Iris Web Browser Hands on

With all the hoolpa going around about the Safari browser, Iris decided to upgrade its own browser and throw in a little WebKit special sauce. Naturally, we tested it to see if it could hold its own. You can see the results above on a Treo 750: good, but a little too slow.

Anybody out there using Iris as their day-to-day? Thoughts?

WC Staff
  • Huh. Just tried it.
    Nice browser! On the 800w it's especially good because of our graphic hardware acceleration. We don't get the redraw/choppyness as much as the 750 and it actually renders very quickly. The little graphic fade in/outs are a nice touch too...
  • sweet. i looks like it will go well with my skyfire.
  • Gotta say that it looks promising. It has already crashed a few times and no Youtube vids on my BJ II. Will definitely keep an eye on future upgrades!