Remnant 2 developers thank players and outline upcoming bug fixes

Remnant 2
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What you need to know

  • Gunfire Games released Remnant 2 on July 25.
  • Ben Gabbard, Development Director for Remnant 2, posted a blog post on the Remnant 2 website thanking players for their support.
  • Gabbard addressed several bugs and issues in Remnant 2 that the development team were currently working on addressing, including some that limited or blocked progression.

Developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox, Remnant 2 released just a few days ago on July 25, receiving a generally favorable and positive reception from critics (including our own Remnant 2 review) and players alike. The game managed to get its hooks into players despite some glaring issues with progression blocking bugs and potential concern about its reliance on upscaling tech for better framerates. Just 3 days after launch a blog post appeared on the Remnant 2 website penned by Ben Gabbard, the development director for Gunfire Games.

In the post Gabbard thanks the fans of Remnant for supporting the game at launch, stating that the enthusiasm for Remnant 2 was "truly inspiring" while also addressing efforts from the team to tackle the bugs and issues players have been experiencing. 

We know that encountering bugs and glitches can be frustrating and can hinder your excitement for the game. We take these issues incredibly seriously, and our team is working to identify and address these issues as quickly as possible.

Ben Gabbard, Gunfire Games

According to Gabbard the team at Gunfire Games have already addressed issues with progression blocking bugs in the Labyrinth and Nightweaver's Web along with another issue in the Waterharp Puzzle. A list of additional bug fixes currently under investigation by the developers included fixes for crashes caused on higher end systems, overall performance concerns, additional progression blockers and missing items, and concerns regarding the trait system. 

Other unaddressed concerns include Remnant 2 being completely broken on Intel Arc graphics cards, but thankfully there is a workaround that can help with that in the meantime. Remnant 2 also struggles on the Steam Deck, despite being Steam Deck verified. Gabbard has commited Gunfire Games to continuing efforts to refine and improve Remnant 2, but there is no timeline as of yet as to when players can expect patches and bug fixes to roll out.

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