Lumia 710 on Rogers

Looks like folks up North can breathe a little sigh of relief as a 2nd generation Windows Phone has launched on Rogers today. Yes, the Nokia Lumia 710 is now available for the low-low price of $49.99 on a crazy three-year contract.  We first reported this a few weeks ago and looks like Rogers stuck to the date.

If signing your smartphone future away for three long years is not your cup of joe, you can have it on a no-term deal for a fairly decent $254.99. That's not shabby when you consider the Samsung Focus is still listed as $499.99 no-term.

We gave the 710 pretty high marks in our review, so while the phone is not for you high-enders, it's a great starter device for many.

Source: Rogers; Thanks, Steve, for the heads up!