Free Skyfire Download for Limited Time

It just keeps getting better and better for mobile browsers. First Iris launched its new web kit for their browser and now Skyfire is responding by opening up their Beta with frees download for everyone! Simply sign up and when it asks for a promotion code enter

WC Staff
  • I've been using Skyfire for a while, and it has some wonderful features. It also has a lot of rough edges (has to restart anytime you lose network connection, is slow to start, you can't link to bookmarks externally like in PIE, etc.), and also some serious privacy concerns. Let's hope a new beta comes out soon, as this current beta has been out for quite some time now...
  • I signed up for beta 2 about 3 weeks ago. I revieved the confermation e-mail and SMS message to my phone conferming my sighnup. I however did not recieve a password. I know that my e-mail address is my user name but I have no password to login and view furoms, blogs, etc. The second issue is that for this free download with the code Michael8 when you sign up it asks for you mobile number and I enter in the same number and it tells me that this number has already been added. What do I do. I know in the futer I will have access to beta 2 however I would love to get this free download thats available untill the 30th in the mean while on my Treo 800w. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is a great app to have especialy if its free.
  • Pleas disregaurd my last post. Just incase any one else recently signed up for beta 2 and does NOT yet have a download or sky fire beta working on thier mobile CURRENTLY but wants one this is what you do.
    1. GO to and change your device number (I used my house phone). This allows you to disassociate your original e-mail account used for betta 2 sign up from your mobile number.
    2. Sign up and use a new e-mail account and re-enter your mobile number (the same number you used for the beta 2 sign up) You will then be signed in and you will receive an sms message to create a pass word.
    3. After you create your password you can download the cab via sms for Skyfire beta. Once you download/open file/sign in/ and your good to go.
    Now for those of you who are still waiting to get beta 2 you will want to go back to on your pc or phone and log in under your new e-mail account and use your password. Go to the profile or account tab and change your mobile number back to another number ( i just used my wife?s number since my mobile number and house number are currently connected to the 2 email accounts). Then log out and go to the and click on the Support tab. Type in your ORIGINAL e-mail used for your beta 2 sign up and re-enter your mobile number. All will be back to its original form so you receive confirmation via email, and sms when Beta 2 is ready and you will currently have access to skyfire beta through the "special code ?Michael8? which will give new users access to Skyfire".
    You might want to go back and sign in under your new regular beta account and change your number. I just changed it back from my wife's mobile to my house phone number. This is because you already have beta and are not concerned with being reached via sms except for when the beta 2 is out. Enjoy!
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