Fourteen new XBox Live titles heading to Windows Phone

We have already mentioned the new features heading to your Windows Phone Game Hub with the Mango update. Well the other shoe that dropped with that news is that fourteen new XBox Live titles are also headed to Windows Phone.

We know about Beards & Beaks: Cave Area, IonballEX and Fight Game: Rivals and to see what the other eleven titles are, hit the break.

Bug Village: A game where you build and nurture a colony of active ants and busy bees. You construct homes to attract the bugs and guide them to a gardne where they gather resources to expand your village.

Burn the Rope: Burn as much rope as you can in this challenging puzzle game. Sounds easy right? The challenge is that the flame only burns upwards so you'll have to tilt and turn your phone to keep the flame alive as it works its way around the various rope designs.

Chickens Can't Fly: Playing the role of a corporate scientist trying to determine if chickens are capable of answering critical questions such as: "Is there life after the butcher?" or "Does a frozen chicken get dizzy?"

Collapse: The blockbusting, color-matching excitement of “Collapse!” returns with award-winning game play, all-new customizable characters, and fantastic new foes.

Gravity Guy: In a world where the laws of gravity are broken, you play the role of a guy who was held captive for defying the rules. Your job, guide him through a world of impossible mazes, challenging gravity along the way.

Farm Frenzy 2: Manage a wild and wacky farm by growing grass, feeding chickens, collecting eggs and taking your produce to market.

Kinectimals Mobile: Not sure if this will be a companion game to the popular XBox 360 game but here you get to play with, care for and fall in love with your very own Kinectimal cub.

Mush: A puzzle platformer that gives you control over how your character feels. Change their emotions by drawing smiles and sad faces, and by rotating or shaking the Windows Phone. Mush will be a Windows Phone exclusive.

Orbital: Described as an addictive puzzle game that challenges you to destroy as many orbs as possible.

Text Twist 2: How many words can you form in two-and-a-half minutes with a handful of random letters? Figure out the combination with the most letters and move to the next level.

Toy Soldiers Boot Camp: Here you get to wage war on a tiny scale with four fun and addictive shooting gallery mini-games.

As always, we'll keep an eye out for these games and bring you reviews and spotlights on each.  So, any game stand out to you guys and gals?

