Destiny 2 is practically giving away this god roll DPS weapon for free

The Taipan-4fr Linear Fusion Rifle
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What you need to know

  • Developer Bungie added a quest to Destiny 2 with the launch of Season of the Plunder that essentially gives players access to a god roll Linear Fusion Rifle for free.
  • The quest can be started by visiting the Relic Conduit at The Enclave.
  • The quest's reward, the Taipan-4FR, comes with all of its weapon patterns unlocked and can be reshaped with the legendary combo of Triple Tap and Firing Line.

Having strong DPS weapons is important if you're planning on taking on Destiny 2's PvE endgame, as dealing top-tier damage in boss fights allows you to farm loot faster and complete pieces of pinnacle content more efficiently. Linear Fusion Rifles have been popular DPS options for awhile now since they have great ammo economy and incredible critical hit damage, and with the launch of Destiny 2's Season of the Plunder, developer Bungie has introduced a new questline (available to all players) that practically gives you a god roll Linear Fusion Rifle for free.

That questline is a tutorial for Destiny 2's crafting system that was added with The Witch Queen expansion, and players can start it by visiting the Relic Conduit at The Enclave (you can unlock it by completing the free Destiny 2: The Witch Queen campaign missions if you haven't already). Here, they'll be tasked with Foundry Resonance and later, Foundry Shaping. These are series of quest steps that illustrate how to craft weapons, tweak them, and level them up in Destiny 2.

Players only need to kill enemies with the weapons provided and take them through a few quick activities to finish the pursuit, and when they do, they'll be left with Season of the Plunder's new Taipan-4FR Linear Fusion Rifle and the ability to reshape it. This means that players can alter the weapon at the Relic and choose any of its perks without needing to perform Resonance Extractions.

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While you'll need to spend a little time leveling up your Taipan-4FR by killing enemies to actually choose most of its perks when reshaping it, doing so is well worth it because of how insane the weapon's perk pool is. There are several amazing traits to choose from in both columns, with the first including Triple Tap, Clown Cartridge, and Ensemble, and the second featuring Firing Line, Focused Fury, Frenzy, and Box Breathing. 

Of these, the best overall combination is Triple Tap and Firing Line, which will allow you to fire tons of damage-buffed rounds before needing to reload as long as you're near teammates and keep landing consecutive critical hits on your target. Note that since the Taipan-4FR is also a Veist weapon, it intrinsically takes advantage of the Veist Stinger Origin Trait that gives it a small chance to instantly reload your magazine whenever you deal damage. If you get lucky enough for it to proc, your ability to dish out as much damage as possible before needing to reload will be improved even more.

Between the Taipan-4FR's amazing perk options and its Veist Stinger Origin Trait, it's no doubt up there with Cataclysmic, Reed's Regret, and Stormchaser as one of the best Linear Fusion Rifles in the game for endgame PvE content like Raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls. Unlike those alternatives, though, the god roll of the Taipan-4FR is essentially free, so every player should go get it in preparation for the reprised King's Fall Raid as well as the challenges that await Guardians in the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion coming in Feb. 2023.


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