If you've spent Premium Credits in The Division 2 and didn't get your items, don't panic, a fix is on the way

The in-game store in The Division 2
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Update Feb. 13 5 a.m. ET: The game has been taken down this morning for a period of maintenance to fix the issues detailed in this post, per the social media announcement below. 

Original post follows. 

What you need to know

  • Since the release of TU20 and the new Season 3 Vanguard in The Division 2 there seems to be a recurring issue relating to spending premium credits. 
  • Premium credits are spent on cosmetic items and the premium battle pass for the season, but hitting buy doesn't seem to automatically deliver the items at the moment. 
  • Don't panic too much, though, you haven't been ripped off. 

It's been a big week for The Division 2 players with the launch of Year 5 Season 3 Vanguard and its accompanying Title Update 20 with the first batch of Project Resolve changes. But there are a few issues going on, some of which relate to exotic items, but also to spending real life money. 

Premium Credits are the in-game currency you pay actual money for and are used to buy cosmetic items, like the new Lovebirds bundle, and the premium track of the Season Pass. But right now, spending those credits doesn't appear to actually give you the items you've paid for, which is alarming. It's happened to me now twice since the new season went live, but don't panic. 

You haven't been ripped off. 

I paid for the new Lovebirds bundle and then panicked because I didn't seem to own it, but you don't need to be like me.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

I bought the new Lovebirds bundle, the Valentine's themed cosmetic pack, and when I went back to my apparel inventory, it wasn't there. Nowhere to be found. Did the purchase actually fail? Not according to the store, which showed I owned it. So where were my hot new pink threads?! 

Naturally, I hit social media to ping the game's support accounts, and to their credit received a response fairly quickly. 

This was initially on Tuesday, Feb. 6, and lo and behold, the items did eventually show up after some hours. But I tried again during the afternoon of Feb. 8 with a different purchase, and the same thing happened again. This time it took until the morning of Feb. 9 when I logged in to check before the items showed up, despite playing the game for too many hours in the evening of the same day. 

So, the tl;dr is not to panic. There are issues with the backend services that handle dishing out purchases, but your stuff should eventually arrive. If it doesn't, per the post above, hit the link to the support portal and get yourself a ticket raised. It's worrying when you're talking about purchases with real money, I totally get that. I've been there, but eventually all came good in the end. Alternatively, hang off buying things for a few more days and see if they manage to get the issues sorted out. 

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