The amount of storage required to hold our data continues to rise rapidly, and your PC or other devices might not have what it takes. Instead of rushing out to invest in a physical solution — a new PC or an addition to storage — why not take advantage of cloud storage?

Get 1TB of secure cloud storage space for just $32!

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Cloud storage solutions do have their drawbacks. One, they're usually expensive, and two, you might be wary about putting your data into the hands of a third party. Right now, however, Windows Central has a deal on a SpiderOak ONE cloud storage subscription that offers 1TB of space for one year. Instead of paying the regular price of $130, you'll instead pay just $40. That's 69 percent off the regular price. That's not all; use code SOFTWARE20 at checkout and receive a further 20 percent off the sale price, resulting in a final cost of about $32.

SpiderOak ONE features end-to-end encryption. Your files are encrypted before they leave your PC, while they're transferred from your PC, and while they rest in storage. Easily sync and share files across devices and platforms, and create single-use links to share outside your own circle.

Use code SOFTWARE20 to save an additional 20 percent off the sale price!

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If you've been looking for a solution to a full hard drive, this one-year subscription to SpiderOak ONE is probably looking pretty attractive. Don't wait too long; this price doesn't last forever.