Update: We were able to twist a few screenshots of Toy Soldiers Boot Camp out of Gamescom and added them to the mix.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • ok here we go,Toy Soldier= WOOT!! awsome Xbox arcade game!!burn the rope? dont we alredy have that game?buG village= also looks nice :)and the rest just looks like every other game we alredy have, still no RPG? :(
  • We don't have Burn the Rope, we have 'Burn it All!' which is similar, but based on those screenshots, completely different. :)
  • Good to see you here, Banstyle!
  • Still no Words with Friends...Tsk, tsk, tsk.
  • It wouldn't be a XBL game.And we have Alphajax!
  • Burn the Rope looks like it'll be difficult with capacitive buttons.Mush has potential, if it's anything like LocoRocoAlso, the B&B cave dlc doesn't count as a new title!
  • These titles are nothing to get excited about. But it is a step in the right direction.
  • well im excited for toy soldier!! maybe Bug vile
  • But it's not Toy Soldiers, it's just a shooting gallery...
  • did you find a vid ro screen shots? i cant find any other info any where :(
  • Working on getting some screenshots soon.
  • awsome, thanx :)
  • Isn't Chickens Can't Fly already available? And stop trying to push Alphajax as the best tile game available. It's not. Both Spell It and Words by Post are better. And Words by Post has cross platform play, both with iOS and Android.
  • *points at the Apple store* its that way
  • really -4? alot of Iphone trollers on this site huh! lol . *Points at apple store* --> its that way
  • I agree, words by post is better than Alphajax. It's big deal being able to play with people who have iOS and Android devices.
  • Chicken can't fly is the Live version of Chicken can't dream. Goes to show that if Microsoft turned you down for Live upgrade your game wasn't enough good and/or original. IonBallEX tomorrow is also an upgraded title.A couple of interesting titles there but overall nothing to XBL standard really. Really misuse of the brand Microsoft.And please would you stop releasing them one at the time?!
  • I'm tired of ranking down your impatient a$$ Microsoft blaming comments. Microsoft knows gaming so they will NOT disappoint, just have to be patient,parental controls are here and there will be many good games to take advantage. there are already some good games out from even before like assassins creed, the harvest,rise of glory ,twin blades and fruit through those and be happy.
  • Do you think I care about you ranking me down? If you don't have anything better to do go ahead. It's just stupid to always dismiss criticism, WP7 is great but has faults and pointing them out just shows I'm not a fanboy.Microsoft knows gaming, mobile gaming is a different beast. And I actually don't care about mature games, I leave those to my console. The point is even on the casual side the overall offering is weak. There are countless surveys that will tell you a lot of people use their phone for gaming. The Live brand might make WP7 appealing to them. When you advertise citing Xbox Live as a major feature you have to deliver and Microsoft isn't at the moment. There isn't another Joker after Mango, if Mango devices fail to attract customers then WP7 is in trouble. But I guess you're not open-minded enough to understand that. Just keep living in your fanboy bubble. And go ahead please, mark this comment down too.
  • You are indeed too impatient, dude. With any new console/platform launch, it takes time for big titles and franchises to arrive. This is due to both development time and install base - even Microsoft needs to wait for the right time to release a Halo WP7 game, for instance.As for releasing multiple games a week, that's probably a ways off. Believe it or not, they aren't just sitting around with 50 complete WP7 games, drip-feeding them to us as the pile of unreleased games gets bigger. They have to hold off on games sometimes in order to make sure every week actually gets a release. But as the platform grows, the number of Xbox Live games in development will increase and eventually they'll probably release 2 games a week fairly often. Look at XBLA on Xbox 360 as an example - it's common for 2 games to come out in a week, but it took years to get to that point.In other words, be patient.
  • couldn't be any better said than that. im tired of comments like that.
  • Well releasing Halo could have the same effect it had on the original Xbox, poeple bought it just for the game. Can you imagine a bundle with a Halo 360 console, matching Nokia Halo handset and Halo game on WP7. And we know MS can market these special limited edition consoles. They'll be laughing all the way to the number 1 smartphone spot. Halo!!! :)
  • Oh, a quality Halo game would definitely be attractive to console gamers. But you'll never see a proper bundle with an Xbox 360 and Windows Phone in the same physical package. Cell phones just cost too much in the US unless purchased with a contract.
  • You both get me wrong, I'm not asking for any Halo type of game, I probably wouldn't play it anyway as I don't think mobile gaming is for that.I'm talking about brand conception, XBL is associated with quality titles delivered on a regular basis. To someone buying into that there is a good possibility of being deceived. Take Croc Rally, why bother with releasing this game which was already poorly rated on iOS? Why not something that is actually appreciated instead? Why would you want a game known as poor associated with your brand?As for multiple releases a week, it's Microsoft themselves who promised 2-3 releases a week and are not delivering on it.Do you know many of the official list of LAUNCH titles are still not released? Go ahead, Bing/Google that list, you'll find at least 15 missing games. And they're not sitting on them?Like I said Mango has to succeed, if it doesn't then there's trouble. So every aspect has to be accounted for and sorry but Xbox Live is one of these aspects.And thanks Paul for not being rude.
  • I agree Tahiti Bod...All Microsoft is doing is building up on quantity instead of quality. If I wanted quantity, I would of purchased an iPhone.
  • WTF? so now you're saying that MS doesn't know quality?
  • WTF?? so now you're saying that MS doesn't know quality? u have seriously gone mad!
