Action Center

A future update for Windows 10 will reportedly make some big changes to the operating system's Action Center user interface, along with Cortana. The report claims that Microsoft will replace the current static information with more interactive card-style interfaces.

Card UI concepts

According to Winbeta's sources:

The goal here is that more areas of the system will share a common set of shared actions that can be accessed in more ways than one. Cortana will talk to the Action Center more and vice-versa, offering personalized content cards meaning you'll never miss an appointment or notification. Sources also say Microsoft is toying with bringing filters to the Action Center, which would give the user a choice between notifications filtered by insights, for example. This would allow notifications to be grouped under certain app types, making it easy to organize what notifications you want to see.

The article also claims that Windows 10 apps will also be able to offer information and actions that can be used by the revamped card UI There's no word on when these changes will be put into the OS. Microsoft is apparently still designing the UI, with concept images shown in the report.