How to find Danny Weaver, the Textiles Vendor, in The Division 2, and why you need to visit him every week

Danny Weaver, the Textiles Vendor in The Division 2
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Recent updates

Update March 19, 2024: With the release of Title Update 20.2 (TU 20.2) a fix has been applied to Danny Weaver to stop him restocking twice a week. Going forward it will be a one and done, so if you've been hitting him more than once, you won't be able to anymore. 

The Division 2 received a new vendor with the release of Title Update 20.1 (TU 20.1) from Tuesday, February 20, finally giving players a real way to spend their Textiles currency every week. 

Up to now, Textiles have been able to buy a small selection of in-game cosmetics through the store, but most of the best ones have been held behind real cash. As a result, players have built up a ridiculous stash of Textiles with nothing to actually use them on. 

That changed when Danny Weaver joined the game in TU 20.1, offering a limited quantity of caches for purchase in exchange for Textiles every week. He's a wandering vendor, similar to the Gun Runner, Cassie Mendoza, popping up in a different location on the map every week. The gear you can get from Danny Weaver is also superb, so you'll want to make sure you're paying him a visit. 

Here's how to find him.  

How to find the Textiles Vendor in The Division 2

The Snitch is the key to everything. (Image credit: Windows Central)

It isn't too difficult to find the new vendor, but it's also not a case of just opening up the map and going to a location. Danny Weaver, like Cassie Mendoza, won't just be visible on the world map each week. You have to find him. 

However, the good news is that you'll be able to find both the Gun Runner and the Textiles Vendor at the same time. They're not necessarily in the same location, but you have to find The Snitch to get to both vendors now. 

Once you find The Snitch, you'll get a location for Danny Weaver on the world map.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Snitch location changes every week, too, though by now there are enough resources available on the web to help you narrow down where to find him. Finding him will unlock the location of the Textiles Vendor now in addition to our favorite weapon salesperson. 

Once you find The Snitch, Danny Weaver will be highlighted on the map with a shopping cart icon alongside Cassie Mendoza. It's also worth remembering that, like the Gun Runner, the Textiles Vendor will reset on a Wednesday every week. This is a day later than all other vendors in The Division 2 reset. 

How to get Textiles and what you can buy from Danny Weaver 

Danny Weaver will take your Textiles in exchange for a variety of caches.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The reason most players in The Division 2 have so many Textiles right now is because they're awarded when opening Apparel Caches if the item inside is something you already have in your inventory. If, like me, you're in a position where you have almost every item in the standard Apparel Cache loot pool (seriously, when am I going to unlock the final item that I don't have) then you'll be getting Textiles regularly. 

The new Textiles Vendor will offer a limited number of caches per week for you to spend them on instead of cosmetic items from the in-game store. From what we've seen so far these will be Exotic Caches, Named Item Caches, Optimization Caches, Field Proficiency Caches, Conflict Caches, and Crafting Material Caches. 

But, thanks to an early message in the game, it also looks like we'll be able to buy new arm patches from the Textiles Vendor, too. These weren't discussed during the reveal stream for Year 5 Season 3 Vanguard, and as of the few couple of weeks in the game, we still don't have any further information on these. 

Vendor stock resets and high-rolled gear

Danny Weaver seems to dish out highly-rolled gear, so he's definitely worth visiting weekly.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Like Cassie Mendoza, Danny Weaver is only open for a short time before closing again.

Danny Weaver also seems to sell caches filled with very high-rolled gear, which is perhaps the best reason to visit as many times as you can in a week. The image above, for example, shows a pair of Palisade gloves which dropped from a cache I bought from him. As you can see, they're god rolled, with max stats in all three categories, including critical hit chance and damage. 

Not everything seems to come out with max rolls, but all pieces of gear so far have been dropping with extremely high stats in each slot. So make sure you're opening those Apparel Caches and stocking up on Textiles, there's now a really good way to spend them. 

So, that's how to find the new Textiles Vendor and what, right now at least, we'll be able to purchase. It's a positive addition to The Division 2, though, finally offering players a genuinely useful outlet to spend years worth of built-up Textiles.

It's unlikely you'll run out of Textiles any time soon, and since the vendor has a limited stock every week, it's basically free gear for the foreseeable future. 

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