Full specs for the Nokia Lumia 625 leak ahead of big unveil tomorrow

There’s a big Nokia event happening tomorrow. It also happens to be that we’ve been seeing leaks over the past week of a big, 4.7-inch Nokia Lumia 625. The cat is out of the bag, the full specs have been released online showing off what we’ve suspected to be an entry-level smartphone.  

If you check out the teaser image from big Nokia event post you’ll notice the Nokia logo set against a red background. That looks very much like the device in the picture above. Anyways, here are the highlights in the spec sheet for the Nokia Lumia 625 running Windows Phone 8. Click on the image above to see the rest.

Key features

  • Big 4.7” LCD screen and lightning fast internet speeds with 4G for a bigger, better, faster smartphone experience.
  • Unique semi-transparent design with changeable shells in 5 exciting colors.  
  • Have fun with your pictures, anytime, anywhere with Nokia Smart Camera and Cinemegraph
  • Leading experiences from Nokia apps include maps and navigation from HERE, plus free Nokia Music streaming


  • Orange, bright green, yellow, white, and black


  • GSM 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz
  • WCDMA 2100 MHz, 850MHz, 900 MHZ
  • LTE 3 (1800 MHz), 7 (2600 MHz) 20 (800 MHz)


  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 8GB of internal memory
  • 7GB of SkyDrive cloud storage
  • MicroSD support up to 64GB


  • 4.7-inch IPS LCD WVGA (800x480)
  • 201 ppi
  • 2.25 D curved glass
  • Brightness controls and color boosting
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 2
  • High brightness mode / Sunlight readability enhancements
  • Lumia color profile
  • Super sensitive touch for nail and glove usage


  • 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 (MSM 8930)


  • Main - 5 MP sensor with LED Flash, 1080p video at 30fps, Front facing VGA camera


  • USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0 + LE, WLAN IEE 802.11 b/g/n, A-GPS and Glonass, 3.5 mm audio connector


  • 2000mAh integrated battery
  • 133.25 x 72.25 x 9.15 mm
  • 159g

On paper this doesn’t look like a bad device at all for first-time smartphone buyers wanting a larger screen. Sure you can lament the lack of HD display, but this thing is presumably going to be pretty inexpensive.

We’ll be sure to bring you some hands on tomorrow if this is indeed the device we see. 

