GetOutCast, a Windows Phone weather app for photographic potential

GetOutCast is a relatively new weather app for Windows Phone 8 that focuses on how the weather will impact your photography.  GetOutCast rates the photographic potential for the date and offer up a brief weather forecast.  The first release of GetOutCast focuses on sunrise and sunset predictions with future updates delivering landscape, astrological, lunar, and other photographic subjects.  

GetOutCast is an interesting concept and that could come in handy when planning a photographic outing.

To get the most out of GetOutCast, you will need to register with GetOutCast.  Registration is currently free for a limited time and will unlock the seven-day forecast page.  Registration will also carry over to the GetOutCast website.

GetOutCast Main Pages and Live Tile

The main pages for GetOutCast includes a Today Page that outlines the weather impact on the current sunrise/sunset times, a Daily Page that offers a seven-day forecast, and an Info/About Page.  Each forecast will show the sunrise/sunset time, a weather icon illustrating the expected conditions, a brief description of what to expect with from your sunrise/sunset and a photographic rating.  The photographic rating ranges from 1-10 with 10 being the best conditions for a photogenic sunrise or sunset.

At the bottom of the main pages, you will find four control buttons that allow you to refresh the forecast screens, set the forecast location, view the About screen, and access the GetOutCast settings.  Settings currently are limited to turning on/off the app’s Live Tile.  GetOutCast’s Live Tile will display a seven-day forecast with photographic ratings for each day.

GetOutCast Web Site

Again, the first release for GetOutCast concentrates on photographic forecasts for sunrise/sunset times and conditions.  Future updates will add forecasts for other photographic subjects such as astronomy, lunar, landscapes and more.  To get a feel for all the photography forecasts GetOutCast can provide, you can visit the GetOutCast website.  Hopefully, after a few updates, the Windows Phone app will reflect the entire content of GetOutCast’s website.

While not everyone will see the appeal of GetOutCast, if you spend a lot of time outdoors with the camera, the app could help you schedule your photo outings better.  GetOutCast is a free app, available for Windows Phone 8 devices.  Registration with GetOutCast is required to open up the full app and is free for a limited time (no word on pricing after a limited time expires).

You can find GetOutCast here in the Windows Phone Store.

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