Destiny 2 players blitz Eliksni Quarter community event in just one day thanks to crazy glitch

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What you need to know

  • The latest Destiny 2 community event, an Eliksni Quarter-themed quest called "A Rising Tide" that aims to improve the location, has been completed by players in a single day.
  • This was possible thanks to a powerful glitch that allows players to get infinite Treasure Coordinates, one of the currencies that can be used for donations.
  • In addition to improving the quality of life of allied Fallen in the Eliksni Quarter, contributing to the event also gives players an opportunity to earn rewards like upgrade materials and a unique Ghost Shell cosmetic.
  • Even though the event's goals have been reached, players can still donate and earn individual rewards. Therefore, the glitch should be taken advantage of while it still works, as developer Bungie may patch it.

Destiny 2's community events are exciting times where all of the game's players come together to cooperate and achieve common goals. The latest community event, dubbed "A Rising Tide," went live on November 22 and challenges Guardians to donate a total of 400,000,000 in-game currencies to help improve the Eliksni Quarter, a section of the Last City where the allied Fallen of House Light have taken refuge. In addition to improving House Light's quality of life, contributing towards the event also gives players access to some valuable rewards, including upgrade materials, Upgrade Modules, and a unique Ghost Shell cosmetic.

Based on the massive final goal and the grindy nature of the event, it's clear that developer Bungie expected that this event would take at least a week or two for Destiny 2 fans to finish. However, players have managed to blitz through it in a single day thanks to an incredibly powerful glitch that allows you to obtain an infinite amount of Treasure Coordinates, one of the currencies you can use to donate.

The Ether Tank bar in Destiny 2's Eliksni Quarter, now spruced up with decorations. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The exploit is incredibly simple to perform, and all it requires is Season of Plunder's Captain's Atlas item and the "Under One Banner" and "Rumored Treasure Map" Skeleton Key upgrades, available from the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M. hub space. First, slot any available treasure map except for the Rumored Treasure Map into your Captain's Atlas. Then, slot in the Rumored Treasure Map. This is where the glitch takes effect, as you'll be refunded more Treasure Coordinates than you originally spent on the first map you slotted. By rapidly repeating this process over and over, you can gain an infinite number of Treasure Coordinates without ever having to grind activities.

Note that you need to make sure you've got a regular treasure map in your Captain's Atlas when you donate a full stack of Treasure Coordinates. This will allow you to continue generating more of the currency with the glitch after you deposit it. If you accidentally turn in all of your Treasure Coordinates while the Rumored Treasure Map is active, you'll need to grind a few activities until you have enough to buy a standard treasure map again.

Even though the event has been completed, players can continue contributing to the donation chest at The Tower. Therefore, you should take advantage of this glitch while you can in order to snag all the event's rewards, as there's a chance Bungie might patch it soon. After all, having some spare upgrade materials on hand when the Destiny 2: Lightfall DLC releases will be helpful.


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