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Free version of Swapchat hits the Windows Phone Store shelves

SwapChat is an unofficial Snapchat client for our Windows Phone. There's already a paid version of SwapChat and now we can add a free version to the mix.

The free version is ad-supported and has most of the features the paid version has. You can take pictures, add captions, set a viewing time and send it to your friends. You also can view your friend's photos and see when they open your messages.

If you're not familiar with Snapchat it is a service that enables users on multiple platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) to share photos in a rather addictive way. It essentially enables one to set how long images that are sent to other mobile phones will be available and displayed.  Photos are only viewable for a set amount of time.

The free version will get updates but only after the paid version. SwapChat free is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices. You can find SwapChat Free here in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • hate how literally half of WPcentral posts are about instagram/snapchat/vine clones
  • Windows Phone News is ... Windows Phone News. Like it or not.
  • Ikr, I'm personally not interested in any of them. But i guess some people are and WPCentral tries to cater for everyone.
  • I don't even know what it is snapchat! ahahah   PS. Can someone explain me what is it? Seriously... :D
  • Its a place where you can snap a picture of your cock in exchange for a set of juggs. Pics delete after like 6 seconds.
  • Interesting....and where can I find these "juggs"?
  • Sorry, but I and Google Translate don't know what "juggs" exactly means :D
  • Oh quit whining. Isn't this windows phone news too?
  • Haha sorry, I actually notified them earlier today about it (Dan Rubino)
  • I think it really depends. I am sick of hardware news, seriously I bought a Lumia 920 and see no reason to upgrade before the end of 2014 maybe ... So these app news are what I love and exactly what I come here for =) (Too bad I already bought it last week ^^)
  • Everythng related to windows phone is news and thats why I like wpcentral!
  • I'm going to test this out!  Snap a few pics and see how much trouble i can get into!  Who wants a free show?
  • Gender?
  • So do a screen shot to save the image ....
  • You don't know how this works do you
  • i definitely don't get it. please explain.
  • Come on man!
  • Stop the presses. He broke the system. Shut it all down.
  • Downloading to give this a whirl. Don't see the use in it besides sexting but I'll find out soon enough, I guess.
  • Funny faces! Snipes of that angry man across from you at the DMV! Totes hilar captions! Angry faces with 1 sec time limit! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE LIMITED!! :'D
  • So what's the difference between this and the trial version of swapchat?
  • Trial only allows you to send 10 snaps, I believe.
  • You can send unlimited, but you can only view 10. This free version is add supported, but gives you no limits.
  • I don't have any friends that use snapchat *forever alone*
  • +1
  • Haha!
  • The paid one seems to be having issues sending. 
  • I'll wait for the swapspit clone to come out.
  • Looking at pics works great, but my camera all green anyone else having this problem? On Lumia 920
  • so, how is that addictive
  • Im alone on snapchat send me something: MchiverM too bad I can't save funny pics my friend says he's been getting pics of people falling and he can screencap it
  • What stops someone from taking a screenshot ?
  • Nothing. In iOS (the dark realm), people get notified in Snapchat when someone screenshots. But here in Swapchat, I believe, the notification doesn't work. So you can screenshot to your Skydrive's limit without them knowing.
  • You can't screen shot, at least i havent been able to, because you have to keep holding the screen down, making it do nothing when you hit the lock button and windows button.
  • left pointer finger hold down the photo. left thumb clicks the windows key at the same time the pointer finger of the right hand hits the lock button... Don't ask how i know this...
  • Ha, damnit I bought it as soon as I read the article here saying it's on the store! :P
    Since the last update it's a lot less buggy. But still plenty of improvements can be made.
  • How do you add people? 
  • In camera view, tap the settings icon > swipe to "friends" > type their username into the bar.
  • I have the paid version of swapchat and it drains the crap out of my battery
  • How often do you use it?
  • For those that want to take a screen cap this is what I noticed on mine, im on 7.8 and free version when im holding down to view image if I slide my finger down and let go the image stays up without touching the screen
  • THIS! THIS IS PERFECT! a previous user say he could do it the normal way you take a screen cap, but it doesnt work for me, THIS does.  THANK YOU
  • There's a nice bug that currently allows you to view photos more than once.
    Download the image, then when ready, tap to view it, before the timer runs out, just lock the screen. It will cancel out the sync request, resetting the timer/opening the image, letting you view again, and again and again....