Banks and insurance. You need them and for some odd reason, we’re seeing a large flux of official apps now land on the Windows Phone Store. That’s important for people who, like myself, don’t like doing the whole website-on-mobile thing to access my account. There’s just something satisfying about launching an app.

Today, it’s GEICO’s turn. The popular motorcycle and car insurance company with the jocular gecko, has put out a well-polished app, allowing full access to your account and more.

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Let’s take a look at the listed-features:

GEICO on Windows Phone 8

  • Access all your GEICO policies
  • Access and view digital ID cards
  • Pay your bill
  • Change your payment plan
  • View your discounts and coverage detail
  • Quote adding, replacing or removing a vehicle
  • View reported claim details, upload accident photos and report a claim on
  • View driver and vehicle information
  • Update your contact information
  • Email GEICO securely from the app

I haven’t rated too many insurance apps, but as far as ‘things I want to do’ on them, this seems to fit the bill rather nicely.

Are you running a Surface or Windows 8.1? Then make sure you also grab the GEICO app for Windows 8 here in the Store, completing the experience.

If you want pure mobile, download GEICO for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

Thanks, caliborn, for the tip!

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