Source: Puhelinvertailu Via: WMPU

Sam Sabri
  • Looks good, wise move Nokia !
  • Wish they would have used a better resolution. 800x480 on a 4.7 inch screen is going to look horrible.
    Though, what's the biggest screen size a Nokia Windows Phone has? 4.3 (or was it 4.5)? I'm assuming the next flag ship from them will have a bigger screen like this one.
  • I'm sure itl look fine for a budget phone.
  • Looks fine on my 820. It really only gets noticeable once you compare it side by side with another device. In daily use it is not relevant, unless you want to read very tiny text.
  • He said on that resolution on a 4.7" screen. That's a tad bigger than 4.3" from your 820
  • Nah, HTC will probably be first with the Titan 3.
  • Just FYI: 
    Samsung puts 800 x 480 in 5" phones like Galaxy Duos and they are selling pretty hot in emerging markets. 
  • True enough. Though, the devices that are selling well in emerging markets are mostly smaller devices (Symbian, HTC's desire line, etc). Samsung seems to be making the exception there.
  • This is a cheap phone so don't expect a screen resolution more than WVGA. The Lumias with big full HD screens (phablets) are coming towards the end of the year but don't expect them to be priced like this Lumia 625. Expect those to be priced double this Lumia 625.
  • True. I expect there first true "Phablet" will be released around the same time has GDR3 (4.7" isn't really "Phablet" territory. That's more in the range of 5.x" ~ 6.9" range).
  • 4.7" 800x480 doesn't look horrible and the proof is in the Titan & Titan II.
    The biggest size they have is 4.5 on the 92x line.
  • My first phone has a 800x480 display on a 4" screen. I thought it look horrible, even at that size (to be fair, though, the phone was made by Huawei, and they normally skimp on the screen tech they use).
  • Didn't need gorilla glass though, the glass on my 620 still isn't scratched after 5 months of use. Its withstood a good few drops too. Nokia's own toughened glass is certainly as good as the gorilla glass on my 710.
  • There you have it folks. The "BIG" in red is official.
  • How much money do you want to bet it's going to be on Verizon? A counter-point however: Verizon may not be interested in low-end devices... They tend to aim for the 'premium' wireless service consumer.
  • I say T-Mo. Verizon is xx8. Think 925.
  • Good point. That would make a lot of sense too. It fits with T-Mo's 'uncarrier' big scheme (prepaid devices for everyone).
  • I would agree except that t-mo already has the budget 521. So I think it would be more worth it for Nokia to bring it to Verizon or sprint. Chances are though, this will be targeted for non us markets like the 620.
  • Verizon is also 822.
    But it doesn't have CDMA radio, or Verizon's LTE band.
  • Except, it's not available in red? So what's the image - orange? Not sure I get that.
  • Yeah I guess, it looked like red to me but apparently it's orange. Go figure.
  • If you read it says orange.
  • NFC?
  • Doesn't show up in the specs above. Probably not. 
  • Then again, the Nokia Lumia 620 has it, it wouldn't make sense to take it out
  • FM Radio? 620 doesn't have it but 520 has it!
  • I hope yes, it will be disappointing if they take it out as 620 has it. NFC is picking up they should include it in most phones.
  • Horrible amount of ram
  • No it isn't, the majority of apps and games run on 512MB.
  • lol
    no hd
  • It's a Lumia 625, not 8xx, not even 7xx. 
  • For you, the New York socialite taking pictures at Fashion Week? Yes this would be considered "trash". But for the market this phone was designed for it's all they want/need and can afford. It's made and priced for emerging markets. How is this hard for people to understand?
  • Its not hard at all. People have their own self interest and could give a flip about others.
  • +1
  • You're making too much sense.
  • One man's "trash" is another man's "treasure" (well, new phone at least)... :)
  • For you, the New York socialite taking pictures at Fashion Week? Yes this would be considered "trash".
    Hey, damn it....It's restauraunt week.
  • Some people are expecting a flagship tech in a entry smartphone. How smart.
  • So what if the memory and storage space isn't as big as your forehead Evgeny, but the device is still pretty cool. 
  • Considering that high end Lumias are not exactly setting the world on fire with their sales, Nokia needs a little "trash" at the moment in order to merely survive.
  • yep, i understand they need a cheap one; thats no offense, but such specs would be great last year maybe, but nothig big. a stone can be big too.
  • Putting anything you write in comments on my ignore list...
  • watching a movie right now. 
    who cares? john wayne.
  • Fortunately we face much worse trolls like you on GSMArena and PhoneArena.
    Solid effort though ;)
  • +1
  • Wait... There's an ignore feature?
    (if not, that would be a great feature for the site/app)
  • +625
  • "yep, i understand they need a cheap one; thats no offense, but such specs would be great last year maybe, but nothig big. a stone can be big too"
      What part of higher specs=higher price don't you understand?
  • +625
  • lol you're a dumbass.
  • Evgeny Lecker, I think you'll probably find that is has "last years specs" so it can be sold at a lower price and therefore be affordable to its target market without Nokia selling it at a loss. I'm sure its not hard to figure out that higher spec equals higher cost, and usually results in a higher cost to consumers.
