Fusion: Sentient comes to Xbox Live on November 9 alongside Fusion: Genesis on Xbox 360

Microsoft is really starting to make true on the promises of connectivity between Xbox 360 and Windows Phone titles. This week’s Xbox Live release, Kinectimals allows gamers to transfer their personalized kitties to the console version and vice-versa. Next week we’re getting another ‘connected’ title in the form of Fusion: Sentient from developer Wahoo Studios (aka NinjaBee) and Microsoft Studios.

Fusion: Sentient is the portable companion to Xbox 360 title Fusion: Genesis (developed by Starfire Studios). Both titles release on the same day, but unlike Full House Poker, the Fusion games are much more distinct from each other. Sentient is a third-person strategy game. Visually, it closely resembles The Harvest but the gameplay is closer to BioWare RPGs like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic thanks to the turn-based nature of the combat.

Head past the break for more details on connectivity between Fusion: Sentient and Fusion: Genesis, screenshots, a trailer, and a free MP3 soundtrack.

Fusion: Sentient

The official Fusion: Sentient description:

“Customize and command powerful squadrons of advanced robots called Sentients, in this fast-paced, sci-fi, real-time strategy game. Battle your way across the galaxy to take on conquest missions, defensive stands, capture scenarios and survival rounds. Level up your Sentients on your Windows Phone and make them even more powerful. Gift Sentients to your friends or exchange Sentients with other players both on Windows Phone and Xbox 360 in the XBLA game, Fusion: Genesis.”

Fusion: Genesis

How about the console version? Sentient’s big brother, Fusion: Genesis comes to Xbox Live Arcade next week. Genesis is a science fiction-themed twin-stick shooter. The futuristic scenario involves multiple factions: humans, aliens, pirates, and filthy neutrals, all interacting and battling in space. At least with enemies you know where they stand, but with Neutrals, who knows? It sickens me.

Anyway, while Genesis is definitely a shooter, it borrows many elements from MMOs (trade system, mission structure, etc.) to create a lengthy and deep gameplay experience. Players can take on missions cooperatively in teams of four (online only), though any given ‘instance’ (level) will automatically be populated with up to 8 players, all doing their own thing. With over 100 different kinds of customizable ships and numerous types of missions to take on, the game shouldn’t be short on variety.


In Fusion: Genesis, Sentients are pet-like robots that follow players’ ships, not unlike the Mags in Phantasy Star Online. They fight alongside their owners and provide various helpful bonuses. Developing a Sentient in the Windows Phone game and then transferring it to Genesis is akin to the old Chao-raising minigames in the Sonic Adventure games (another Sega Dreamcast reference!). But Fusion: Sentient stands as its own full game with Xbox Live Achievements to boot, providing a much richer experience. Sentient is also the first mobile Xbox Live title to allow players to trade items with each other. Gotta love progress.

Both Fusion: Sentient and Fusion: Genesis debut on Wednesday, November 9. The Windows Phone title will cost $2.99 while the XBLA game is 800 Microsoft Points ($10). While you’re waiting, you can download the full Fusion: Genesis soundtrack for free in MP3 format right now!

Paul Acevedo

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