Here's how wireless charging can be hacked back inside the Lumia 640 XL

The Lumia 640 XL was supposed to have support for wireless charging, but Microsoft decided at the last minute to remove that hardware feature from the shipping product. Now a Windows Central reader has described and demoed a procedure he carried out to put wireless charging back in the Lumia 640 XL

Lumia 640 XL Wireless Charging

In his forum post, Yang Hu shows that there are still four contacts on the back of the Lumia 640 XL that are used for wireless charging. The Lumia 920, which does support wireless charging out of the box, also has those same four contacts. Yu studied the service schematics of both phones and found a way to connect the contacts of the Lumia 640 XL so that the wireless charging support will work on that phone as well.

Obviously, this kind of project is not for everyone, and it's also likely that making alterations to the hardware of the Lumia 640 XL will void the smartphone's warranty. However, if you really want to add this feature to the phone, you can check out the forum post by Hu for more information.

How to get Qi wireless charging to work in the Lumia 640 XL

You'll need some soldering skills and while not a morning project it would make a fun one for the weekend. So bookmark it for later!

Thanks again to Yang Hu!

John Callaham
  • Very cool
  • Really nice find.
  • Agreed. Love it.
  • . . . Why would the capability be there,  but, not enabled by default? This seems like a really stupid move. Wouldn't you want to delight your customer with more features for less price? Forcing people to buy covers might sound like a profitable move, but nickel and diming a customer for things you could have given them from the start is the kind of thing that ruins a brand.  Edit: I didn't notice on the guide that one part needs to be added externally. Although, I can't imagine that part making the phone that much more expensive. 
  • Why indeed.  Maybe they found that several test units caught fire while charging and decided that they could not make it safe before the proposed release date.  It seems like people always assume that these companies that do this stuff for a living are staffed by morons who make decisions arbirarily.  It's quite possible that an engineering decision is forced for accounting reasons but should we not consider the possibility that there was a technical reason that just hasn't been made public?
  • Good
  • Lumia 1320.... Wish I could make him alive ...
  • Awesome as my 1520 is giving me issues I plan on picking one up today.  :)
  • Makes me wonder: If the contacts are there but MS decided not to hook them up, what was the reason?
  • It says the contects for connecting the wireless charging hardware are there. Not the wireless charging hardware itself. They likely removed the electromagnetic induction receiver part to save money, that'd be my guess.
  • That is also my question indeed. One could be the prizing reason the other might have to do with Technical problems that occure. Is he getting to hot for example.
  • Oh, come on. Lots of phones have qi and don't overheat. It's simply marketing, don't be naïve. Wanna qi? Switch to higher level of $$$. Or we may provide qi-enabled back covers later, $99.90 each. Yes, we know that you know the cover costs $5 and the inductive plate costs $10 but you don't wanna void warranty, do you?
    BTW, about warranty. In our country warranty is void if your alterations affected your device. I mean if you made that enabling of qi to your phone, and later your screen stopped working, service can't deny repairing until it proves your alterations broke it. And it's the law, so no matter what is written in the warranty agreement. Aren't the laws in US same? I think it's very fair.
  • Could be the same annoying dick move AT&T forced Nokia into making with the 1520.  Not only was it without Qi charging, but AT&T also demanded their 1520 have only 16Gb of storage, not 32Gb.  And of course it cost the same as the non-gimped version.  Gotta LOVE those carriers.
  • There is no wireless charging on the unlocked model either. Its unlikely that AT&T has any hand in this.
  • I'll never forget nor forgive AT&T for what they did to the 1520 and would not be surprised if they had some input on this one as well. They are very aware that Microsoft "needs" them in the U.S. at this point in time.
    I'll bet the 1520 left to its original and intended form would have sold out and had it not been an exclusive to them might have been the best selling Windows phone ever in the U.S. market. That is my two cents anyway.