  • You, douche bag, are an asshat.
    Maybe you love your iCrap, but news flash... Apple is losing to Android, and if Microsoft/Nokia keep this trend of attacking from the low-end and high-end... you'll be losing to us too.
  • You are FAR too kind.
  • @evgeny, yeah bro, you are totally right. Nokias new low wnd phone should have 24 cores and a 4k screen 12 terrabytes of storage and 62 gig of ram. And it must only be $13 or its overpriced trash!
  • Lol!
  • That's the way budget devices work. New techology goes into high end phones and last years technology goes into budget phones. That's how technology moves forward and everyone benefits.
  • Hey...... I have a 620 with most of the same specs, and it is NOT garbage! And this AFTER having owned previously a 920. Your ignorant remark notwithstanding.....
  • Which WP do you have?
  • Trash??? We all know your Android has better specs, it needs it so that it can attempt to flow as smoothly and without lag as this WP8 will.
  • Go look at some specifications from 20 Android devices in this price range and tomorrow come back and tell us what you found... I'll just let you know that you're going to be thoroughly dissatisfied.... I'm just going to call you this in advance, if you don't mind.. Ya ready??... DUMB ASS❕
  • Actually the fact that this is a budget phone makes everything else in its price rang worse than trash... Yeah, all those budget Android devices were made trash by the 520/521, so the 625 makes other budget phones SEWAGE❕
  • What's trash for you is awesome for others. I was looking at the 720 but this might just be a much more attractive offering at a lower price.
  • BUDGET! key word: Budget!
  • Yes and yes.
  • Its a budget phone so don't expect some high end gaming hardware
  • Why is this a horrible amount of ram for a budget phone?
  • why is it horrible? because 99% of the apps in the store are able to run on it?
  • BT 4.0 + LE..hmm
  • I noticed that too...  :D 
    But, does BT4.0 + LE = HID profile?  Will this work with Bluetooth keyboards, or only heart monitors?
  • Again, how come this gets SD support and not the 920 or 1029? I'll never understand that.
  • Easy. Because by including an SD card, they can drop the amount of on board ROM by a lot, thus lowering the price of the device. Since this is a device aimed at low end markets, sacraficing ROM for price is a good tradeoff.
    SD cards negatively impact day to day user experience because they have much higher latencies and lower bandwidth than on board ROM, so by skipping out on the high end phones, they can maintain that high end experience. Also, the high end phones tend to come with 16 GBs of ram or more, so it's generally not a big issue.
  • But it isn't Read-Only Memory.
  • What you've just hit on is a caveat. It's technically ROM, but the name has become somewhat of a misnomer. Now it's generally called 'Flash' (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_memory). The correct technical term is EEPROM (Electrically erasable programmable read only memory). It's ROM that can be electrically erased. But it's important to note that this is very different from RAM. With RAM you can erase a single word instataneously, but erasing EEPROM takes much more time than erasing RAM. If you're interested you can always read up on it but yeah it's not really that interesting.
  • Thank you for the refresher.  There is nothing you've said that I didn't learn circa 1982 or so.  I've burned MANY PROMs, and have a little experience programming EPROMs as well. 
    But if you choose to refer to storage as something that most people don't know, you should probably go with EEPROM as it is correct, as you've pointed out, while ROM is not.
  • Fair enough mate.
    You only get so many points for being technically correct, but you get more points for being understood correctly.
  • Agreed.  So flash or storage it is.
  • High end phones come with 16gb of ram? Wow, didn't know technology came already that far.
  • Heh, you got me :)
  • The 920 and 1020 have unibody construction. It's a solid piece of polycarbonate. This phone has a removable shell. If you notice, most phones that have sd cards put the next to or below the battery. You can't access the battery in the 920 and 1020. Therefore, No SD support.
  • The resolution stings a bit. I understand it's a low end device, so switching to a 1280 by 768 panel would've hurt the price and could've caused performance problems for the slower processor, but still. Reviewers will harp on the screen hard.
    That said, a low end device that satisfies people who like big screens is a great move. I think that the current low end phones only address people who like smaller screens and there's a growing number of people that like bigger screens (me included.
  • All depends on how low they can get the price, that was how they ignored all the flaws of the 620 (and why they found it hard to ignore the flaws of the 720 and 520). I think if they make the 725 with a similar size screen, then it will be 720p, and so will the 825
  • Yup, that sounds like a pretty accurate assessment. I would definitely expect a similar 725 with the high res panel. The only question is can the processor push those pixels..? Notice how they have bumped their low-end processors from the 1GHz chip to a 1.2GHz? Maybe they'll bump it again for the 725.
  • That's not a bad thing...
  • Not at all.
