Foundbite on Windows Phone gets updated with completely new capture process and more

There are little gems available on the Windows Phone Store that are worth your time to check out. One of these is Foundbite, developed by James Mundy and published through the AppCampus program. The app enables you to record the ambience of any given location, accompanied by a photography or gallery of shots.

Foundbite has been pushed to the store, introducing a number of improvements. Snap on past the break to see what's new.

If you've not used Foundbite before, the changes in this released will be warmly welcomed. Sometimes when recording sounds while taking numerous photos, the end result would see some stuttering involved through playback. This update addresses that issue, while also fixing other problems reported by consumers.

Since it's a new social network built on sharing the world around you through sound, the team behind the app has now included functionality for you to find friends on Foundbite using Twitter and/or Facebook. Should you happen to have friends who aren't yet using the app, you can fire out some invites using Facebook - the app utilises cool tech which suggests closest friends to invite first. 

Here's everything included in

  • The ability to find friends using from Twitter/Facebook already using the app.
  • Invite friends via Facebook (using some cool tech from a company called Rummble Labs it suggests your closest friends first).
  • Smoother scrolling on the feed and no flickering anymore.
  • You can now change the resolution without the app crashing.
  • Completely reworked capture process that leaves the original mode but adds a new default that’s really nice for composing foundbites.
  • Upload improvements.
  • Small “how –to” added about capturing a foundbite.

It's a sweet update and we're glad to see the teething problems ironed out. If you find yourself traveling around, or even venturing out just for the day, we recommend you check out this app to get down some awesome photos with sound to boot.

You can download Foundbite from the Windows Phone Store for free (requires Windows Phone 8 - 512MB hardware supported).

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I'm glad we're starting to see brand new, innovative apps on WP. Nokia and MS should be using apps like Foundbite in their marketing strategies. This is what will truly bring people on board. 
  • Yeah.. Windows phone app collection is growing fast.. Esp this month! Our future looks brighter!
  • Not sure is me, or there's now a dozen of duplicated image in camera rolls upon capture. 
  • I used to see that....but haven't since updating to Amber and resetting my phone (to clear the other space).
  • Hard Reset ur phone. It'll be gone forever. I too had that did many.. As far as i know,only resetting can help..
  • "Not available in my region" - something against the Middle East?  LOL  
  • Go to other region... I can install it from my Indonesia location.
  • I asked the developer about this, and he said that the app was rejected by the store certification because of "alcohol reference"... He said that he will fix it soon.
  • Zulqarnain is right, just need to resubmit without an alcohol reference and it will be available :)
  • Really cool app.
  • Awesome app, but do you know guys if it keeps sound files on the device?
  • Unfortunately not at the moment, however there are plans to back Foundbite data up to SkyDrive or Dropbox which will allow you to access the audio files..