For those who like Google's news feed, you may want to check out the new freeware app GooNews by Shawn Wildermuth (a well known .NET developer and author, also worth following on Twitter). Released today, the app brings Google's news feeds right to your device quickly with a smooth, clean UI.

Besides bringing in Google's default feeds, the app has two excellent features:

  • Ability to add custom feeds based on keywords
  • InstaPaper account integration for offline or later viewing

In case you're wondering why he went with Google and not Bing news, he has an interesting explanation: "As an aside, I tried to use Bing News but its license was too limiting and custom feeds were too difficult. So I fell back into Google News and it worked great."

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We've been running the app for the last few hours and really enjoy its speed and ease of use. It still requires the usage of Mobile Internet Explorer to view articles (nothing much can be done about that) but as a front-end, we really like the design and spryness. Grab the app here in the Marketplace for free.

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