From the Forums: Windows Phone 7's upgrade to WP8 Apollo is now unclear

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Windows Phone 7's Upgrade to WP8 Apollo is Now Unclear. That's what forums member 3lackdeath thinks after reading an article from tom's Guide. In this article Terry Myerson, the Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone is quoted dancing around the question.

Forums member blehblehbleh has posted the full transcription including audio for us. We can't draw any conclusions from his comments as he is clearly trying to not answer the question. That is enough to get us thinking there might be some truth to the whole "Will Windows Phone 7.5 devices be upgraded to Windows 8" issue.

Will we see Windows 8 on our current Windows Phone devices? Will generation 1 phones be left out of the upgrade process, only letting Generation 2 devices to get it? Why hasn't Microsoft come out and made a statement? It seams easy enough to us to just say yes or no. Is there more involved: Could the upgrade of your device rest on your carrier to decide or is it that some devices simply can't run Windows Phone 8 without ruining the user experience?

Microsoft reps claiming Windows Phone 8 definitely coming to second gen handsets, probably to first gen In an article posted on WMPowerUser, Thomas from claims to have spoken to Microsoft employees one who stated second generation handsets, like the HTC Radar and Nokia Lumia handsets will definitely get the update, and that first generation handsets “in some form” will probably get the update. All this conflicting information leaves us with more questions than answers.

We think the biggest question that needs an answer from Microsoft is simple. Who gets the update? Come join the discussion in our forums and let us know what you think. Help us find the answer to big question on everyone's mind.

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