Kinect integration with Windows Phone Mango

So this is pretty neat, Kinect working with Windows Phone. We've seen previously how the Kinect and WP7 can communicate (opens in new tab) but in the above video you can see the input from the Kinect device being sent to the WP7 emulator and actually manipulating an on-screen figure reflecting the user's movements/position. This could prove to be a massive advancement for both WP7 and Xbox as a gaming console. Windows Phone would receive more attention from console owners with extra integration and the Xbox would boast a 3rd controller (sporting a screen).

What's great about this is if we take an example of a title for the Xbox 360 - Fifa. Playing using the Kinect sensor would be enough enjoyment, but there's room for the WP7 handset with player control via tilt. Shooting, passing and crossing the ball could be achieved by the direction and force of a leg swing. No need for a bulky 360 controller. The WP7 device could show information on-screen such as the radar, player information and more giving the big screen less UI clutter. It would also improve menu navigation and quick management of the team instead of waving at your TV.

More genre examples could be thrown in including driving games, where tilting your body would act as the steering, while the player's left and right thumbs act as acceleration and braking respectively on the WP7 device. In this scenario, we could save big screen space with putting the radar on the handset as well as a mirror and possibly more.

For the time being, however, it's required that a PC and the phone be on the same network with the PC running software for integration to be achieved. Should this new introduction of video game interaction take off, we could possibly see the PC removed from the equation leaving the Xbox console to handle everything.

What do you guys think? Too much or a real possibility?

Via: WPSauce

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • * screams like a little girl* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!i think its possible , no reason they cant do it . and this would be awesome!!! now that’s Xbox live integration for yeah!!!! (something the wp7 is lacking is Xbox live integration )
  • This is a big advantage that i think others makes dont have. Sony PS3 > no phone (yet)Android > No gaming consoleiPhone > no gaming consoleWp7 > XBOX > PC - perfect ecosystem.BB > i dont need to say anything.x)
  • Could not agree more, it seems Microsoft really have screwed their heads on properly the past year with bringing all the platforms together. The most subscribed games console available to-date with our beloved mobile OS sounds like a killer combination.
  • Sony and Apple could quite easily fix that with their respective Xperia Play and Apple TV.Though yes, Microsoft seem to be the first to nail down a cohesive ecosystem.
  • Apple TV just hasn't been adopted enough to matter yet.
  • don't forget the cloud too.. XD
  • Amazing,all I can say is Amazing, I just wish it was NOW!!! not just a thought.
  • Now lets see what they do with this.They need to come up with an AWESOME game so people want to use this.(Im afraid they will add this to the Avatar and be happy with that.)And it would be good if they could step on the gaspedal and get it out first before someone else steals this right before their nose like so many times before.
  • I would say go for it!!Microsoft is all about integration nowadays.. I hope that they push these things to the limit.. or should I say to infinity and beyond!!
  • Bring on the CO-OP GAMING! I would love to see games like CODBO, Driving and Shooting Games, and the like where one person is using an XBox 360 doing one task and you could have one or more support person playing on their phone to assist in accomplishing tasks. Portal 2 type coop gaming comes to mind. It could be very interesting especially if MS produces first party games that take full advantage of the ecosystem.
  • There is one thing that is still missing: actual games that can be played, in whole or part, on any of the three screens.Two possibilities, not mutually exclusive:I would love to be able to play a game on one screen, then later continue my progress on another screen.I would also love to see more games with screen-specific portions that can all optionally be used to progress through the game. Let's go beyond what Crackdown 2 offered.
  • MS has already demoed this: Question is what are they waiting for to bring this to WP7? Havent heard a word of this since the demo was revealed, will this be another tech that will fade into oblivion?
  • Just add Kinect to the Phone hardware. It would be great if they could miniturize the 3 kinect sensors and put them front facing on the phone. One camera would do double duty as a regular front facing camera. Then adjust the software from full body metrics to hand or fingers metrics. You could write games and Apps that interface hand gestures. (That could brind air guitar to a whole new level)
  • think broader, not just controller:first I'd like a wp7 remote app that controls the xbox entirely. yes, kinect does, but the wp7 app would include keyboard and other capabilities that the kinect/360 remote don't have.second, the '2nd screen' of wp7 could display info like the previous game's stats, even if you're in the next game. Or info on other players, friends list, chat, etc that doesn't interrupt your game. or if your phone knows the movie you're watching on xbox, brings up IMDB or that movie's trivia, actor list, etc.third, pushing content (like Airplay) from wp7 to xbox. It's the only Apple tech I really want on the windows ecosystem. there's a lot more, just don't think only about gaming.
  • This sounds like a great idea! Too be honest, I thought this was already mentioned before? I coulda sworn it was in some of the Kinect or maybe WP7 debut trailers. It also sounds like a decent response to the WiiU, very similar, but I would like it better this way.
  • It was all a matter of time.