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Franchise director Frank O'Connor 'extremely happy' with Halo Infinite multiplayer

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite is in full development at the moment, and 343 Industries keeps on revealing more and more information about the game. During a recent livestream, the team stated that exploration would play a major role in the campaign. However, there were other details revealed by franchise director Frank O'Connor too.

On Twitter, O'Connor said that he was "extremely happy" with how Halo Infinite multiplayer plays right now. Many thought that the game was still in its early stages, but the fact that the multiplayer is already playable points to the opposite. You can read an excerpt from his message to Halo fans below. GamingBolt reported on the messages first.

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This is your annual reminder that I have subjective likes, dislikes, habits, and patterns that are not only nothing to do with how we're building the next game — some of them are object lessons to our designers about what not to do... I'm extremely happy about how Halo Infinite multiplayer plays right now, but it will keep changing, and things I like now will change and things I don't get will improve — but I like every flavor of Halo so far, so in that regard, I'm a filthy casual. What I can do though is listen to this community.

Halo 5: Guardians featured an excellent multiplayer mode, but suffered greatly when it came to the campaign. Hopefully Halo Infinite will give us an experience that rivals titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and God of War. Hopefully it'll be an open-world experience when it launches.

What do you want out of Halo Infinite's single-player and multiplayer modes? Let us know.

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  • Open world on land and in space. I hope they introduce more vehicles too. That was always a fun part of Halo. Getting your friends in a vehicle and wrecking havoc together.
  • I don't worry about multiplayer. Singleplayer is where 343i has to prove themselves or the IP will just die.
  • They already did with Halo 4 and everyone told them to prove themselves in multiplayer.
  • I disagree. Halo 5 had amazing multiplayer but also wayyyyy better single player than Halo 4. Honestly halo 4 was just a bad game overall.
  • I disagree. Halo 4 multiplayer was a breath of fresh air compared to Halo 3. As for the single player, I liked where the story was headed. A much darker, emotional story.
    Halo 5 multiplayer only improves upon what Halo 4 had done right.
    And finally, the story in Halo 5 is great, but just not up to expectations compared to the rest of the series.
  • splitscreen online or it will be the first halo game I don't buy! fooled me with halo 5, that wont happen again!
  • Looking forward to couch co-op! Multiplayer and replay value seem to be forbidden words when it comes to Sony exclusives.
  • A developer praising a game they are currently in development of? What is this bizarreness you speak of?