  • Same here, I switched to TMO because of this bad move from ATT. Will go back only when they give a 64 or 32gb device with qi
  • That probably won't be happening anytime soon (Qi charging on an AT&T device). AT&T is invested in PMA; they dropped Qi awhile ago.
  • The Lumia 830 has qi charging, so why wouldn't it be happening anytime soon? It's actually a great phone, I wish I hadn't of waited so long to upgrade thinking the 940 would arrive.
  • They dropped Qi, they should never have been involved with the hardware. If they want PMI then they should start building phones and leave other manufactures stuff alone.
  • That's why I will only buy unlocked and unbranded phones from now on. Sick of carriers removing features and holding up software updates.
  • I agree. The ATT alterations is what made that phone not as successful as it should have been. I had to buy the Brazilian version to be satisfied. Yet I'm still paying for a phone that I haven't gotten through ATT's plan. Plan to use the upgrade to get the new WP flagship provided it's a winner. Otherwise I will use it to get a Surface 3 or an iPhone just to complete my OS collection.
  • calzone964, what? The global version has 32gb and Qi Wireless charging, so does the 1520.3. You need to do more than just brush up on your facts.
  • This.
    ATT likely wouldn't have carried the 640XL if it had qi wireless. It's likely the same reason the rumored 950 won't have it, and why ATT won't carry the upcoming 950XL.
    ATT is ruining wireless charging for everyone.
  • +1
    It's TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE Microsoft didn't release an Qi Charger Cover like accessory.
  • For some ungodly reason, AT&T hates wireless charging. Each AT&T edition of recent Windows Phones has had wireless charging removed.
  • Luckily the 830 was spared, so I was able to get an AT&T phone with Qi. They did charge $70 extra over the international model, though. Carriers suck.
  • That's not exactly true.  My 920 from AT&&T came with wireless charging, and a wireless charger.  My 925, again from AT&T had the contacts for wireless charging on the back and I bought the charger back from Nokia/Microsoft for about $14.00.
  • Lumia 640 will be next...............
  • My next phone must have Qi as my 1020 has. I will not give up this feature for anything.
  • Great...What about 730?
  • You can add Qi charging to any phone with a $10 micro USB charging receiver (hint: Amazon). The only caveat is the need for a case / cover, but for anyone who already uses a case on their phone, I highly recommend it (particularly if you already have chargers dotted all over the house because another family member has a office that supports it).
  • Wireless charging is a must have for successive devices after owning such a device. Considering it was available on the flagship two generations ago it should be included on all mid-range devices on up now.
  • Nice.  You can get cheap Qi charging pads plus receivers (the bit that goes in the phone) on ebay very cheaply, and they can be added to most phones that are non-Qi variants with those 4 (sometimes 3) contacts. Beats wrecking your possibly working 920.  
  • Wireless charging is a must breaker for me. I won't buy any device that doesn't support it! Good thing my Lumia Icons have it!
  • It looks like everything is working and ready to go for Qi. All he did was solder a charging pad to the existing connections. This means that MS or any third party would have no issue releasing a case containing said pad that connects to those existing pins. I wonder if they didn't include Qi due to some issues with the pins not making proper connections.
  • but can you hack hard capacative buttons back into it ;)
  • I like the oncreen better myself, fewer accidently hits for me.
  • I bought a wireless charging receiver from Amazon for my girlfriend's 640, popped the back cover off, trimmed the plug to fit through the case and popped the case back on. She's been enjoying wireless charging for around $10 without voiding the warranty for weeks now. This info is cool and all, just not entirely necessary.
  • Doesn't that block the usb port or does she not plug it in very often?
  • This would be a useful youtube video....
  • I am thinking about getting a 640 but would like the wireless charging option. If the charging contacts are easily accessible, does it seem likely that an aftermarket company could easily make a new back cover with the receiver built in?
  • Has anyone found some pogo-pins to fit the contacts on the 640 XL? I don't want to solder to the contact and void the warranty.