Gigabyte unleashes the beast with its super thin Aorus X7 gaming laptop

When it comes to PC gaming, laptops tend to be chunky and heavy machines that are nothing near portable. While we have seen competitors try to battle Dell’s Alienware subsidy with thinner machines, such as Razer’s Blade notebook, nothing can seem to hit the right balance of power, portability, and price. Gigabyte intends to help change that with their latest gaming machine, the Aorus X7.

Gigabyte is a company known for its interior gaming desktop hardware, but the Aorus X 7 is aimed to change that perception. The unit itself has a 17 inch 1080p Full HD matte display and is backed by two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M graphic cards. On the processing end, the unit houses Intel’s latest Haswell CPU and your game data will live safely across multiple Solid State Drive and Hard Disk Drive solutions.

The unit itself measures in at less than an inch thick, 0.9 inches to be exact, and weighs 6.4 pounds. While the weight might sound heavy, a 17 inch gaming laptop at less than 6 and a half pounds is win for the serious gamer on the go.

The unit appears to be a matte finish, so no worry about greasy fingerprints while eating Cheetos and trying to “pwn” some noobs in Counter Strike: Global Offense. The built in keyboard is a full sized keyboard that also has five programmable macro keys on the left hand side.

The aluminum body has room for all of the ports one can desire, the sides include two HDMI outputs, two USB 3.0 ports, one Ethernet port, and even a VGA port. Ports aren’t the only items living on the exterior of unit, the Aorus X7 also features two subwoofers and two tweeters for the ultimate multimedia experience.

The X7 will be available this February and will start at $2,099 ($2,799 maxed out). While the price sounds high (and technically it is), it is a great deal in comparison to other competitor’s units such as the Razer Blade.

How intense of a gamer are you – would pick up the Aorus X7?

Source: Aorus

Michael Archambault