Nokia Lumia 710 now available in Canada on Rogers

Looks like folks up North can breathe a little sigh of relief as a 2nd generation Windows Phone has launched on Rogers today. Yes, the Nokia Lumia 710 is now available for the low-low price of $49.99 on a crazy three-year contract.  We first reported this a few weeks ago and looks like Rogers stuck to the date.

If signing your smartphone future away for three long years is not your cup of joe, you can have it on a no-term deal for a fairly decent $254.99. That's not shabby when you consider the Samsung Focus is still listed as $499.99 no-term.

We gave the 710 pretty high marks in our review, so while the phone is not for you high-enders, it's a great starter device for many.

Source: Rogers; Thanks, Steve, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Well... at least a Windows Phone is coming to Canada! but it wouldn't be much of an upgrade... my HD7 is just fine...
  • Yap, I agree....if you'd been using a large display phone...then Lumia 710 is going to feel like a cheat haha, it is tiny compared to HD7....but, processor is better. I'd say Lumia's 3.7 inch display and size is well suited for human beings with small hands!
  • Why contract it.... Buy it out right $250. Before taxes.....
  • i've been looking into this for the past week, and there's literally no stock in the 3 stores i've looked at here at coquitlam, BC.
    i've talked to many sales reps and they said they dont know when it's coming to stores. in fact, many of them didn't know it was coming until i pointed it out. FURTHERMORE, one guy actually said straight up that rogers doesn't carry it (even though it was on their website). a second salesman corrected that dude and said yea it is coming to rogers, but that first salesman went on to say, "even if you buy this off contract, you'll be charged 100 more dollars." i asked why and he said, "you know, 12% tax and other fees".
    i went to rogers on twitter and to different store to get a quote and they all said there are no additional fees after the gov't tax lol
  • uh oh... another ignorant sales rep, did u send a complaint in and ask them for a discount on the 710 because of this behavior? :P
    On Feb 12, 2012, I got a Nokia Lumia 710 from Rogers here in Edmonton, AB....
    On the way home, I requested an unlock from a third party, which worked great haha all while on my bus ride, wow technology; I was so excited for my sister (her upgrade from a dying Samsung Focus - almost WP7, this OS so addictingly interesting to leave)... only to face an airplane / flight mode bug upon inserting the microSIM. The phone did not seem to wanna toggle airplane mode (ON or OFF depending on which one it chose upon a successful cold boot).  I did reset the phone both soft and hard (using the multiple hold key method), removed the battery checked the SIM is inserted correctly, same thing was happening.
    Going back to customer support, she was rather ignorant and just having a bad day, stiff neck or some excuse (don't know why she was at work)....anyways, turns out Rogers could not exchange the phone because (as per that rep), there's no process in place to deal with customers who buy right out the phone and do not have an active account with Rogers......grrrr!!! So I had to send it to Nokia Canada to deal with....can't wait to hear what they say.
      This issue has affected someone else before, glad I'm it's not just
  • Yep I got it w/o contract, works great. Though I did run into hiccup earlier with it showing UNKNOWN for incoming calls. I got it fixed by having Rogers disable the "name display" feature from my account. Other than that, great device.
  • Now, bring on the 900 in May....i hope. :-/
  • Yup, that's what I'm waiting for as well!
    I'm still fine with my year-old Focus, but I'd really like to switch to one of those sweet Nokias. So if Lumia 900 comes to Rogers around May, I'll hop on the wagon.
    ...Unless Nokia announces something even better in the meantime. Then I might wait.
  • Good
    My focus' power button is a little rusty but Samsung doesn't cover physical damage so why not get a new Windows phone that will support the Apollo update
  • Three year contracts are normal in Canada, which means I have two more years with my focus. All though I paid $80 to get out of my bb... So who know what will happen in a year...
  • good thing with rogers is you only need to be in the contract for 2 years before you can upgrade it without penalty:)
  • Glad you guys reported this but this phone has been available in some stores and on the website sense end of january *roughly the 30th* as that is when I got mine
  • And yet you walk around malls and still don't come across any WP7 advertising. Be nice if Nokia would do there thing in this country too.
  • I bought this phone a few days after it came out. I unlocked it and I'm using it on Fido. The only problem I have is the caller ID issue, but apparently getting rid of name display fixes that. I haven't tried yet.
  • Had the same issue....confirmed that this fix works!
  • Went to a Rogers store last week and inquired.  They didn't have any advertising or display models.  The first salesperson didn't know about the phone and the second said that there were some in the back.  He brought one out but wouldn't turn it because it was a new phone.
    On the positive side I have started seeing google ads from Rogers featuring the 710 and Rogers started running full page newspaper ads (at least in the Calgary Herald)  for their "unlimited family plan" which features the 710 beside 3 android phones.
    As for the 3 year contract, normally your hardware is upgradeable before that.  I just can't remember if it is 18 months or 2 years.  At that time you can upgrade and sign another 3 year contract.
    My Focus is still in great shape so I'll be waiting until fall or early 2013 before I upgrade.  It'll definately be another Windows Phone, likely from Nokia.  Maybe a Nokia windows 8 tablet to go along with it??
  • Good luck finding a Windows Phone in any Rogers store. The advertising is non existent, sales support for the phones is brutal. WP7 has a long long way to go up here. Its unfortunate. Few will buy if they can't play with it in store. Its basically down to the enthusiasts in Canada who will take the time to seek out the phone.
  • I actually got the 710 two days ago in a Roger's store in Fairview mall Montreal. They had one of those mockup phones in display. Only black is available though....
  • I told you guys about this last week...guess you glanced over that one:)  yup it's been on their site since the 2nd.