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Kinectimals to feature kinect-kitty, I mean connectivity

When gamers learned that Xbox 360 Kinect game Kinectimals is coming to Windows Phone, undoubtedly many of us wondered whether there would be connectivity between the two versions. Wouldn’t it be cool to take your existing Kinect kitty on the go?

A Microsoft representative shared these details with us:

“The answer is yes, Kinectimals for Windows Phone does share connectivity with the Kinectimals for Xbox 360 version. You can import your favorite pet to your Windows Phone from your Xbox 360 by simply holding the phone up to the TV screen and capturing the QR code from the pet. The phone will recognize the code and add the pet to the mobile experience. Players can export their favorite mobile pets into their Kinect for Xbox 360 Kinectimals game by holding their Windows Phone up to their Kinect sensor which will read the QR code assigned to their pet and add it to their console experience. If players are logged onto their WP and Xbox 360 consoles with the same Xbox LIVE credentials, this process will happen automatically.”

That’s great news for Kinect owners. Kinectimals’ connectivity isn’t exactly using your Windows Phone and a Kinect simultaneously to control an Xbox 360 game, but it is the first interaction between the two devices. The last time we saw Xbox 360 connectivity of any sort was in Microsoft Game Studios’ Full House Poker.

Kinectimals on Xbox 360 is a combination adventure title/mini-game collection/pet simulator in which players adopt an exotic kitten on a mysterious island. It’s targeted towards kids, but I enjoy most of the mini-games and the overall sense of progression as new areas of the island, items, and animals are unlocked. I do wish harm on the narrator though, as his voice should be illegal in civilized countries. Thankfully his blithering can be turned off! Anyway, the Windows Phone version retains just about everything the console version is known for and adds a few new elements into the mix too. We’ll have more details soon.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • this is pretty good news for the family. my kids love playing their kittens ;)also I'd love to see more cross-platform games incoming
  • FIIINNNAAALLLLYYY. This is what the platform needed. Even if it's not a game I particularly want, this is the sort of connectivity that proves you're taking the platform seriously as an addition to your home console.Nice to see MS moving in on the connectivity front. They might have said they would do as much before, but this is where the follow through is. Way better than the completely useless Fable 3 connection in Fable Coin Golf.
  • Great!!My neighboors kids all dream about bying iPhone5 when it arrives. And all of them love Kinectimals. They still dont get how this strange Windows Phone have anything to do with xbox....But If this works as promised, I know a quick demo of how you can take your kitten with you on the bus will make them think twice before giving Apple any more money :-)More games like this and we will win the kids over...
  • Is this a stand alone game or do you need to have an Xbox as well?
  • It's stand alone. You can just connect it to your xbox for extra features.
  • I like this. I wanted to see more connectivity between wp7 and xbox/kinect. I remembered the demo of kinect and wp7 with the kinect adventures. That idea is great. Use the phone as a touchscreen.