Microsoft was AWOL for end-of-year Xbox stats for 2022, so this cool tool stepped up

Example of My Year on Xbox graphic
(Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • #MyYearOnXbox is a popular hashtag right now on gaming Twitter with everyone sharing their year's gameplay stats on the Xbox.
  • The graphic closely mimics the Playstation wrap-up and is made by TrueAchievements by logging in or registering for an account.
  • The infographic tool has proved so popular that it had to be disabled temporarily for fixes following 20,000 new registrations to the website.

The social media marketing trend of giving subscribers end-of-year stats is a no-brainer for easy advertising, with Spotify leading the charge on the #Wrapped trend, other subscription services now clamor to get their own out for end of year. Even gaming brands are in on the action with PlayStation launching its 2022 Wrap-Up and Nintendo with its Year in Review. 

Xbox this year is notably absent again from the trend and has shown no interest in putting together a wrap-up for their audience, but thanks to the team at TrueAchievements you can get a cool infographic knocked up in a couple of clicks that is closely modeled off the Playstation format. 

How to get your #MyYearOnXbox stats

Simply head on over to TrueAchievements #MyYearOnXbox and log in with your Xbox account to get a cool infographic showing your highlights from 2022. You'll get:

  • Achievements earned
  • Total Gamerscore earned this year
  • Number of games played
  • Hours spent playing
  • Your top game of 2022 and hours spent
  • Your completion percentage of your top game

Then simply click to share on Twitter, Reddit or download to keep and send to anyone you wish. I was pleasantly surprised with my own statistics considering small children have hindered my play this year, but my stats still show how many hours I plowed into Elden Ring against the odds.

The tool has proved so popular it has already crashed a number of times, at time of writing this article we were receiving an error message that TrueAchievements were working on a fix. Showing that there is a clear demand for this service and even more mind-boggling that Xbox hasn't created its own. 

TrueAchievements MyYearOnXbox

(Image credit: TrueAchievments)

TrueAchievements are a handy website that track your achievements and individual gamerscore for your games, and publishes guides on how to obtain any achievements you may be missing on your goal to 100% completion. In 2019 when Microsoft stopped taking part in the summary trend, they also created a #MyDecadeOnXbox tool showing player stats from 2010-2019, so they know how to please the fanbase when Microsoft seemingly drop the ball. Today they shared that over 20,000 new gamers had registered on the platform just to use its #MyYearOnXbox tool.

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Lets hope this years popularity sends a message to Xbox that its fans want their own for 2023. 


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