anything to update and if an iPhone in your opinion is better with its tiny screen and little phone breakable glass need otterbox to keep it together the be it lol but id take the better hardware and software gorilla glass and polycarbonate body with no need for breakable case over a tiny old as shit apple phone plus 4.3" clear black amoled u can actually see in sunlight over that any day times change people are moving on and apples gotta catch up
  • Holy crap dude, that's really hard to read... I'm not trying to be rude, but you should really use punctuation like comma's and full-stops.
  • Lol I kno I never do
  • By now wouldn't we see windows phone 8s showing up in app developers install logs? Unless MS employees that have wp8 hardware aren't allowed to use wp7 marketplace to install apps at this time. Or they are using the App Store or whatever its called on windows 8.
  • It's showing up in the "...I'm a WP7" app
  • is LUMIA 900 considered 1st gen or 2nd gen???? if it's considered 1st gen, then I'm not buying it .... if 1st gen devices won't get WP8 OS
  • I love that you reply to someone else's comment saying the 900 is Gen 1, and now you're asking generally what it is...
    Think before speaking! Misinformation is a plague. Yeesh.
  • Go read the specs and you'll have your answer
  • Look I don't see Microsoft not counting ther older phones in on the wp8 update just look at ther Xbox 360 console came out in 05' and u still get updates on them so it's not like them to do that
  • I think MSFT has to upgrade all windowsphone... Ist Gen windowsphone will never exist once Apollo comes out.. I have the 710 lumia and this thing is a beast compare to my hd7... If u all want the best experience get a second Gen phone, snapier,faster and 4g
  • I guess I wouldn't expect my quantum to run Apollo. I will have had it for over 24 months by the time it comes out, if it indeed comes out at the end of this year. But really, it's only a short wait if you purchased a Gen 1 phone for your update period to come around. But if you need to have the latest and greatest, then you're just gonna have to pay for it. Everyone wants a great phone and OS, but no one wants to pay for it...
  • All I want is a keyboard. Whether they upgrade our Quantums or release a new slider doesn't matter to me so long as it's one or the other!
  • MS isn't stupid. If Gen1 devices can't run Win8, they'll keep upgrading WP7 for the remaining life of the handsets. Mobile is their new golden goose, they're not going to kill it.
  • It's more like a golden noose ;) I think it's costing them vast fortunes without much return at the moment...
  • That used to be the case for the Xbox as well. Now look at it. I have a feeling Microsoft is going to show the same kind of persistence here as well. They can afford it after all.
  • That used to be the case for the Xbox as well. Now look at it. I have a feeling Microsoft is going to show the same kind of persistence here as well. They can afford it after all.
  • Yeah, but it has one manufacturer for Xbox.  To be successful, I think Microsoft should choose one manufacturer for their phone and get rid of the others.  That would eliminate fragmentation.
    As far as 1st gen vs 2nd gen I would think 2nd gen devices would have to be dual core with a front facing camera.
  • That's never gonna happen. MS see WP like Windows - it's all about the partnerships with different vendors... Imagine if they chose Samsung - we'd all have flimsy plastic phones!
  • They'll also be banking on the appeal of windows 8 & Xbox new dash increasing interest and uptake in windows phone. At first glance Metro styling does make WP look like a feature phone, having PCs tablets and the Xbox styled similarly I think will help take that stigma away. MS really need to confirm at least by the time of the lumia 900 launch because no confirmation could really affect sales. I for one won't be happy if I get one in May and it never recieves an update. I suspect what's holding them back confirming is the sync side stuff of windows 8 and Zune replacement. When's the next possible chance Apollo will be revealed?
  • I don't like the look of this. MS won't want to affect the sales of the upcoming Lumia 900 & Titan 11. If they announce that 2nd Gen devices cannot run WP8 who in their right mind would take out a new contract when they can wait a few months & get better devices running the new OS. This is probably paranoia but I think all of us early adopters would like to know the answer to this question. MS need to address this immediately.
  • I think that wp8 devices will probably require dual core chipsets and so won't run on the current hardware. I really don't see this as a huge deal breaker as most of the early adopters will probably be out of contract by the time it's out and want the new hardware anyway. I suppose the biggest issue will be those who have adopted WP in the past year or pick one up between now and the fall.
  • Read the article! The question is regarding 1st gen, MS told (according to the article) wp8 is coming to 2nd gen. And willdoors, stop, please, you're making the internet not a place to share info but a way to spread misinformation.
  • Then they just wait, or pay full price, just like it has always been.
  • I would think that if Apollo is still in the build stage, then it's reasonable to assume that the Windows Phone team genuinely doesn't know yet if Gen 1 hardware will be able to handle it yet. They aren't necessarily stringing us all along. However, I'm with a lot of you guys, I'm good with Mango until I can upgrade. :)
  • +1
  • You can be sure that most (if not all) of the G1 devices will not get WP8 (Sadly, I'm a G1 device owner). I think the decision will fall on carriers and manufacturers and I don't think MS will push too hard on this as they did with Mango which was a "must have" update, key for the "success" of the platform.
    Carriers, Manufacturers and even Microsoft wants you to toss your G1 device and get a new one. Sad, but true.
    Hope to be wrong.
  • ALL RUMORS, please stop writing bullsh... My old Pentium2 pc still can run win7, so I am 100% confident ;)
  • Then maybe someone needs to get on it with getting some info out there and stop all the rumors.
  • Current devices do not meet the resolution requirements of Windows 8, so I doubt we will see that.
    Apollo from what I understand will share the kernel of Windows 8 but in a modified form. I am guessing this means that it will have the WinRT framework which will allow them to share the marketplace. Applications will have to be compiled and tested to run on both form factors though, kind of like the Iphone and Ipad, most apps will run on Windows 8 in some form but apps built for Windows 8 tablets will not run on the phone without a seperate version.
  • So tell me, how come iOS 5.1 (iPad 3 new OS) is working on lower resolution devices like the previous iPads?
  • Because "ipad 3" is really"ipad 1.3" - just a revision of the first. Iphone 4 is really iphone 2 as the earlier models were just revisions of iphone 1. So iphone 5 will actually be iphone 2.2 :P :P
  • Plus iOS 5.x was never touted as iPad 3 only. Apple is very good at making sure new releases of their operating system work across most of their platform revisions.
    I have an ipad 1 that I upgraded to iOS 5 then immediatly downgraded because it sucked performance wise. Was I surprised? Not really. I couldn't imagine trying to run it on a iphone 3gs.
    I think there's far too much speculation going on combined with peoples desperate need to have the latest OS on their handsets.
    Out of all the information I've seen posted thus far I think it really makes sense that Gen.2 devices will more than likely get upgraded to Apollo and Gen. 1 devices won't. Most people on Gen.1 devices will be at service renewal point and I think MS will want those people to upgrade to newer hardware. I guess they may roll out an update for Gen.1 devices but I wouldn't be surprised if it ain't Apollo.
    I mean think about it, the tech industry moves forward at such a pace that it's now pretty normal for your 2 year old device to be obsolete.
    I own a Gen. 1 Focus and have it dev unlocked and upgraded to 8107 to fix the keyboard issue. I couldn't be happier with it. It does everything I need it to. When the time comes for me to upgrade then of course I'll be looking for the best available at the time but it probably won't be until Apollo is out.
  • U sayn that makes me wanna just wait till the first of 2013 to upgrade from my focus so that's what I'll do :)
  • By next year im done with windows phone. After 15 years of loyalty. Come January. By by baby.
  • Microsoft. Just takes to long. There phones are just way behind the competition. There waiting game is costing them customers. I tried to hang in there but it's time.