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Gameboy Pocket emulator coming to Windows Phone Marketplace soon [Screenshots]

For those of you who remember Warrio's Jewels (WJ7), a sideloaded/homebrew Gameboy emulator, you'll be pleased to know that it has been renamed to 'Purple Cherry' and is on its way to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Yes this is from the same developer who brought us the Sega Gamegear emulator, Sonic's Jewels which was later renamed to 'Blue Tomato' (due to copyright infringement). In trying to avoid the same legal issues, the developer has opted for a renaming and rebranding before submission this time and the emulator is expected to pass.

New images show that Purple Cherry is using the same design as Blue Tomato, something we're all for as it has an excellent layout with bold, clear fonts and UI elements. What's more, many fixes and improvements have gone into this updated emulator with more games running smoothly now e.g. Kid Icarus, WarioLand 2 and better Pokemon playability. In addition, SkyDrive support is there too allowing easy loading of ROMs to the emulator.

No word on pricing but we bet the same $1.49 price range can be expected. We'll follow up more as we get closer to release.

Source: Facebook

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Yay !!
  • Can't wait!
  • Would love to see a GBA emulator (android friend keeps showing his off), but this is a great start! 
  • I read something on this developers facebook page that they had tried the GBA emulation but the frame rates were bad or they had some other issues. 
    So maybe this might not be possible until Apollo? Either that or they just have some more issues to iron out. Hopefully they fix them soon because that would be amazing to have on the marketplace.
    Going by the fact that they have made 2 available now and discussed GBA, I'm sure it will come in the future at some point (hopefully because the quality of these apps are great)
  • I have also heard from developers that 16-bit emulation will have to wait until Apollo. Even then it might not function very well we just have to wait and see.
    Thank god I still have my Xperia Play which takes care of all my gaming needs. Probably will never use the Lumia for gaming. Why should I even. Xperia Play rocks at emulation even PS1 games are emulated in full speed.
  • Same
  • When are we getting 16-bit emulators cause I love the 8-bit era but we need Super NES please!
  • Maybe with Apollo. Maybe...
  • Dual core my friend, 16-bit is coming with Apollo I bet
  • I'd love to see a series of these classic system emulators coming out with the same theme (gba, nes, snes, psone). even better, eventually an all-in-one emulator app that combines them all (i'd gladly pay $5 for that any day)
  • I hope so cause I would love to play Super Mario World
  • Nice. :-)
  • Shoot, this reminds me have a bunch of old cartridges in would I access the roms necessary to emulate these games? Do I need a special adapter/reader or is it better to try and download the files for the games that I own?
  • since you already have the cartridges, its probably easier to just go search and download the roms
  • I wish we could Bluetooth a ps3 controller to our phones
  • I wonder what is the yellow pineapple is. SNES? or PS1?
  • I was wondering that myself.
    Atari Lynx, maybe? =D
  • Gotta be game boy or nes maybe. Vnes could sure use some competition
  • Duur this is game boy. I meant gba
  • Will this be able to play .gbc roms?
  • It can only play the gbc roms that were backwards compatible with pocket/gameboy which there are only a few of. That is if the emulator accepts that file. I hope Samuel can update the emulator to game boy color as it is still an 8bit console according to Wikipedia.