  • Clearly the focus with this phone is size (screen size, all too missing in low end phones) and connectivity (Wifi/n, BT4, LTE). And for the target market those are some pretty kick-ass specs. If I was on a budget I'd have no problem sacrificing some onboard storage and PPI for those features alone.
  • why the small battery? If you are going to make it this big and not bump up any of the specs at least give it a decent battery...
  • Same size as a 920, really?
  • yah, but the 920 has a lot of the internals being taken up by the camera....
  • Yes, but Lumia 620 will be more than half of the price of Lumia 920. ....
  • so what? All they are doing is making a more expensive 620. what is the point in that?
  • Including a bigger battery wasn't going to make it even more expensive?
  • not realy. Or rather if it does, it would be a small bump in price... 2000mah is like... the least you could put in a decent phone... 
  • Don't know if you noticed, but it's claiming nearly 24 hours of talk time on GSM networks... that's pretty awesome, and I'm actually jealous.
  • we shall see...
  • 2000mAh small ? :/
  • on a device that size it is
  • I think so many here can't understand or even try to understand the phone market outside of their home market. Especially those who can't see behind their carrier operated markets. 
    Thse inexpensive phablets were selling over 5 million last year and the whole phablet market is expected to be +50 million phones this year. Lumia 625 is going against phones like Samsung Galaxy Grand and spec wise actually doing pretty good. 
    You will get faster phone, but some spec hunters in Asia might be dissapointed by the 512MB RAM and no Android of course. 
  • I remember someone describing the exact specs of this phone saying that it would be huge in India. There is a huge market for this. Also let's not forget the fact that Nokia makes more money from its low end phones.
  • Is this thing ever going to make it to the US? I believe it will do well in the prepaid/mvno/tmobile space with a large screen. Nokia sure is targetting markets like China and India - where the low end BIG samsung device is doing very well.
  • Well that's where the sales are. Especially as Nokia brand is much more known.
    Also China being world largest smartphone market helps.
  • No 1900 MHz WCDMA means likely not.  No T-Mobile HSPA and probably problematic for AT&T too.
  • it will 520 already available in US
  • This is a letdown if this phone is the only announcement tomorrow
  • What were you expecting? 
    I love how when ever Nokia teases anything people are expecting a tablet or a flagship. There wasn't even a event for this or a webcast. 
    Hint, don't expect anything high end before Nokia World, that includes tablet. You will get a heart attack if you are expecting flagship on every announcement. Nokia tends to do a lot of devices, and announcements per year. 
  • Ha. I know right? They just announced the 1020 about 11 days ago and people expect them to Osborne it already. Sigh. 
  • Double this^^ they just brought revolutionary tech to market........geeze
  • What im thinking and sometimes wish as i is alot of people were waiting and wanting the next best thing in the cellphone industry I understand from a cellphone camera aspect we do have the best (1020) but that's just the camera and many feel if we bring in the absolute best phone in the market to windows that will attract the spec junkies kinda like me but I do love my Lumia 920 but I've heard many pass on windows phones because our flagship phones are behind other flagships I know we have a gabillon mp camera but the rest is behind the other heavy hitters so that's why I feel people are crabby about not hereing of a phone coming out that's completely better than the rest, screen size,higher resolution,more ram etc
  • Nokia has done brilliantly this year for devices and announcements. Meh...can't please some people I guess!
  • Interesting term, Osborne Effect..  "Technology writers have criticised Nokia CEO Stephen Elop for the decision to move away from Symbian and MeeGo mobile software platforms to Windows Phone 7, as an example of the Osborne Effect. On top of this criticism of existing products was compared to the Ratner Effect and the "Elop Effect" was coined to describe the combination of both premature announcement and negative comments on existing products.[6][7]"
  • ^THIS
  • its not about high end only
  • Something like the newly-release "Fresh Paint" app seems great for the big screen on phone and.... oh. 512MB of RAM. Well, nevermind.
  • Fresh Paint was only released today, jeeze. Give it a chance to be optimised, there're some pretty advances physics simulations going on in that app.
  • Damn, still no tablet..
  • FM radio?
  • Yes, it has FM radio. 
  • thankyou wpcentral...it would be a pain to wait till 9!!
  • haha
  • Spoilers... In a good way. Edit: Finally THIN bezels! Yes! And a budget phone below 10 mm like the 520. I actually want Nokia produce a lumia with the body and price of the Asha 501 which i think is very pretty.
  • GDR2+amber?
  • Nokia Smart Cam is for devices with Amber, so since this has it listed in the specs it will most likely have Amber and GDR2 :)
  • Another phone with nice specs. For 2011...
  • So lame. This phone is for emerging markets, not you "OMG I NEED SPECS!" people. Seriously, this is getting old. You people need to learn there are different level of devices out there for different types of people. Translation: most humans aren't raging phone nerds. And if you're posting on WPCentral, sorry, you're a raging phone nerd.
  • +1 for raging phone nerds, that are educated enough in the ways of tech to realize when rage is appropriate ;)
