Gears 5's install size on Xbox One just under 60 GB

What you need to know

  • Gears 5's install size for Xbox One has been revealed.
  • You'll have to make sure you've got 57.72GB of space free if you're planning to dive in.
  • Gears of War 4 was notably much larger after DLC was gradually added to the game, so Gears 5 may expand over time as well.
  • Gears 5 is expected to launch on September 10 and is up for preorder now for $50

If you've preordered Gears 5 on Xbox One, or are looking to pick it up on release, you'll want to make sure you've got plenty of storage space ready. The game's install size has been revealed, and it will take up just under 60GB of storage space at launch.

It's not uncommon for major AAA games to come with a significant install size these days, so 60GB isn't a shocking number. But Gears of War 4 notably caught some flack as its storage requirements grew over time to well above 100GB following the release of DLC and additional content over its lifespan. It's likely we'll see Gears 5 follow a similar trajectory over its lifetime as well, unless there are new optimizations in place to keep its storage requirements within reason.

Gears 5 sends players on a journey to save Sera. The Swarm has corrupted the Coalition's robot army, and Kait Diaz and company are tasked with figuring out how to take down the Swarm threat. Along the way Diaz will also discover her strange connection to the enemy.

The game will also ship with a complement of multiplayer modes, including the return of versus and horde modes. There's also a new "Escape" mode that tasks groups of three players with "suicide missions" to take out hives from the inside.

Gears 5 is expected to launch on September 10, and it's available to preorder now for $50 at Amazon. As a first-party game from Microsoft Studios, Gears 5 will also be available to play free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers at launch.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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