Destiny 2 is FINALLY doing something about those infuriating blue drops

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What you need to know

  • Destiny 2 developer Bungie has announced its intent to get rid of blue gear drops for players at or above the Power Level soft cap (currently 1,520), replacing them with the amount of Glimmer you'd normally get for discarding them.
  • This change comes after years of players complaining about useless blue drops, as the "Rare" loot always has terrible stats and fewer perks than Legendary items.
  • Since dismantling blue gear also gave players some Gunsmith reputation, Bungie will increase the other sources of Gunsmith reputation gain by 25% to compensate for their absence.
  • This change goes into effect next week on the weekly reset of January 24, 2023.

If you play Destiny 2 even somewhat regularly, you know just how annoying blue gear drops can be. Ironically labelled as "Rare," these weapons and armor pieces have terrible stats and fewer perks compared to purple Legendary gear, yet also have a frustratingly common drop rate. They can help you get up to the game's Power Level soft cap (currently 1,520), but this only takes a few hours at most, and once you reach this point, you can only increase your Power Level with Legendary Powerful and Pinnacle Gear drops.

As a result of this, blue drops don't serve any purpose other than to clog up and clutter your inventory space, forcing you to waste time deleting them every single time they drop. More problematically, they can also push valuable items like Legendary gear pieces, Exotics, and materials for weapon crafting or masterworking out of your Postmaster if both it and your inventory are full, as the Postmaster automatically deletes old items to make room for new ones. And while it's true that players shouldn't let their Postmaster fill up at all, it's absurd that a useless blue can cause the deletion of Exotic Engrams or other valuable drops.

Because of how insanely annoying blue drops have been for years at this point, the Destiny 2 community has been begging developers at Bungie to implement some sort of solution. Today, that solution was revealed: a complete removal of blue drops for any player at or above the Power Level soft cap.

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That's right — after next week's January 24 weekly reset, blue gear will no longer drop for you if you're at 1,520 Power Level or higher. Instead, players will get the same amount of the basic Glimmer currency that they'd normally get from deleting blue gear anyway. Notably, Bungie said that it may have missed some blue gear sources when introducing this change, so players are encouraged to report blue drops on the Bungie Help Forums if they occur while they're over 1,520 Power.

Since dismantling blue gear also provides players with a small amount of reputation for the Gunsmith Banshee-44, other Gunsmith reputation sources have been boosted by 25% to compensate. Thus, leveling up Banshee-44 shouldn't be more difficult to do after the update than it is now.

Goodbye, blues...and good riddance.

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