TrueAchievements lets you analyze your decade history on Xbox

Xbox One Controllers
Xbox One Controllers (Image credit: Daniel Rubino | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft isn't holding its annual "Year in Review" for 2019.
  • It allowed you to look at your statistics for the entire year and see which games you played most.
  • Luckily, TrueAchievements is holding a "My Decade on Xbox" event.
  • You can go here and see how you did the past 10 years.

Every year, Microsoft holds a "Year in Review" event where you can go to the console manufacturer's Xbox website and check out how you did over the past year. You can view your best achievement, most-played game, and more. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to not do that for 2019. Luckily, TrueAchievements was able to save the day.

Today, the outlet announced that it's doing a "My Decade on Xbox" event. Just go to the proper TrueAchievement's page here, sign on with your Xbox Live account, and you're good to go. You'll be able to see the number of games you've played over the past 10 years and much more. Our favorite statistics has to be the value of games. No wonder we're always broke!

How did you stack up? Let us know.



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