  • Finally I see a sympathetic arguement by the Editors here! Comments like "If you wanna bla bla bla get a high end phone" . Only if the rest of the world were US.
  • The thing is: in emerging markets, non-phone nerds doesn't spend 300 USD on a phone, that's the price of a Lumia 520 in Brazil and almost the same as a minimum-wage for a month. Non-phone nerds buys a $50~75 Asha or other feature phones. The people who buys a 300 USD smartphone here want the best specs for the money, as it happens everywhere, or a phone with an "aura" of status, like the flagships from 2 years ago. And the non-phone nerds doesn't know the fact that a 512mb RAM Windows Phone runs way more smoothly than a 512mb RAM Android or iPhone...
  • +1. The rest of the world *should* be us.
  • They could have gone with 1GB of RAM.  It's dirt cheap these days.  Now we can add Fresh Paint to the list of apps that won't work with the 625.
  • I know it's for emerging markets as I live in one of them. This phone will probably cost more than the 620, which by the way costs the same as the iPhone 4 down here. Do you really think the non-phone nerds from emerging markets (believe me, "social status" in emerging markets are way more important than it is in places like US and Western Europe) will chose 625 over the iPhone 4?
    This phone could be successful in countries like India, Brazil and China with Dual-SIM support, but the way it is now, is only another phone that will be outsold by 2-to-3 years old flagships such as Galaxy SII and iPhone 4...
  • The Lumia 620 is the second most popular Lumia (behind the 520), so it might do all right.
  • What's the need for dual SIM? Not trolling, just don't know.
  • Well, at least here in Brazil, when you call a number on the same carrier as yours, you pay 0.10~0.15 USD per call, but when you call a number on other carrier, it's 0.75 to 1+ USD per minute. That's why most people have at least 2 SIMs of different carriers.
  • Ok - that makes sense....  I guess.  But doesn't that mean people are having to have accounts with multiple carriers?  That doesn't seem to make sense.
  • Doesn't make sense at all, but that's the way we roll down here lol. I think in India and China it's kinda the same thing, only cheaper. But it's really "bizarre" to see a business card with four different phone numbers, one of each carrier.
  • Wow... 
  • I'm not a phone nerd lol
  • I prefer the word "geek". Nerd is derogatory. Geek is not.
  • You got the "raging" part right. Lumia fans sure are angry, like, a lot.
  • What do you mean, "You people"???? 
    Sorry couldn't resist
  • +920. These spec nerds are so annoying. Look if specs mean that much to you go to Android. My single core phone runs Halo FFS. Some dual core phones can't even run Temple run smoothly.
  • Ok. I now have a 620, and in all likelihood I will purchase THIS device! I am definitely a bit of a nerd, live in North America, LOVE tech, but now realize that I don't have to have the highest spect'd device to be content. There are better things I can do with my money.
  • Snapdragon S4, LCD  - Old techs :(
    we need
         Snapdragon 600, 800,  AMOLED, BT 4.0, Infrared, Battery 3,5 mAh
  • For an entry level device? Do you not economics?
  • Sadly the more popular the site is, the more trolls appear.
  • An unfortunate side effect of gaining popularity
  • Look I'm not a Troll and I have 920's lumia,  but since 920 1 year has passed  !!!
  • So...after 920 and LESS than a year later you expect to consider a 625 which is meant to be way cheaper and you hope that it would beat the 920s specs?? I know the tech world is evolving very fast and gadgets and components depreciate...but man some ppl here are plain delusional... :/
  • 8.5 months (reached America on 11/6) != 12 months This is on-par with saying that the time for a female human's pregnancy to complete is, on average, 1 year.
  • Doesn't excuse the S4 in the 1020, though.
  • I know you are tired reading on those comments.. We are tired too.
  • IPS LCD, Gorilla glass 2. This is cheap phone for markets like India, Brasil etc etc etc.
  • What car do you drive? What, you don't drive a Maserati or Lamborghini? Why bother then? You NEED one to bring the kids to school every day and go grocery shopping! What was Honda thinking when they designed & sold boatloads of Accords?
    (hoping people can step outside their cocoon and see the analogy :-) )
  • ^ THIS
  • +1
  • Thank YOU!!!
  • nice phone for budget people, prepaid, and alot of countrys, like india, brazil, and much more where operators don't subdisize smartphones
    2.000mah is nice :)
  • Any leaked cost?
  • The screen size is nice; that alone may attract buyers. But I was hoping for more regarding hardware. Guess we'll see if any of this is confirmed tomorrow.
  • Crock of shit
  • Intelligent comment..>Please tell me more.
  • in case you haven't noticed yet people need more windows phones with different price tag if don't like it then buy lumia 1020
    like it or not you are not the only customer they have
  • Are 'Your Face' jokes still popular? Because this comment is just begging for one.
  • This is Awesome!!!!!! I love the Specs : ) : ) : ) : )
  • Pass.
  • Which is your prerogative. In fact 99% of readers on this site would probably pass on this phone. But we are the 1%, and anyone who is passionate about WP would be happy to see more market-share-multiplying devices like this enter the market. Why do you think Symbian was once the world's largest smartphone OS? Because Nokia utilised it in numerous markets, including emerging ones, using similar strategies to what we see here.
