Foursquare jumps to version 3, working hard on WP7 version

In short, Foursquare is a location-based social networking engine. Using the app on your phone you can “check in” to the locations you visit. These check-ins allow you to earn points, badges, and other rewards. Foursquare 3 adds functionality to be able to find specials near you, and leader boards to allow you to compete against your friends.

The bad news is that the Foursquare app for Windows Phone 7 (which is killer by the way) hasn’t been updated yet. The good news is that the fine folks at Foursquare are working hard to get that rectified. Stay tuned here for updates.

Source: Foursquare blog

Tim Ferrill
  • Foursquare for WP7 is an absolute **** It doesn't get the GPS fix well and it doesn't support venues name containing special characters (accents for example!). It now usually crashes upon startup with the following error: Server NotFound.
  • I've found the current WP7 Foursquare app to be mostly decent, aside from two weirdnesses:1. On startup, it will occasionally just not load past the first screen. I have to hit the home key and then reload it.2. When it loads, it always (like, every time) shows the locations of where I was the last time. I have to hit refresh to get current locations.Other than that, it's been good.
  • I get both of these issues. Refreshing isn't that big of a deal to me, but man that startup reboot I have to do is annoying.The biggest feature after that I'd like to see them add is the keyboard assistance. When I use the keyboard, I don't get auto-capitalization, predictive text, auto-correct or any of that. Hopefully that's an easy one!
  • Oh, I forgot about that! Yeah, that would be very helpful!