Full page newspaper advert for Nokia Lumia 710 on Rogers

The Lumia 710 has been featured in a full-page newspaper advertisement, showing off the deal that Canadian carrier Rogers has on the table for the handset. The Toronto Start Newspaper where the advert was spotted is distributed almost entirely within the province of Ontario.

As pictured above, the advert illustrates the deal that enables consumers to pick up a 710 for just $49.99 (on a lengthy 3-year contract).  Should you not be interested in signing your life away for Nokia's Windows Phone, you can purchase the handset for $254.99 on a no-term deal.

Thanks wetworker for sending the image in!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • 3 years? Wow.. Is this length of contract common in Canada?
  • Yeah. Its the standard length in Canada. :(
  • That's crazy!
  • Yep, it goes like this.
    The carriers demand all Canadian bow down to them.
    The government says yes and turn around before you do bow down.
  • Nice to see it made it to the site. w00t!!!
    Yes guys 3 years tied to a ball and chain, Thanks to our government.
    Hopefully we get some official news regarding the Lumia 900. I had one year left on my contract in 2010 so I bought the Samsung Focus outright from Rogers. Now i'm sitting pritty waiting to get the Lumia 900. Fingers cross.
  • That $254.99 no-term deal is a good buy.  If only I weren't stuck with this POS LG Optimus 2X on Fido.
  • I'm with Rogers, and I have a two year contract, you just have to ask. Still, we get wallet raped daily by the telcos here in Canada. I'm a bit disappointed with the nokia phones so far, I'm just hoping that WP8 will give us some better hardware, and by the time its available my contract will be up.
  • "wallet raped". Bit of an understatement...
  • Yes and I am one of those getting financially raped on a 3 year plan from Rogers. The plans are also far more complicated up here than the states. The big carriers pride themselves on their Orwellian double-speak Chinese menu of options here. They are very proud of the confusion!
  • Sounds like an opportunity! Start your own carrier based on relaxed contracts. Goldmine! Of course, you'll need about $5 billion seed money to get off the ground. Do you have any rich uncles?
  • Someone certainly works for the Roger's marketing team! Would love to track your IP address. I think most of us feel the way Crocography does. BTW, if we were American, that recent SNL Verizon commercial would have been about Rogers.
  • Wind Mobile has tried to stop the insanity that surrounds the mobile phone business in Canada. Last I read the owner was so frustrated he was considering leaving the Canadian market all together ... But that may have just been him trying to rattle some cages.
  • the problem with any carrier in canada is we are regulated by where we are allowed so windmobile wanted to use towers in a few more citys and the goverment said no which basically locked them in a smaller market then they wanted.
    But agreed 3 year contracts must go as they take way to long to end up and early upgrades is just as expensive as buying a new phone at times.
    ON topic about this ad rogers revel is also having tons of advertisments on alot of websites I see there ads everywhere from xbox360achievements to some movie news sites, and even this site here
  • Couple of things, - first the ad was in the Toronto Star, not "Start" - second Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America so some good exposure overall.