  • Not a bad device from Nokia. Not worth changing my Lumia 620 to this thou. PPI is bad but I quess people who buy this phone don't care about stuff like that... It's suprisingly thin, only 9.15 mm! I wish Nokia would start using 1GB RAM more on their cheaper devices,  this too has only 512 MB RAM..... :/ Good Stuff: Gorilla Glass, SST, Micro SD slot, LTE, BT 4.0, 2000 mAh battery etc, yeah: this is gonna be a hit!! :)
  • Entry level devices on the cheap, pre-paid, is a great move.  I agree in the feeling those devices would look better running 1gb RAM. 
  • Really the key with any phone is what the price will be.
  • Ok so can you exchange your 620 for the 625?? :(
  • They are getting closer to the 5 inch range...yes
  • This is a low end phone people!  Dont get too let down!!!  800x480 and 512mb of ram should of been your first clue. 
  • Any Windows Phone 8 device should be shipping with at least 1GB at this point with 2GB on premium phones like the 1020.
  • Looks awesome. Nokia makes beautiful phones. Low priced phone, with high end looks.
  • The HTC Titan had the same display (resolution and size) and it was pretty good.So in terms of display it won't be disappointing.And the rest of the specs are ok for that price.I'm sure it will sell very well :D
  • ...and the price will drop eventually, like it did on the 520 and 620.
  • Excellent point on screen of titan. This phone is better looking too, interested in the semi transparent backs
  • WVGA on 4.7", Lower ppi than 620, no clear black either. Hmm, not sure if better than 620 or not. I guess the price will tell.
  • I don't know specs by head but this seems just a regular 620 with a bigger screen. i guess it's good for those who want to carry a dinner tray on their hands. I don't like it. I prefer smaller phones. Yet they keep getting bigger, it's just absurd (and yeah, I'm looking at you, Samsung).
  • To loosely borrow the lyrics from an old Billy Squier tune with a touch of mash-up..... ..Nokia's down in the dungeon and they're havin' a hard time....Elop gets his love on condition and his Dewar's without lime Well maybe Elop is a Johnny Walker guy, I don't know. But Nokia is in the dungeon and they are trying to claw their way out and it's not going to happen with $800 phones. It's just not. Not at this time and not in this environment. They need to move product and they need to move it fast. It's hail mary time for Nokia in many ways and if anyone out there who clamors for those $800 high end devices does not understand the urgent need for the 521's & the 625's above anything else at THIS particular moment in time, well....kiss your possible future high end Lumia Devices goodbye.   Cause it's hard to produce anything high or low when you are dust in the corporate wind
  • looks awesome...then i see "512 MB of RAM"...seriously?...disappointing
  • 512 MB of RAM 8GB of internal memory This has got to be a joke : /
    The price is going to determine if I eat my words on this "entry-level" phone.
  • If the price is right, this is a great phone for low-mid budget segment. 520 was a raging hit due to its price. 625 can set the charts on fire as there are lots people who want a low budget bigger screen phone.[Esp in India where the Micromax Canvas 2 was a big hit]
    The only thing I am disappointed is the lack of NFC which was there in 620, otherwise a great phone.
  • Anyone else curious as to why they didn't have this screen for the 1020 and 925 (but AMOLED), or why this isn't AMOLED? There's room for the extra 0.2" on those.
  • Because screen size wasn't their selling point.
  • NOPE!
  • Why is it so heavy?
  • This is a big release... Big screen, SD , cheap...people like that
  • Pretty smart device. Like to see Nokia is doing something reasonable in this spec-hyped war, err, business. I like the large battery and interchangeable shells. Absolutely sufficient hardware for windowsphone. The screen seems to be a larger 720s, and that one is stunning for what it is. Hope this device sells as well as the 520/ 521.
  • And that way I can upgrade my 521:)
  • This is an excellent addition to the Lumia portfolio. Next up is the phablet !!! L
  • >512 mb ram
    >Nokia Smart Camera
    and where is my Amber
  • Seriously, 4.7" display at 800x480? Ray Charles could see the pixels.
  • Budget market. I'm sure those on a more modest budget who wish to have a bigger screen will appriciate this.
  • A nice mix of high-end, mid-range, and low-end. Good job, Nokia. Keep it up! 
  • I don't know about you, but I am getting a bid fed up with Nokia lately... They are bad for WP, and bad for competition from other manufactors.
    And, this comes from a 920 owner.
  • why are you fed up?.
  • They are spewing out devices every week, Instead of focusing on making, at least, ONE of their devices worthy of its price and specs. People will "blindly" avoid HTC and Samsung just because Nokia has more "candy", but not necessarily more "usability".
  • Be careful with the word blindly. To use that word means you turn a blind eye to those who just want a smartphone without having to get into a lengthy and expensive contract.
    Not everyone wants the latest uber-spec-phone to comment in blogs over.
  • I think they are in the spotlight because MSFT has stake in them. So I would expect them to be the "Samsung" of WP like they are to Android.
  • And that's a healthy way (for MSTF/WP) to go?
