Great news for you Google folk out there--you now have a Document reader for your Windows Phone--best part? It's free*.

Actually, the real best part is how nice the darn thing is--seriously, it's fast, gloriously smooth and just a pleasure to use. Sure, as of now you can only view docs (no editing) but this is v1.0 and the developer seems keen on adding features. But we're just happy with this first attempt as it's really one of the nicer 1.0 apps we've tried around here (and we've tried a lot, thank you). Features include:

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  • Viewing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms.
  • Offline (no internet needed) viewing once downloaded.
  • “Download all” option allows you to have all your files available for offline viewing on the go.
  • Very responsive and intuitive user interface.
  • Your password is encrypted before saving. All communications with Google is over SSL (secure channel)

All we have to say is bravo, Tasbir inc. Combined with Flory and GooNews and we're nearing in on some seriously good Google-focused apps. Now go grab this freebie in the Marketplace here.

* Update: We justgot word from the developer that is is only free for a limited time! So grab it now.