Foursquare for Windows 2014

A few weeks ago, Foursquare released their new version of the popular service for Windows Phone with a complete redesign and enhanced location-finding features. The company even followed up with their new look in a blog post detailing the process. Today, their Windows 8.1 version of the app is also getting a makeover, bringing it line with Windows Phone.

Headed to the Store, and you can find version along with a very different look. Gone are the check-ins that have since headed to Swarm, and instead the new Foursquare is very much about finding places around you, including restaurants that just opened, coffee houses and more.

Foursquare changes

  • All-new look and feel to match the latest Foursquare branding
  • New and improved "Follow-model" approach - see other people's suggestions without sharing your location
  • Calendar events - create geo-tagged Calendar events within the Foursquare app
  • People to follow nearby - suggested experts in your area to improve recommendations

Say what you will about Foursquare, but this Windows 8.1 one is very Modern looking and embraces Tiles to a whole new level. Digging into a new location, and you can see people's faces near the bottom, along with snippets of their review fading in and out. You also get photos, tips, distance to the location, average rating and store hours (if available).

For a nice surprise, try swiping to the right on the main page to reveal a handy map.

The new Foursquare is certainly fresh, almost jarring, but in a good way. It is always nice to see a company embrace a platform and not make cookie cutter apps, and let's be clear, you will never find an app with this design on Android or iOS.

So, what do you think? Yay or nay on the new look of Foursquare?

Thanks, Florin A., for the tip!

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