Remnant 2 is broken on Intel Arc graphics cards but there's a fix

Intel Arc A770 with Arc neon light
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What you need to know

  • Remnant 2 is currently available early to buyers of its ultimate edition but those using Intel Arc graphics have been hit with severe visual bugs. 
  • The developer has identified the issue and is rolling out a fix for general launch, but it can be applied right now though the betas tab on Steam. 
  • Remnant 2 launches to all on July 25. 

I was supposed to be writing our Remnant 2 review, but I had to pass it along to a colleague because of some simply horrendous performance and visual bugs. My crime? Using an Intel Arc A770 graphics card it seems. 

Fortunately, Gunfire Games has identified a rendering problem specific to Arc and is in the process of rolling out a fix for the general release of the game on July 25. But for those with early access through purchasing the ultimate edition (so not just us grumpy reviewer types), the fix can be applied right now through Steam.

Ar750 Graphics Card owners from r/remnantgame

While the Reddit post above only mentions the Arc A750, I've successfully applied it on my gaming PC with an Arc A770 and, at least so far, it seems to have fixed the problem. The streaks and artifacts visible at every turn whether using an upscaler or not have gone, and whether intentional or as a byproduct, performance seems to have stabilized.

If you're affected, here's how to apply the beta on Steam.

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1. Right click on Remnant 2 in your library.
2. Select Properties.
3. Select Betas.
4. From the Beta Participation dropdown box, choose "arc750_beta".

Steam will now download and apply the patch and you should now have a game to play the way it was intended. The visual bugs were so bad for me they were giving me a headache and it made the game completely unplayable. Things are much better now. 

The developers have also promised further work on overall performance and optimization. As we've highlighted in our review in progress, Remnant 2 is ultimately a very good game that's currently being let down on PC by performance issues such as these. Props to Gunfire Games for jumping on it though and getting fixes rolling quickly. 

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