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Healer class in remnant 2 with all abilities listed
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Once you've obtained ten traits from either collecting Tomes of Knowledge or collecting them from boss fights in Remnant 2, your character will unlock the ability to use a second archetype. You might be wondering how exactly you get a second one. Don't worry; it confused me a bit too.

I got to grips with the game to write my Remnant 2 review, so I've become familiar with the process. If you have trouble finding the people listed below, use the 3D map to locate them. Hovering over the blue icons on the map will reveal who that character is.

In every instance, you'll need to obtain some item and convert it to an engram by heading to Wallace. He's the person who gave you the first class at the beginning of the game. All items cost 1000 scrap to convert into an engram and some another 1500 to buy. So keep a few extra scrap lying around if you're getting ready to unlock your second class/archetype.

Standard classes


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You'll need to grab the Old Metal Tool from Reggie. He's near the beginning of the right path that leads up to Wallace. He's sitting next to Mudtooth playing chess. Talk to him and ask him what he has to trade. He'll have the Old Metal Tool on sale for 1500 scrap in his inventory.

Take this and bring it to Wallace, the man you met for your first archetype. He's up the flight of stairs in the crane. Give him 1000 scrap, and he'll turn the item into a Steel Enswell you can now equip.


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Head over to Brabas by the gun range; he's generally leaning on a post near it. Trade 1500 scrap for his War Medal. Trade this into Wallace, and for 1000 scrap, he'll give you the Sniper War Medal back.


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Head over to Mudtooth, the guy playing chess beside Reggie, on your way to Wallace. Talk with him to unlock his ability to trade, then buy the Old Whistle. Take it over to Wallace, and give it to him along with 1000 scrap to obtain the Silent Whistle engram.


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Another easy one to grab. Talk to Dr. Norah; she's over on the far side of the compound in the medial area. Trade with her and buy the Medic Pin for 1500 scrap. Run to our buddy Wallace with 1000 scrap and turn it into the Caduceus Idol. Enjoy one of the best classes, Medic.

Secret classes


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I found this one entirely by accident. Talk with Mudtooth; he's the other guy playing chess by Reggie. When talking with him, you'll have the chance to listen to one of his stories, and let me tell you, there are.. a lot. However, he gives you stuff for listening!

You'll need to have made some progress with the main storyline. I wasn't able to get his final story until I turned in my second Segment. Those are the items you get for defeating a world's main boss. In this instance, we get the Worn Cylinder after the last fable is spoken. 

Once acquired, either by listening for a legitimate 20 minutes or skipping the dialogue, you'll need to head up to Wallace. Again, trade him the standard 1000 scrap and the Worn Cylinder. In return, you'll receive the Iron Cylinder. Equip it to unlock the Gunslinger class.


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First, you'll need to have unlocked Yaesha to obtain the Summoner class. Come back to this guide if you're not yet there. Second, you'll need to do a bit of farming, as well as find a Blood Moon Altar. While I've only done this once, it seems like the altar spawns near the opening area, which makes it slightly easier to find. If not, keep an eye open; it'll appear on your map when you're near it.

Once you find it, you can check out the inventory inside. There's loads of cool armor, gear, and a little item called a Faded Grimoire. Priced at 15 Blood Moon Essence. You might have picked up a few at this point. If not, we'll teach you how to get them. You'll have to find these little pink guys.

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They come out during what's called the Blood Moon. Simply shooting these little guys will net you the essence you need, but it'll take more than a single Blood Moon phase to collect them all. Blood Moons spawn randomly throughout the world. For me, I had the best luck farming them in the Faithless Thicket.

One way to boost this is during the fight with the Ravager. If you choose to kill the Doe, more Blood Moon events will happen. Making gathering these suckers much easier. Choose not to, and you'll have to run around the outside areas of Yaesha until you've collected enough.

Once you have them all, return to the Blood Moon Altar, buy the Faded Grimoire, and head back to Wallace. Trade it to him, along with 1000 scrap, and you'll get the Tome of the Bringer back. Equip it, and you can now summon to your heart's content.


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This one requires beating the game. After defeating the final boss, they'll drop the Broken Compass. Take this back to Wallace after the credits roll to gain the Golden Compass, which gives you access to the Explorer archetype.

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