  • Cro-Mag Rally is getting an update soon that will (IMO) make it a much more worthy title. Why was it chosen at all? I guess they wanted a kart racer and the original publisher was easy to work with.Again, let's look to XBLA as an example. There have been plenty of lower-quality XBLA games over the years. But the good does outweigh the bad, so we tend not to think of stinkers like Star Trek DAC or Quake (which had potential but was priced into oblivion) when discussing XBLA.Where did you see Microsoft actually promise 2+ Xbox Live releases a week? I'd be interested in reading that. But they did stick with 2 a week for a while as they tried to build the number of games up after launch.It's true that many games announced prior to launch still haven't been released. I can't speak for every one of those games, but I do know for sure that MiniSquadron and Jet Car Stunts simply aren't done yet. A lot of games like those two are being developed by one single person and as a result they can take a lot of time to port and pass certification.
  • The 2+ release promise was made on the forums by a WP7 representative, a thread had started with complaints about game releases being sparse. Will try to find you that post, not sure they kept all the threads when redesigning the website and forums.
  • there's plenty of good games out and I pointed them out to u. no one is living in a fanboy bubble.
  • I am disappoint ...
  • 1st Farm Frenzy was cool cant wait for this updated xbox live variant.
  • Oddly enough I'm looking forward to Kinectimals the most. Touch screen gaming is still gimmicky to me. I've yet to play a touch screen game that could accurately replace dedicated hardware buttons. Plus having my fingers in the way is just annoying. Chances are I won't be bothered by the control scheme since Kinectimals is more about interaction than game play.
  • Depends on the game. I've played over 20 games of PES 2011 and have never felt the controls got in the way of enjoying the game. Of course not all games will play as well but I think they can work if done well. Hardware buttons for game play on a smartphone are going to be the exception, I'm afraid.
  • I really want to see Words With Friends. alphajax isnt nearly as good!
  • Its not just that....Everyone I know plays that game. How could MS compete if they don't realize WWF is one game their consumers want.
  • play words by post and STFU!!!
  • Why should I play something no-one else is playing. If MS doesn't get their phone together, I will be moving on to the other competitor.And before you think Im an Apple/Droid fanboy, I've been with Microsoft since Windows Mobile 4.5....Enough is enough.
  • What do you mean "no-one else"? There are a ton of people on it...not as many as WWF...and AlphaJax isn't quite there either...WWF needs stats...AlphaJax needs cross platform and Words by Posts needs a LIVE TILE!
  • What do you mean live tile? I get a tile and toast notifications
  • then tell them about it! these are just FAD games anyway. u are complaining to the wrong people. also if u want to see WWF then complain to the dev, most likely they are waiting until mango is released. gosh don't people have any patience anymore?
  • Microsoft is definitely aware that people want Words With Friends on WP7. I believe Zynga games will come to WP7 eventually, but possibly not until microtransactions are fully enabled in games (Beards & Beaks is currently an exception rather than the rule).
  • Paul, Daniel and whoever else runs this site... It's one thing people not agreeing on things and having quite the debate but I would like it if you could intervene when some users regularly insult others. There's a limit to every debate and it's lack of respect. Of course I'm pointing at elcapo24682 for comments he has made to me, Stryfeno1 and God knows who else.Again, it's everyone's right to have a different opinion, it's no one's right to be disrespectful and as this is your website it would be nice to keep it clean.
  • Oh boo-hoo Bob! If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!!
  • jaja thank you for that,sooo true.
  • yeah the BAN is not used enought here. lol *poits at Iphone central* its that way --> lol!!dunno if you guys notice , but most people posting on here NEVER post int he actual forum ... just a bunch of trollers or fan boys or grown man living in their parents basement and need to let out that frustration...**points at Android central* --> its that way. LMAO!! a man thats getting old quick... lol
  • Alright. Elcapo, please try to be more respectful of others' opinions. You may not agree with Bob or others, but that doesn't make their viewpoints invalid. Also, let's avoid directly insulting each other.
  • Its Mango fever!
  • I hate Avocado... the vegetable.. LMAO!! im just playing... ;)
  • Argh! Like I didn't hear that in kindergarten. :P
  • Cant wait for some of the games
  • I wont comment on how everyone is yelling at it each other all I can say is a representive from wp7 they wanted to get UP to 2 games a week on xbl for the wp7 not that it was promised kinda of like the marketplace on the xbox when it first came out it we went about 6-8 weeks without games coming out and everyone thought it was a failure as well. BUt people saying abuot quality titles iphone has been out for roughly 5 years while wp7 hasnt been a single year and for xbl titles it takes quite a bit more work as added achievements tested them through a server and adding leaderboards *that connect to xbl friends list* and for quite a few games having 1-7 people is a normal mobile phone team size can be quite alot of extra work, besides microsoft does put it in a longer certification for those titles then most (why some updates take awhile as we seen to go through). But on that end I admit cro-mag isn't that great of a title but at that end you have a week with with 0 titles ready to go through and a game ready to be put out there go ahead and add it. Better then a gameroom title *as these are used for fillers as we have time pilot and shu-ling road or whatever its called waiting to be added*, and looking over the last few months to a year on xbla its almost always 1 game a week.
  • I actually really want both of those Game Room titles to come out. But they should either both come out the same week (giving gamers some choice) or alongside a proper WP7 title.
  • agreed, this could actually become a regular thing if they make more Game Room titles and release them with another XBL game to give some gamers choice to get either or both. I guess I can live with 1 a week as long as there are no more sodding US-only's.