"Go Treo Software" Entering the WM Software Biz

First Normsoft (Pocket Tunes), then Kinoma (Play) and now veteran software company for the Palm OS "Go Treo" are getting ready to offer up some Windows Mobile goodness. No one can resist the WM tide.

Jeff Gibson (head honcho of Go Treo) announced in our forums recently that they are indeed working on some WM apps (note the plural) with one that should catch the attention of some Palm OS (Garnet) users:

The first one will allow a WinMo device to be used like it was a Palm OS device...my goal is to get WinMo to look and feel like a Palm device while still maintaining the multitasking feature of WinMo.

In other words this will be something different than StyleTap. Beta testing is expected to start in a month or so.

Unfortunately, at this time there does not seem to be a WM "VolumeCare" offering in the works due to technical issues, though Gibson is trying.

Either way, it's always nice to welcome PalmOS programmers to the WM world as they often bring style, elegance and years of experience to the table (seriously, check out their site).

So welcome Jeff! Follow the discussion here.

WC Staff