  • I don't see what the "big" fuss is about. The screen is not much bigger than the 920, 925, 928 and 1020.
    Big screen, low specs, low price point? Hmmm.....
    I think the launch of the 625 could have been made with a lot less fanfare. :/
    (Samsung Ativ S has a 720p, 4.8" screen)
  • Price
  • I was really hoping Nokia would come up with a tablet, but I kinda saw this coming... Oh well, I'm happy enough with my 925
  • I'm a bit curious how Nokia is doing the numbering scheme. Just prior to the 625, I had thought 5xx==lowend super cheap no frills budget, 7xx==midrange, the phone for people that don't want absolute lowest cost, 9xx==gotta have the best or geek status phone.
    I had wondered if the "even #s" 6xx/8xx were to be de-emphasized/killed.
    Are the trying to wedge in a few more levels? Or is the 625 basically a low budget big screen phone ?
  • "Or is the 625 basically a low budget big screen phone ?" - yes.
    It is called 625 because 630 is reserved for the next generation, i guess.
  • 512 ram only hurts the consumer. The standard should be 1gig.
  • why?. because you are spoilt by gigs? BTW 1020 has the 2 GB and 41 MP camera and pple still crib.
  • 1gb ram only hurts the consumer. The standard should be 2gig.
  • Lo/mid-range phone gets SD card expansion but top-of-the-line $700 phone gets short end of the stick. I'll say this once to Nokia: WTF!!!!!!
  • +4.7"
  • This phone looks pretty good. Nice that they are offering such a large screen on a device that will be a lot cheaper than the flagships. I'm also impressed that there's a 2000 mAh battery included. Not too shabby at all.
  • Yes you did, and I silently didn't believe you. Kudos.
  • Just goes to prove we should listen to you more. What is your next call sir?
  • Read my comment on the announcement
  • I think that the starting price will be around 350$ in USA but will drop very fast. Maybe it will be 300 but I don't want to be too optimistic :D
  • So, we are sure now that the Lumia 930, 935, and 938 will have
  • have what?
  • He's playing with us. I am going to lose sleep over it now. WHAT WILL THEY HAVE!?!?!?&%$#@!?!?
  • Too many identical devices. Now i cant tell apart 6xx and 7xx . Same specs, almost same price as well. Im sure next 7xx will have Lte, big screen. Just wonder, maybe it's almost as good as 8xx if they use 1gb ram, so they just differentiate series by ram. Man i cant guess what specs the next 7xx could be!
  • I just wish a 720(725) with 1gigs of RAM at the price 720 was first launched. That would be a sweet sweet deal for any market. 
  • Now we need a high end phone with a small sized screen (to stick it to the One Mini and Sony/Apple fans out there)
  • What does "integrated battery" mean? Non user replaceable?
  • So 1080p video?? could my 620 get that too??
  • where is my BLUE COLOR :(
  • No cyan?
  • Why no clear black display feature like L620 ?
  • its a great phone with affordable price i say this phone going to be a hit for people who want big screen wp with cheap price
  • Here in Brazil would be perfect if it was compatible wih dual-chip function.
    Well let's see the price.
  • Big for video super choice
  • Looks like no WCDMA or LTE love for United States.
  • If this is more than $199, it's a bad deal.
    512MB means thrashing when loading more complex desktop sites, a problem I have with my Lumia 521.
    800x480 on a 4.7" screen is kind of downie.
    Nokia needs a solid mid-tier phone with an average camera, around $299-$350 price point.
    1280x768, 4.5", 1GB, LTE
  • Yay for Nokia. Hooray for bringing more confussion into the marketplace. =)
  • Some worse than 620. The rest is much better. Gorilla glass2 curved, aupersensitive, radio, 2000mah, 4,7", 4G. I have 620 and going confused now
  • God just got myself a 920 :(((((
  • That's the big news? Got me all excited for nothing. Device good for the emerging market and the budget conscious.
  • And so surely that makes this "big news" for them...no...? Why would "big news" need to be about a higher end device...? Frankly most of us who are on a budget didnt complain when the 9xx and 1020 were announced because we saw them as WP for people with a bit bigger budget. So now, don't trash talk on a blog about a budget phone just cos its not news which is perhaps relevant to yourself.
  • The word "big" gives me the impression of something innovative, something bold. Sure the 625 is big but not innovative nor bold. Could have just said something "new" instead.
  • It's a pretty big phone.
  • Sounds pretty much exactly what I expected when they teased a larger device weeks (months?) ago so all good!
    <Insert comment about lack of a cyan cover option here. Really annoyed Nokia seem to be ditching that colour or making it an exclusive. As nice as the yellow and red look, I've never felt I had a phone so personal to me until I had a cyan Lumia 900 and the lack of an upgrade path (unless it's a 520 (too low specced) or 620 (too small)) is a real shame.>
    Otherwise, this sounds like a great phone! If it's the same price as the 620 (around £150 on PAYG in the UK) then it'll be a winner. Perfect for people who don't have lots of a money but still want a big phone and also perfect for older folks who need a bigger screen but don't need all the bells and whistle that come with high-end devices. If my parent's Lumia 710s ever break, this would be the perfect option for them.
