German Touch Pro 2s get Windows Mobile 6.5

For our German brethren, you lucky ducks get to update your Touch Pro 2 to Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTCs new (opens in new tab) ROM (version: (opens in new tab)1.86.407.5) today (opens in new tab).  HTC doesn't list too much except for some typical generics:

1.  HTC phones featuring Windows 6.5 are designed to handle your daily life, with only one consideration: You.2.  You can customize with programs, ringtones, TouchFLO 3D options, and more.3.  Connect with the people you care about most using Windows Live, Facebook and other chat clients available for download.4.  Backing up with Microsoft My Phone is as easy as typing in a username and password and selecting what you want to back up.  Everything else is automatic.  You can even let it run in the background while you surf the net, chat with friends, or have it just resting in your pocket while you relax on the couch.5.   All this and increased convenience with a one stop shop for applications available for free and for download in the brand new Marketplace.

Still, if you're not using a custom ROM already and want the official version, well here ya go.  Get it here (opens in new tab).

Thanks @msh441

Daniel Rubino

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  • At least it's a sign that HTC and SOME carriers in SOME countries are starting to roll out the upgrade. A good indication that my Verizon TP2 will have somthing to look forward to before the end of the year or not too far into 2010.
  • i hope sprint picks its pace as well because i'm gettiing a little impatient with my TP2.
    I'll be flashing this rom soon with help from the dark side if my carrier doesn't come thru before month end.
  • T-Mobile UK(correct me if im wrong) had release this update for the germen 1 week after the official 6.5 rom from HTC was release.. and even more carriers in other countries are releasing it.. i dont think the 4 major carriers in the US is going to release it any time soon with all the new phones they got coming out they probly not even worry about the 6.5 update.. but im sure they working on it and we wont see it to probly late Nov or early Dec or maybe early 2010 soo who knows