GitHub announces new push notification types for mobile app

Github Working Hours Feature
Github Working Hours Feature (Image credit: GitHub)

What you need to know

  • GitHub announced new push notification types for its mobile app.
  • The new notification types include "assigned," "review requested," and "deployment review."

GitHub Mobile, an app that lets you manage your coding projects while on the go, now supports additional push notification options. Announced today by GitHub on Twitter, additional push notification types are chief among the things that users asked for and are now receiving.

The notifications you can now send include:

  • Direct Mentions
  • Assigned
  • Review Requested
  • Deployment Review

Github knows that not everyone is a fan of receiving push notifications, which is why it has also implemented a "Working Hours" feature to help users control the amount of ringing their phone does. With Working Hours, users can decide when to pause notifications by setting timers. It's a simple, elegant solution to the far too common problem of people overwhelming their teammates with notifications.

GitHub Mobile also features custom repository watch settings, giving users the choice to opt-in to inbox notifications so they can choose what they do and don't receive.

GitHub Mobile is available on both iOS and Android.

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