    201ppi is NOT crap, lol! Most laptops and desktop monitors don't even reach 140ppi and they're fine. Also, the HTC Titan had this exact screen size and resolution almost two years ago (It's crazy how ahead of the times HTC used to be, had a 16MP camera too iirc) and it actually looked fine. Obviously 300ppi is great, and I would prefer that in my phones now that I've had it on my 8X, but it's not really a deal breaker for most people.
    This isn't a phone for people who want high-end so to compare it to a 720p or 1080p screen of the same size isn't fair.
  • I disagree with the screen resolution. 4.7" it's a big screen to have only 800x480. I belive 800x480 it is good in screen until 4".  A 1280x768 suits better in this size of screen. Nokia Why not 1Gb of Ram?
  • And are you going to pay the manufacturers all the millions it will take to add in the features you listed so as to keep the price down for the budget consumer....?
  • If it gets more units shifted from a PAYG perspective, more WP users on board, Nokia's profile raised.. How can any of this be bad? Some people think everything released has to drip tech juice everywhere and miss the bigger picture.
  • I just wish it had 1 GB of RAM, but other than that this seems like a perfect midrange phone.
  • This is a good phone for my Mum! I'm pretty sure she'll appreciate that big, super-sensitive screen :)
  • People are starting to wake up. $700 phones are not a sustainable market.
  • OK, Nokia, you've released another goddam slab, but with a big goddam screen. Now how about just one muthafucken device with a keyboard FFS? Holy sweet Jesus my patience is running out. LOL!!! Well, let's wait until after the other storage debacle has gone the way of the disappearing keyboard bug first...
  • Big mid range phone but it's really a huge jump in display if that's true, 4.1" or 4.2" inch would make more sense compared to Lumia 620 because there needs to be phone with a normal size of the screen in the lineup. So what are the expactations for 525, 725, 825 ? 4.3", 4.5", 4.7" ?
    Also - the design is nice for the Lumia devices but am I the only one that (after 10 similar models) wants to see it tweaked a bit ? Time for a jump to 550, 650 etc. (or 777, 888, 999).
  • With the 52x devices selling so well, this one should be another hit with that huge screen and a low price point. Between this and the 1020, Nokia is making all the headlines lately.
  • With the detachable backs, I wonder if it'll have a wireless charging accessory?
  • Meeh...
  • If price nearly to Galaxy Grand or Duos(which is selling like a hot cake in india) then this big wiill be big win for nokia..
  • Changeable cases? Hope Nokia keep their word on this one and release those cases with phone. Still waiting for the cases to be released for my L620 here in India.
  • Nokia is in dire need to create bonafide branding for it's Lumia line because people still to this day associate Nokia with Trac-Phones sold at 7-11 and as the preferred cell phone amongst terrorists and drug dealers. The only way to create a brand is to get the product in as many hands as possible. When that happens, CNET, BGR, Endgadget and the rest of the internet tech fishwraps will no longer be able to continue ignoring it. You can't create a domino effect without knocking down that first domino
  • As someone pointed out , Samsung has been more in the news in India atleast for the Galaxy Grand rather than S4 and this phone priced competitively will give the Grand some trouble ...
    For those moaning on display parameters , Grand has a 5 inch screen with 187 dpi whereas 625 is a 4.7 inch with 201 dpi ...
    on the other hand ... this has slightly made it more confusing when choosing against a 720 ... 720 obviously has a much better camera, wireless charging  ... but a smaller screen , less powerful processor ... hmmm ... and considering that the price of a 720 is slightly lesser than galaxy grand ... where would the pricing of this be ?
  • People are forgetting something else, that is BIG! This phone is released now in August 2013(it will reach all markets by this time) and Windows will release 8 Blue in the begining of 2014, which will have 1 year support. So you'll have a brand new phone with one and a half year support?because of the budget specs it won't support next Windows after blue. Thats too little time. It will be exactly like users who bought WP 7 at the end cycle, they have almost no support, most of them are still crying on forums.
  • But as long as their apps are still working, most people won't care about the OS version number. I'm not a heavy app user, but the ones I really use are available on both WP7 and WP8, so there's not that much difference picking up my Lumia 800 or 720. App wise they do exactly the same job. It's not all about support from MSFT/ Nokia but also about app developer support.
  • it is a windows 7.5 phone with windows 8 on it
    why does microsoft not upgrade lumia 800 and 900 phones to
  • the phone has the same 5MP camera seen on Lumia 620,720 etc.?
    the picture quality is given same, still Video is 1080P!
  • The SOC(CPU + GPU) supports 1080p but the camera is the same bad one.
  • *512MB - No games
    *8GB - no free space
    *no hd and 4.7" screen - ugly high size screen
    = trash²
    I've spent  $400 on my L620 and  feel stolen by Nokia...
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 and 512MB RAm, 4G and expected price tag of 17000INR ( 280$) . This thing gonna be a sure hit after 520 and 720 in emmerging markets like india. i think i m gonna get one for my young brother.  and the fact ,512MB is good enough for 99% of apps makes it a real good deal.